Classic folk story: Dragon and tiger fight

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The dragon is the king of the water, and the tiger is the king of the animals. They should have lived on one side and not interfered with each other, but they just fought. What is this?

It turned out that one day, when the dragon was wandering in the air, he found a towering tree on the mountain and a clear spring beside the tree, surrounded by beautiful flowers and a hundred birds. Long recognized it as a treasure, so he prepared to stay here for a long time. One day, the tiger passed by. Seeing the incomparable beauty of this place, he wanted to stay here for a long time. When the dragon was sleepy, he rolled in the clear spring pool; When the tiger was thirsty, he went to the spring to drink some cool spring water.

The towering tree and the ten thousand year pine are in my eyes and in my heart. It thought: I am wanniansong here, and no one has disturbed me. These two guys came to share the scenery of my wanniansong treasure land, soiled the clear spring water, and made my peaceful life restless. I must retaliate against them. Thus, when the dragon was in the clear spring pool, wanniansong spoke ill of the tiger to the dragon; When the tiger is near the spring, he speaks ill of the dragon to the tiger. When the two kings heard this, they both flew into a rage.

One day, the dragon and the tiger came to the spring at the same time. The Dragon looked at the tiger and raised its eyebrows. The tiger looked at the dragon and raised its eyebrows. Then wanniansong’s words echoed in their ears. Dragon thought, no wonder the tiger didn’t look at me well. The tiger thought, no wonder the Dragon didn’t look at me well. So the two kings shouted in their hearts. If they met again tomorrow, they would have to teach them a lesson. So the two kings went away. The next day, I came to Qingquan to drink water at the same time. No one liked it. The tiger roared and the Dragon roared, showing their own authority. Finally, the two kings became angry at Qingquan and fought with each other. When the dragon was hot, he jumped into the spring to take a bath and came out to fight again. When the tiger was thirsty, he ran to the spring to drink some water and came back to fight again. It was not long before they both died in front of Qingquan. Wanniansong was very proud.

One day, several woodcutters went up the mountain and saw the dragon and tiger. The woodcutters were busy cutting off their meat, setting up stoves near the clear spring and cooking them. However, they could not cook the dragon and tiger meat. An old woodcutter said, “if you make a fire with ten thousand year pine, you can almost boil the meat.” So the woodcutters started to put wanniansong down and a big fire broke out. Sure enough, the dragon and tiger meat were cooked. The wanniansong beside the clear spring fiddles with right and wrong, and is finally burned in the hands of the woodcutter. Only the pure clear spring water is flowing and flowing

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