Chu Shijian’s death: the man of the hour who refused to say defeat left

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Chu Shijian’s death: the man of the hour who refused to say defeat left

Wen / Jingwu

On March 5, Chu Shijian, former chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., and founder of Chu Cheng, died.

Mandela has a famous saying: “ The greatest moment in life lies not in never falling, but in always rising after falling& rdquo; This sentence can only be used to describe Chu Shijian.

He can always reach the peak of his life after falling to the bottom again and again. If a keyword is used to describe his magnificent life, it can only be “ Legend ”.

Old Chu walked well all the way.


Once, he was called the most controversial entrepreneur since the reform and opening up.

When the public was silent, the wave was robbed. At the age of eighty, he once again attracted the attention of the public.

However, he refused to say much about the ups and downs of his life. He just said: I hope that when people talk about me, they will say:

??“ Chu Shijian did something& rdquo;

This sentence with him, how light, how heavy.


In 1927, Chu Shijian was born in a remote village in Yunnan Province.

In 1942, when his father was doing business in other places, he was seriously injured by Japanese planes. One year later, he was seriously ill, leaving his wife and six children to leave.

As the eldest son, Chu Shijian took the initiative to leave school and shoulder the burden of the family with his mother. He was 15 years old.

Fortunately, there was a distillery left by his ancestors. Since then, more than 700 kilograms of grain and more than 1000 kilograms of fuel have all been borne by him. Put the grain, cook, stir, ferment, fish the dregs, and make the wine, ……

A 15-year-old boy works 18 hours a day, often too busy to know the rising of the moon.

In his later years, Chu Shijian said that he was also very proud: other people’s homes roasted one kilo of wine with three kilos of corn, and I could bake two and a half kilos of wine, which was better than their quality.

But the next summer, the arrival of his cousin Chu Shijun brought his fate to another track.

Chu Shijun was a top student of Southwest Associated University and the pride of the whole Chu family.

He didn’t want to see his sensitive and capable cousin confined to the wine shop all day.

Say to him: you are so smart, you should go out and have a look. You don’t know how big the outside world is.

The young man, who was already strong, felt waves in his heart. However, he could not bear to hand over a heavy burden to his mother.

His mother, who was silent and patient all her life, didn’t wait for him to say more. She just said a short sentence. I know that no matter how difficult it is, you have to go to school.

But the mother who had to bear the pain of seeing her son off would not know that this was not a simple way to study.


As a matter of fact, in that time when the mountains and rivers were broken and the wind and clouds were turbulent, few young people could be completely devoted to learning.

His two younger brothers died, and one brother and his brotherly cousin died on the battlefield.

His strong mother could no longer support him and left him in 1950.

People who have met Chu Shijian in his later years say that he has a strong sense of destiny.

How could it not?

Since his youth, he has been tasting the impermanence and ruthlessness of fate. How can he not know that the rules of fate are superior, but never give people answers and riddles.

So he said:

??“ When I was very young, I knew that to arrange every day well is to be responsible for life. Thinking too much makes no sense ”.

This became his attitude throughout his life. No matter what storms and hardships he faced, he always endured, endured, worked hard and did not ask about the harvest.

But the benefits are endless.


In October, 1979, Chu Shijian, who had experienced several twists and turns of fate, was appointed the director of Yuxi cigarette factory.

Like many people in this country, he had experienced hardships before and was wasted for many years.

At the age of 52, Chu Shijian hopes to realize what he hopes, the simplest and most profound: do more things, do more meaningful and practical things.

In October, 1979, Chu Shijian and his family moved to Yuxi.

His glory and fall, pride and shame have been intertwined with this land all his life.

Despite great psychological preparation, Chu Shijian was surprised when he first arrived at the cigarette factory:

Many workers’ grandparents and grandchildren crowded into 28 square meters of houses for three generations, and some even had two children. Also embarrassed are their pockets. Their wages are only half those of other factories. Many male workers have great difficulties in finding a partner.

There are flocks of chickens and ducks running around in the factory area, with cut tobacco and loose cigarettes everywhere.

In 1980, at a large-scale cigarette evaluation meeting in Yunnan Province, the experts gave a comment on their selected red plum cigarettes: spicy, choking and bitter.

Others ridicule: red plum, red plum, first red then moldy …..

Everywhere is a chilling sight.

However, over the past ten years, this stagnant tobacco factory has become the first in Asia and the third in the world “ Hongta Empire ”, It is also surprising to find a few numbers at random.

