Classic inspirational story 20: God makes dreams come true

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Classic inspirational story


: God makes dreams come true

Inspirational words

God helps all dreams! In the new century, Imre became the first certifier. In the future, there must be a second and a third place hidden among people with dreams. Did that person read the story to you?

He was the son of a Hungarian timber merchant. People called him because he was born stupid

Big head

And he really deserves the name.


Before the age of, he did not get any reward except a toy screw in school for observing order.



At the age of, he had a dream that a king gave him an award because his works were favored by Nobel. When he did, he wanted to tell others about his dream, but he was afraid of being laughed at. Finally, he only told his mother.

Mother said:

If this is really your dream, you will be promising! I have heard that when God puts an impossible dream in someone’s heart, he really wants to help someone complete it.

The boy had never heard of the relationship between dream and God. After his mother said that, he believed it. He thought, he is really the happiest person in the world! The world is so big, but God chose himself all at once. In order to live up to God’s expectations, he really liked writing.


If I can stand the test, God will help me!

He started his writing career with this belief.


Years passed, but God did not come; also


Years later, God still didn’t come.

Just when he was expecting God to help him, Hitler’s troops came first. As a Jew, he was sent to a concentration camp, where millions of people lost their lives, and he relied on

Life is obedience

Our faith lives on.

I can pursue my dream career again!

It was in this mood that he left Auschwitz.


one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five

In, he finally wrote his first novel, destiny without choice;

one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five

In, he wrote another novel: rejection. Then he wrote a series of works.

When he no longer cared about whether God would help him, the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts announced that

two thousand and two

The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded to the Hungarian writer Keith


Imre. When he heard it, he was surprised, because it was his name.

When the unknown writer was asked to talk about his feelings after winning the award, he said:

I don’t have any feelings. I just know that when you say that I like doing this, and I don’t care how difficult it is, God will help you!

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