Civil unrest is coming!

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Author: Li Daxie source: an idle man outside Di’an gate (ID: damyyxr)

Let’s start with the change of prime minister in Britain. Truss replaced Bao Zhongtang and accepted the appointment of the queen in Scotland.

Truss is full of black materials. First, he is chaotic in private morality and has betrayed his marriage more than once; Another is betraying the party, jumping from the Labour Party to the conservative party.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that she is a little too young as a 75 year old. Politics pays attention to accumulation, whether it is resources, experience or wisdom.

In contrast, there are few sub provincial governments in the eastern powers after 75.

However, some people like these shortcomings.

If your faith is not firm and your qualifications are not deep, you should be obedient, sell weapons and oil and gas, talk hard at the front desk, take care of your business at the bottom, and give some vanity and vanity. It is a gift after begging for food.

The establishment capital likes such instrumentalists.

On the other hand, her election has given the American Democratic Party on the other side of the ocean the hope of reversing the midterm elections.

Recently, Biden’s support rate has risen a lot after he announced that he would waive loans to students. The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, which should be the mouthpieces of the Republican Party, also seem to have betrayed their bottoms and started to support Biden.

Similar to Tesla’s support, although the Democratic Party’s political achievements are lackluster, compared with trump, the weak Biden is still a person who listens to the words of capital.

The capital has never endorsed any party, and these western political parties seem to defend justice with their lives.

Murdoch, the media magnate, has always been the iron plate of the Republican Party. But he and his media, this time giving up trump, whose party support rate is as high as 70%, means that the capital behind the Republican Party, at the cost of cutting off its robes, is completely cut off from Maga, the commander-in-chief.

Maga (make America great again) is more than a slogan. It represents the aspirations of a considerable number of lost American people.

We often ridicule the commander as a king of understanding, but he once said a very good thing:

When the United States develops manufacturing, it not only increases jobs and wages, but also cultivates the American spirit.

But Murdochs, how can a country be allowed to have spirit.

This will make employees and consumers resist inequality, increase the costs of capitalists and reduce profits.

It is best that everyone is a pariah and everyone is servile.

In fact, the western people have long awakened, and no one will turn a blind eye to the visible gap between the rich and the poor.

But with the death of the Soviet Union, the Western capitalists lost an important opponent to balance them, and finally they were able to trample on the people, fool them, split them, and break them one by one.

In the past three decades, the per capita wage in the United States has hardly increased, and the wealth of the 1% rich has almost soared exponentially.

Life expectancy is also polarized. With the per capita medical expenses ranking first in the world, the life expectancy of some states in the United States is even lower than that of 30 years ago.

Trump’s Maga slogan of seeking truth from facts has rekindled the people’s hope to reclaim their glorious past.

Drastic changes are taking place in the West. The fundamental reason is that the contradiction between capital and labor has always existed and become more serious. The direct reason is the technical dilemma, which makes the contradiction have no room for mitigation.

Therefore, the establishment camp has no hesitation in igniting the Russian Ukrainian war, attributing the deterioration of people’s lives to external causes, and pointing out that the so-called authoritarian state is the crux of the problem.

One hundred years ago, in the great powers of the East, the so-called dispute between problems and doctrines had long been concluded.

Problems and doctrines, which is the root and which is the end. If we only look at problems, we can never solve them.

With the doctrine, we can grasp the source, simplify the complex and make the outline clear. Even if the problem can not be solved in the short term, as long as we find the way, it is a matter of time, not of will.

In looking at problems, we should look at the whole picture and consider the overall situation.

We must adhere to the principle.

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