In the mid-1990s, the annual profits and taxes created by Yuxi cigarette factory reached more than 20billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the fiscal revenue of Yunnan, equivalent to the total fiscal revenue of more than 400 agricultural counties.

In the past 17 years, the tobacco factory has created a total profit and tax of 99.1 billion yuan.

In the high-end cigarette market, the annual sales volume of Hongtashan exceeds that of all domestic cigarette brands, accounting for 80% of the market.

In 1995, Beijing famous brand assets appraisal office released the Research Report on the most valuable brands in China. Hongtashan ranked first with a brand value of 32billion yuan. Changhong ranked second with 8.7 billion yuan.

Many people sigh: This is not a cigarette factory, but a banknote printing factory. The difference is that the face value of the banknote printing factory is 100 and that of the cigarette factory is 200.

Naturally, he also won a series of honors, including Yunnan model worker, national model worker, and national “ May day ” Winner of labor medal, national outstanding entrepreneur, national “ Top ten reform figures ” And other titles.

??…& hellip;

Behind these impressive figures and halos, Chu Shijian has made endless efforts and sweat, and pursued his ideas and pursuits.

Everyone who walked through the tobacco factory with him knew it.

Many times he and the workers took cigarettes on their backs to the streets, one by one, and asked people to try them.

He was in his 50s. In order to rush to repair the boiler with the workers, he kept awake for three days.

In the memory of many people, at five o’clock in the morning, they saw the figure of factory director Chu first.

In the countless days when he was in a hurry, he stayed in the workshop every day except for business trips.

All the time, he ran with them, with them and with them.

It’s because of the many times of exclusion and obstruction of personnel. The defendant was so secretive that his wife described him as: he only knew to work hard and someone hit him with a hammer. He only knew to raise his head. Who just hit me?

It is the loan, the equipment, the broken leg, the broken mouth, and the establishment “ Military order;.

It is a time of bold reform and innovation, and a time of falling and rising.

All the time, he climbed a mountain with them and looked at a higher mountain &hellip& hellip;?

Just for, he often said, can be very heavy, can also be very light two words: responsibility.

Responsibility to many people.

Just to move towards a larger vision step by step and set the vision at the beginning.

However, Machiavelli, an Italian thinker, warned more than 500 years ago: “ People who pursue their dreams will pay more if they have already paid ”.


There may be something else besides glory.

In 1991, the writer xianyanyun received a task to write an article about Chu Shijian. In order to be unconventional, xianyanyun decided to start with Chu Shijian’s emotional life.

But it was a very difficult thing for Chu Shijian’s family. His wife majingfen said:

I have lived with him for so many years. So far, I don’t understand his emotional world.

In her eyes, Chu Shijian is a workaholic who only has a career in mind. For many years, she has complained about his rough lines. She is weak and ill all the year round. She wanders around with him, but he almost never cares about her needs and feelings.

His children seldom get the warmth of their father. In their memory, their father shows them only a strong waist and never-ending footsteps.

Chu Yingqun, his daughter, said to xianyanyun: I don’t know his emotional world, only that his father is never weak.

But Chu Yingqun is “ Never weak ” My father was deeply worried and said to xianyanyun: in fact, my father should quit. You said he was a man like the sun. That’s right. However, when the aura is large, people will become gods. When the sun is too hot, people will also be burned.

Chu Yingqun would not have thought that before long, her father, who was as hard as rock in her eyes, had an extremely soft corner in her heart, which was full of tears and could not be touched.

That’s her name.

She doesn’t even think that “ If the sun burns too much, people will be burnt ” This sentence turned out to be a prophecy.


In march1995, a letter from Sanmenxia, Henan Province, caused an uproar in Yuxi cigarette factory.

The letter reflects that linzhengzhi, an individual cigarette vendor in Luoyang, Henan Province, colluded with Sanmenxia tobacco branch to obtain cigarette indicators through bribery.

In May, Ma Jingfen’s sister and brother were taken away by Henan police.

In August, Chu Yingqun was also taken away from his home in Zhuhai because of this case.

In September, majingfen was taken away from her home.

When majingfen was taken away from home, Chu Shijian was on a business trip in Hong Kong. His friends were afraid that he might face a crisis when he returned, and advised him to postpone his trip.

Chu Shijian shook his head. His relatives were in trouble. He had to be with them.

