Chu Qiao’s biography copied madam Hu Zhu. Author Xiaoxiang Dong’Er sent an apology

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The TV series Chu Qiao Zhuan starring zhaoliying and Lin Xinxin was very popular after it was broadcast that year. It not only made the hero Lin Xinxin popular, but also made zhaoliying’s acting career go up to a higher level. Xiaoxiang Dong’Er, the author of Chu Qiao’s biography, is also loved by netizens. Unexpectedly, the biography of Chu Qiao copied Mrs. Hu Zhu. Xiaoxiang Dong’Er, the author of the biography of Chu Qiao, also sent a document to apologize to Xiao ruse, the author of Mrs. Hu Zhu. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Chu Qiao is said to have copied madam Hu Zhu

It is a pity that Mrs. Hu Zhu did not receive much praise after it was broadcast in 2021. The updated biography of Chu Qiao by zhaoliying and Lin is a TV play broadcast in 2017. Although Chu qiaochuan first broadcast it, Chu qiaochuan copied madam Hu Zhu. This plagiarism refers to the original novel.

Madame Hu Zhu is adapted from Xiao rushe’s novel Madame Hu Zhu of Kyushu, and the biography of Chu Qiao is adapted from Xiaoxiang Dong’Er’s novel the imperial concubine of 11 secret agents. In fact, after Chu Qiao’s original novel was spread, many netizens were talking about the secret service Princess of section 11 of Chu Qiao’s original novel, which was copied from Xiao rushe’s wife Hu Zhu. But Xiaoxiang Dong’Er was so popular at that time that Xiao rushe could not compete with the well-known Xiaoxiang Dong’Er.

Xiaoxiang Donger sends an apology

However, Xiao rushe has never given up defending his rights. Although it has been many years since he plagiarized, justice has come. Xiaoxiang Dong’Er is sentenced to pay 50000 yuan for plagiarizing Xiao rushe, and will publicly apologize to Xiao rushe for the plagiarism. Although netizens all roast that 50000 yuan is too little, at least Xiaoxiang Dong’Er has returned justice to Xiao rushe. At present, Xiaoxiang Dong’Er has sent a long article on his official position to apologize to Xiao rushe. This matter, in the words of Xiao rushe: “ Some things have nothing to do with hatred or interests, but there should always be a result ”.

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