Besides, Chu Shijian thought he was completely clear. All along, he knew how heavy his pen was, so he was very cautious.

Indeed, some leading children come to approve cigarettes. He really can’t escape. However, he has never given up two principles: complete procedures, small quantity, and never forgets to tell: baby, you know something, don’t harm your old father.

However, no one would have thought how powerful the storm would be since it started.

Chu Shijian really has a great aura. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is very concerned about this case.

After Chu Yingqun was sent to the Henan detention center, it was reported that she had asked for 36.3 million yuan, 100 Hong Kong dollars and 300000 US dollars ”. (in the end, the charges are not substantiated.)

Many years later, Chu Shijian remembered the cold winter of 1995. The task force called to say that Chu Yingqun committed suicide in Luoyang prison, Henan Province, leaving only a two line suicide note.

This never tears “ A man like the sun ” Immediately burst into tears.

That year, Chu Yingqun was 39 years old and her only daughter was 10 years old.

When Chu Shijian saw Ma Jun, a lawyer, he collapsed again and said incoherently: “ I’m sorry, girl. She keeps calling me retired, retired. Ying Qun committed suicide. I’m sorry, girl &hellip& hellip;& rdquo;

Ma Jun said: the factory director’s tears fell down in big drops.

Chu Yingqun traveled around with her parents since childhood, and suffered a lot with them. Her busy father rarely gave her warmth.

For many years, Chu Shijian felt that he owed his daughter. When he mentioned the past, he always repeated: I’m sorry for the girl &hellip& hellip;?

Majingfen, who was in the same detention center, did not know about it. Two years later, she was acquitted. Majingfen repeatedly insisted that my daughter must not have committed suicide. She always believed that her daughter was ill.

Chu Shijian inevitably fell into grief and various investigations, but the complicated work continued.

The honor went on.

A few days after majingfen was taken away, at the founding meeting of Yunnan Hongta Group and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group, it was announced that Chu Shijian would serve as the chairman of both groups at the same time.

In january1996, Hongta Group convened the board of directors. At the meeting, the leaders of Yunnan provincial Party committee still praised Chu Shijian.

Chu Shijian is also consistent in his work style. He does not talk about individuals, but only about his confidence and prospects for the development of the enterprise.

His face was as calm as ever when he spoke.

Some people whispered below: the factory director’s heart is really hard. The girl has just died. However, more and more careful people found that Chu Shijian, who always liked to wear a gray suit, was black that day.

Besides, except for more silence, no one was any different from him.

Ma Jun will never forget that he visited Chu Shijian on the Mid Autumn Festival in 1996. The big tobacco factory is empty, and people are celebrating the festival.

When Ma Jun saw Chu Shijian, he was huddled in the sofa with a blanket on his body and a TV on the opposite side. Obviously, he was not watching. His hair was messy and his eyes were blank.

Ma Jun said: at that moment, I felt really sad.

However, it is not over yet.


In december1996, Chu Shijian wanted to go to Xinping with his friends. Xinping is the place where he has been for nearly 20 years, just like his hometown.

Upon hearing this, Xinping’s leaders immediately prepared to give him a grand reception. Chu Shijian, who wanted to be quiet, temporarily diverted to the estuary of Honghe Prefecture.

The border town between Hekou and Vietnam &mdash& mdash; The old street is only separated by a river. There is too much suspicion that a person under investigation appears at the border.

It was here that Chu Shijian really lost his freedom. The news that Chu Shijian was about to flee and was captured at the border soon became a uproar.

In June1997, Chu Shijian was transferred to the judicial authority. He was sent from Yuxi to Yunnan detention center in Kunming.

After two long years of investigation and evidence collection, the general release was issued in January1998:

Chu Shijian, former chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group, has made a major breakthrough in the case of serious economic law and discipline violations through joint investigation and evidence collection. Chu Shijian was accused of embezzling public funds in the form of private sharing with several other leaders of Hongta Group 355. $10.61 million, and $1.74 million for Chu Shijian.

He admitted that he was unwilling.

Confess: “ In July of 1995, the new president came to take over my post, but it was not clear who would take over. I think after the new president takes over, I have to hand over the signing right. I’ve worked hard all my life. I can’t just hand over the right to sign. I have to think about my future. I can’t do it in vain. So I decided to share more than three million dollars privately and said to the people around me, enough! I can’t eat all my life& rdquo;

He was actually on the edge of the cliff all the time.

One of his comments can be worth millions or even tens of millions. People who try their best to find him have been coming in an endless stream. Even when his daughter arrived at the airport, there was always a long queue in her car.

He thought he had been restrained enough. But when I was about to leave, I fell off a cliff.

After all, he is not a God, but a mortal.

After Chu Shijian was handed over to the judiciary, Ma Jun, a lawyer, received a power of attorney, which said: I asked Ma Jun to be my lawyer and handle my affairs with full power.

Ma Jun has been dealing with Chu Shijian for ten years since he became a legal adviser to Hongta Group in 1987. He has almost witnessed the whole process of the development of Hongta Group under Chu Shijian’s rule. He knows Chu Shijian well and understands what risks this power of attorney means.

Ma Jun immediately said: I want to see Chu Shijian and go through the formal entrustment procedures.

Do your part for the man he respects in his heart.

On the day of the court session, Ma Jun specially wore a snow-white suit. He said for a full hour and a half.

Ma Jun said in his defense: “ Yuxi cigarette factory had a total tax of 99.1 billion yuan in 17 years. In 17 years, the distribution of all cadres and employees was 500million yuan, and the distribution ratio was 0. 62.5%, Chu Shijian’s total legal income over the past 17 years was more than 800000, and his personal income ratio was 1 / 100000. All his legal income in the past 17 years could not even catch up with the income from a movie star’s one-time advertisement and the two-time appearance fee of a singer& rdquo;

Many people are moved by it.

But the law does not allow.

On january9,1999, the judgment came out: Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment for his frank performance of meritorious service.

Wang Shi said that over the years, he clearly remembered that scene: Chu Shijian’s head was meticulous and very neat. In that case, he stood there, very, very straight.

Hearing the result, many people shed tears.

Many years later, he said: I estimated several prison terms, but I never thought it was this.

But that day, Chu Shijian just shook his head and said nothing.

What are you talking about? From the top of the peak to the bottom of the valley.

Then be silent.


Outside of him, there was much noise.


This trial was later called “ The trial of the century;.

Wuxiaobo, a famous financial writer, wrote in thirty years of agitation: after the case was published in the newspapers, it caused an uproar in the business community and the media, and almost all people sympathized with Chu Bao.

Even at the two sessions in Beijing in early 1998, more than a dozen NPC deputies from the business and academic circles and CPPCC members jointly named Chu Shijian “ Yell grievances ”, Appeal “ Keep people under the gun;.

Their sympathies are the same as those of Ma Jun. for a leader of a state-owned enterprise who has made such great contributions to the national industry, is his income proportional to his contribution?

They asked the same question as Ma Jun, whether Chu Shijian’s crime was unforgivable or whether our distribution system was not perfect in a transitional era?

Wang Shi said: “ Although I think he did commit a crime, it does not prevent me from respecting him as an entrepreneur& rdquo;

Xulihua, chairman of bird group, did not hide his respect for Chu Shijian: “ The real entrepreneur is Chu Shijian, an entrepreneur of China’s time-honored brand. Which Chinese entrepreneur surpassed Chu Shijian? No& rdquo;

After he was imprisoned, the government established an account for his medical treatment. There were hundreds of thousands of yuan in it. Soon, the money in the account became millions. Who saved it? I don’t know

Of course, there are different voices.

Lang Xianping commented: “ Chushijian of Hongta Group is corrupt, and the media sympathizes with him in every way. Why sympathize with him? If the state did not forbid private enterprises to make tobacco, would you have your achievements? If an enterprise does well, its credit is its own. Why? Isn’t the state giving you treatment and honor& rdquo;

??…& hellip;

Wuxiaobo concluded: “ Chu Shijian phenomenon ” As a mirror, we can see the fuzziness, contradiction and confusion in the legal concept and value judgment of the Chinese business community in the transitional period.

This is positioned as “ The biggest controversy since the reform and opening up ” The elderly, however, are far away from all these disputes and do not make any comments on themselves.

In 2003, he said to Wang Shi: “ Reform has to pay a price& rdquo;

It seems that everything has been light.

In 2010, yangjinlin from Phoenix TV interviewed him. Chu Shijian kept drinking water and pausing for a long time when talking about those days when he was in prison& hellip; Chu Shijian was silent for a long time when he mentioned his daughter who had died for many years &hellip& hellip;

Yangjinlin asked him: “ Can you tell me from the bottom of your heart whether your punishment was fair or not?

He just said: if I look back today, I personally think it seems that some should not.

In 2015, facing biographer Zhou Hua, he and his wife majingfen said: “ In fact, when I think about it, I should thank that experience. Without that experience, there would be no today& rdquo;

Zhou Hua said that their faces were calm and calm.

Maybe it is true, the past is no longer stirring waves in my heart.

But xianyanyun said that when you face him, you will feel that you know everything. When you write, you will find that he is far away from you.

How did you step out of the abyss?

He never likes to talk, only he knows.


After the judgment, Chu Shijian never appealed or refuted. People who saw him were surprised at the peace of his face, but his body was honest, and his health went from bad to worse. In 2001, he fainted several times due to severe diabetes.

In the same year, due to his good performance in prison, his sentence was commuted to 17 years, and then he was released on parole for medical treatment. On his approval form for out of prison implementation, it was written that his condition was: diabetes, primary hypertension grade 2, and old myocardial infarction.

After his release from prison, Chu Shijian was taken to Daying street by renxinmin.

Renxinmin and Chu Shijian knew Yu Weishi. When Ren Xinmin was the Secretary of the Daying Street brigade, he led the Daying street construction team to renovate the dormitory of the tobacco factory. Ren Xinmin was serious and down-to-earth, which won Chu Shijian’s appreciation and trust.

After 1986, the tobacco factory supported some local manufacturers in Yuxi to produce auxiliary materials. Chu Shijian gave some opportunities to Daying street. The poor Daying Street developed rapidly. In the 1990s, Daying street became known as the first village in Yunnan.

It is widely said that Ren Xinmin is the son of Chu Shijian. Ren Xinmin never explains. For him, these words are still too light. In his heart and the hearts of the people in Daying street, they have benefited from him for generations.

Renxinmin said: in the past, he was in a tobacco factory. There were too many people who wanted to repay him. He didn’t need it. He encountered difficulties, and it was time for us to express our feelings.

He hoped that Chu Shijian could spend his life in Daying street, which is of course the wish of every family and friend.

But it was not Chu Shijian’s wish.

For this tough man who has been busy all his life, it is the most fatal thing to live idly in the posture of surviving the disaster. He said that if he is idle, “ I’ll get worse& rdquo;

Even though he was 75 years old, he said he still had to do something, otherwise he would not be reconciled.

Naturally, there are also many opportunities. Many cigarette factories are looking forward to him and hope to be their consultants. The prices offered are all very high.

But Chu Shijian was determined to bid farewell to the past and did not want to have any intersection with his old friends.

The farmer’s son was always close to the land. After several measurements, he took out all his family property and borrowed nearly 10million yuan to plant oranges on Ailao Mountain in Shuitang Town, Xinping.

For decades, he experienced ups and downs, and his fate went round and round, as if he had returned to the origin.

In wuxiaobo’s view, Chu Shijian’s ascent to the desolate and lonely Ailao Mountain surrounded by clouds is like a self exile. He said that since the day he went up the mountain, Chu Shijian’s life has been as decadent as the dead trees on Ailao Mountain.

Of course,

Wuxiaobo is wrong.


This old man, who has experienced pain, has a vitality that no one can imagine.

Going to Ailao Mountain is not a self exile, but a journey to reshape his life.

Many years later, Wang Shi clearly remembered the situation when he first met Chu Shijian.

On november4,2014, the famous entrepreneur Wang Shi climbed Ailao Mountain for the third time to visit Chu Shijian

In 2003, he made a pilgrimage to Ailao Mountain. When Chu Shijian was found, in the scorching sun, the 76 year old former smoke king, wearing a gray white sweatshirt, squatted on the ground to bargain with a plumber.

??“ 80 is too expensive, 60& rdquo;

This scene that shocked Wang Shi was just the tip of the iceberg of Chu Shijian’s daily life.

At the initial stage of the orchard construction, he and his wife lived in a temporary public shed. The shed was full of wind and stars.

In front of Ailao Mountain, he knew nothing about fruit trees, so he bought all the books about fruit tree planting in the bookstore. He often got up at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night to read. He often got up to 34 o’clock in the morning, and new books were turned to pieces.

One of his neighbors recalled that Chu Shijian and Chu Shijian bought chicken dung at the same chicken farm. Other people carried bags, weighed them and paid money directly. Unlike him, he would pour out chicken dung, look at it in front of his face, and pinch it on his palm to estimate the moisture content and see if there was too much sawdust.

The Ailao Mountain was short of water. Chu Shijian, who had not yet recovered, carried an insulin bag on his back and took drops at any time. He spent several months trekking around looking for water.


Bit by bit, as he has always been, he did it conscientiously and with all his strength, without complaining or sighing.

On many occasions, Wang Shi said with great emotion that the 76 year old stubborn old man pointed to a little tree just over a foot high and talked with him about the situation when oranges were bearing fruit four or five years later. At that time, Ailao Mountain was still full of loess.

The top Chinese entrepreneur who has also experienced ups and downs said: I thought at that time, what would I think if I met his frustration and reached his age?

I know I will not be as brave as he is.

A few years later, Wang Shi went to Ailao Mountain again, looked at the yellow orange fruits of Manshan, and remembered General Patton’s words:

The measure of a man’s success is not the height of his climb to the top, but the rebound of his fall to the bottom.

Wuxiaobo, who is used to seeing too many entrepreneurs sink, sighs that he has walked out of Ailao Mountain with tenacious personality charm.

He did not grudge his respect: “ A great personality can overcome this era in his own body& rdquo;


Of course, it keeps up with the times.

The sales volume of Chu orange has been increasing year by year:

In 2006, 1000 tons;

In 2007, 1800 tons;

In 2008, 3000 tons;

??…& hellip;

In 2012, this number had a breakthrough growth, and Chu Cheng also moved from a corner of Yunnan to thousands of households.

This is a crucial year. This year, “ Original life “ Yuhuafeng, the founder of the website, found Chu Shijian.

??“ Original life ” It is mainly engaged in high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables, which was just starting at that time.

Others recommended “ Chu Cheng ” Chu oranges are so delicious that they sell well in Kunming.

However, this once famous media operator knows what kind of legend and business opportunities Chu Shijian means.

Considering the huge market in Beijing and the power of Internet radiation, Li Yaxin, Chu Shijian’s nephew and son-in-law, put forward a request to the original life. If you want to sell it, you can order it from 20 tons.

20 tons, which was also a great challenge to the original life with little trading volume at that time.

Yuhuafeng: sell!

In my heart, I felt a little uneasy.

Yu Huafeng’s slogan for Chu Cheng goes straight to the heart of the people: there are always ups and downs in life, and the spirit can be inherited (Orange).

The sweet orange has aroused the memory of many people. Many young people who first knew Chu Shijian’s name also tasted another longer flavor from the Orange: an old man in his 70s who fell into the bottom of the Valley started a new business and succeeded in his 80s. Nothing is more exciting than this.

That year, Chu Cheng had a new name: Inspirational orange.

That year, an orange was hard to find. The sales volume of Chu oranges exceeded 10000 tons.

The remote and lonely Ailao Mountain immediately became the focus of attention. Many people went there and treated him like a pilgrim.

Chu Shijian, who always liked purity, was helpless: why didn’t he forget me?

He said to the endless stream of people who learned the Scriptures: why is it so difficult.

Where is it so difficult?

If you read these boring numbers carefully:

In February, the ulcer disease was checked. According to the standard of 15 leaves / plant for four-year-old trees and fruit trees, the advance living expenses of 10 yuan / plant were deducted

??…& hellip;

When the flower bud appears, use 0. 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 0. 15% borax spray.

At the full flowering stage, 70-mdash nitrogen fertilizer was applied to each plant according to the flower amount; 100g?

After the first victory, use 30— 40ppm gibberellin for fruit preservation;

When more than 70% of the trees began the second physiological fruit drop, 50ppm gibberellin was used to preserve the fruit &hellip& hellip;

Thousands of words are omitted here.

If you still want to know, from 900 Mu barren mountains to 10000 mu fertile fields, oranges from poor taste to 24:1 golden sweet sour ratio, how many tests and failures are behind these simple figures, and how many more detailed figures, how many steps, sweat, and how many times you can’t sleep at night & hellip& hellip;

Where is it so difficult?

Yes, it’s not difficult.

There is no leap, there is no epiphany, there is no flash of inspiration, but it is always as he said:

I don’t think I’m a genius, but I’ve always been a real person.

It’s just that every step counts.

Where is it so difficult?

How many times have we run out of ammunition and food, and how many times have we come back from the dead?

How many people have been washed away by the big waves and can’t go back?

He is still there. He is always with dignity.

It’s not difficult.

All the ups and downs, he just suffered. No agitation, no struggle.

Never complain of the silent bear, all rain and dew, ice and frost, and patiently turn them into the power to nurture new opportunities.

However, the German educator luanke said “ Man’s greatest strength comes not from conquest, but from endurance& rdquo;

Isn’t it?

As for himself, this man, who is never willing to talk more and only willing to do more, just said: I have never been defeated in my life.


He is not fighting alone.

Chu Shijian has experienced ups and downs in his life. The world is boundless, and his wife majingfen is with him every moment of his life.

When he went to Ailao Mountain to plant oranges, the old lady, who also had amazing willpower and was over seventy years old, said: I will sell as much as you plant.

She really achieved extraordinary results. Many people say that the old lady has a super sales ability like a genius.

At the e-commerce development summit held in Mianyang, Sichuan in 2017, majingfen said to Dong Mingzhu, 62: “ Don’t retire. We will do agricultural innovation and industrial innovation together to promote Chinese products to the world& rdquo;

She said, once I was Chu Ma Ma, now please call me majingfen, and more people began to call this 85 year old lady: Miss Ma.

Miss Ma tasted more joy in her later years.

In 1991, when xianyanyun interviewed Chu Shijian, she was going to write about his emotional life. Majingfen thought it was too difficult. She said: I have lived with him for decades, and I don’t even know his emotional world.

Ma Jingfen would never say so now.

In 2007, after majingfen recovered miraculously from rectal cancer, Chu Shijian, who has always been rough about life, began to become trivial.

He personally arranged three meals a day, and always prepared a bowl of rice and a dish for Ma Jingfen for her illness. At the dinner table, he paid attention to Ma Jingfen’s diet. He reminded Ma Jingfen of what he should not eat and what he should eat.

This tenderness, she received calmly.

Every time someone asks her, “ Will you marry old Chu in your next life?, The old lady always sells things on purpose: “ I told you secretly that you should not tell him& rdquo;

??“ If there is another life, I will marry him ”.

Majingfen often says that without Chu Shijian, there would be no Chu Shijian.

But when someone asks majingfen, “ Does old Chu love you;?

Majingfen didn’t answer “love” or “no love”. She just said, “as soon as we watch TV, we see” love “and say that I love you and you love me, we immediately switch the channel.

For many years, they did not treat each other with much tenderness, but in every dangerous valley, they fought and ran together, facing the rough world …..

All the time, she raised his hoe, waved his sickle, sweated and filled his granary. He was displaced, hit the water in the middle, and rebuilt his home. He gritted his teeth, and he went through the storm &hellip& hellip;

He shared his happiness.

They don’t sing about the heavy wind and frost on each other’s aging faces, but they clearly know where each other’s faces come from, and how many joys and sorrows are hidden under their calm faces.

Love is too light after all, there is no need to tell.


Not only Ma Jingfen, but also everyone in the family felt his heartfelt treasure and warmth.

He especially loved his granddaughter Yuanyuan (renshuyi). Yuanyuan was the only flesh and blood of his daughter Chu Yingqun, who was only ten years old when Chu Yingqun died.

During the years when Chu Shijian and majingfen were in prison, Yuanyuan was fostered at renxinmin’s house, and hence his surname was changed to Ren. In high school, renxinmin sent Yuanyuan to study abroad.

In 2008, after Ren Shuyi graduated from University, Chu Shijian summoned her and her husband liyuxin to her side. Carefully cultivated. I also cherish them with all my heart.

On her mother like face, there was his missing and his debt.

On Yuanyuan’s birthday, the old man with dim eyes and few words wrote her letters and exhortations.

She and her husband didn’t go to dinner for two days. He went to their house early in the morning and didn’t talk. He just sat there and waited.

Chong’s grandson said he thought of watermelon, so he immediately called the driver and drove more than 50 kilometers to get the watermelon back in person.

In 2015, chushijian gave Yuanyuan’s son and daughter, one over four years old and the other less than two weeks old, a book for each of them.

It says:

??“ Dundun, grow up to be a man. We should be broad-minded, lenient to others and strict with ourselves. Grandfather: Chu Shijian& rdquo;

??“ Tongtong, Zuzu likes you. We should study hard, exercise well and become a person who is beneficial to society. Chu Shijian& rdquo;

The feeling of licking the calf leaps onto the paper.

His son, Chu Yibin, was unwilling to live under his father’s shadow and halo all his life when his father was well-known. He insisted on going abroad. In those years when his family suffered great changes, Chu Yibin worried day and night, but he did not dare to come back. Several countries were displaced.

When Chu Shijian started his business in Ailao Mountain, he certainly hoped for the help of his son. Chu Yibin, who has established a foundation abroad, hesitated.

At the end of 2012, Chu Shijian pleaded with his son, “I’m old and can’t run anymore. What do you think I should do?”?

Thousands of miles away, he still wanted his son to be by his side.

Chu Yibin knew how difficult it was for his father, who had never bowed his head in his life, to say this.

Chu Yibin blurted out: I understand.

We will soon board the plane and return home.

Chu Yibin’s three children stayed in Singapore. Chu Shijian often called them. The children deliberately said that he could not understand Yunnan dialect. When Premier Zhu arrived at the tobacco factory that year, Chu Shijian, who had not changed his native accent, knew that the children were naughty, but he choked out a stiff Mandarin for them.

??…& hellip;

For many years, Chu Shijian, who was complained many times by his wife and questioned by his children for being too tough and lacking in temperature, was not affectionate?

If not, Chu Shijian would not say:

??“ Several times in my life, I have met with death. At the last moment, I chose to live because of my concern for my family.

If there is no deep feeling, he will not say: “ You are so young, how can you understand us. From today on, we will forget our friendship.

??…& hellip;

But at that time, as he said, our generation could not escape a great sense of responsibility.

His greater care and responsibility made him give more love to more people, but he did ignore his family many times.

When he was in his twilight years, he realized the simple and determined warmth and comfort in the blood and flesh relationship. He also gave more deep warmth to his relatives who struggled with him and shared life and death.

However, it was this strong family affection that made this always calm old man lose his composure for a time.


Since 2008, her granddaughter Yuanyuan (renshuyi) and her husband liyuxin came to Ailao Mountain, they have been responsible for the sales of Chu oranges. Li Yuxin is serious, down-to-earth, smart and flexible, and is appreciated by Chu Shijian.

He once told others publicly that he would hand over the orchard to his granddaughter and son-in-law when they had finished training them.

However, as Chu Yibin returned to China in july2013, things became more delicate.

Everyone does his best, but his working habits and way of thinking are different.

During this period, ideas collided, and outsiders never knew. However, when the reporter asked about inheritance, Chu Shijian smiled calmly: they managed one piece respectively. This is their test. Whoever does well will take over.

But the people around him could see that Chu Shijian had a lot of irritability and struggle on his face, and he was often angry about small things.

In 2015, two recent press conferences showed his helplessness and dilemma.

In October of that year, Chu Yibin held a press conference to announce his exclusive cooperation with tmall mall. Just 11 days later, liyaxin clarified at another press conference that Chu Cheng had no plan to cooperate exclusively with tmall.

The two press conferences were tit for tat, but Chu Shijian attended both. Chu Shijian, who had been calm all his life, finally lost his composure in the face of his closest relatives.

Many people say that this is the Chu family’s “ Internal bucket &rdquo& ldquo; The succession struggle ”., The Chu family quickly clarified that there were differences, but they were not so serious. Family disputes, they never want to let outsiders talk.

On january17,2018, Chu Shijian’s 90th birthday, this problem finally fell into the dust.

Chu Yibin was appointed as the general manager of the newly established Yunnan Chushi Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., and Chu Shijian was appointed as the chairman.

He put aside the last problem the world gave him. Chu Shijian said: I am old and tired. I am exhausted.

Chu Cheng signed by Chu Shijian

Maybe he was really tired, and he really enjoyed his life. After all, except for diabetes, the caudal vertebra and lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion also became serious at the age of 90. He had to help others before he could walk slowly.

Maybe he just sighed for a while. At the age of 90, he still has a clear and sharp mind and a straight waist.

But none of this matters.

Look at the golden mountains and the endless lushness on Ailao Mountain. Look at the simple smiling faces of fruit farmers. This is enough.

An old bone means ten thousand spring.



Chu Shijian said that after his death, five words were written on the tombstone: Chu Shijian, a cow.

Think of his ups and downs, never stop life, how to read these five words, there is infinite bitterness.

There is also infinite pride.

One of his words was almost abused by people, but I really can’t think of a better word: people can’t be defeated. You can destroy a person, but you can’t defeat him.

You just can’t beat him.

Salute. Mr Chu.

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