Classic inspirational story 24: Children’s dreams

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Classic inspirational story


: Children’s dreams

Inspirational insight

I was a little sad to see this story. When I was in the fourth grade of primary school, I was very interested in painting. At that time, I often read comic books. I could draw the characters in comic books in a decent way.

One morning, I had a math test. When I finished all the questions, I still had a lot of time. At this time, the painting suddenly became popular. He turned the test paper back and drew the characters in the journey to the West. He was drawing vigorously. Unexpectedly, the teacher came to me. He tore up my test paper and scolded me for half an hour. Since then, I have not much interest in painting. My interest in painting was killed. I haven’t untied the knot of hatred for the teacher.

For a child who is full of imagination at the end of his adult life, we can never predict how he will realize his future life value and achieve his own success. We have only one thing to do, that is to encourage and encourage again. As long as they are positive, upward and vivid, they will encourage them, and the rest will be handed back to themselves — let the children do their own things. He can often




Find something you can devote yourself to, and reach a brilliant summit in the cause of benefiting mankind!

One night many years ago, a young mother was washing dishes in the kitchen. Her little son, who was only a few years old, was playing alone in the moonlight in the backyard. The young mother was surprised to hear her son’s skipping voice, so she asked him loudly what he was doing. The innocent son also answered loudly:

Mom, I want to jump to the moon.

Like other parents, the mother did not blame her son for not studying hard. She only knew to think blindly! Instead, it says:

OK, but Yishou should remember to come back.

When this kid grows up, he really


He was the first man to land on the moon in human history

—& mdash;

American astronaut Armstrong. When he landed on the moon

one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine







There is another equally interesting story: one day, a little boy took care of his sister Sally at home. He accidentally found several bottles of colored ink. The bottles were a great temptation to him when his mother was away. The little boy could not help but open the bottle and began to draw a portrait of his sister on the floor. Inevitably, he sprinkled ink stains all over the room, and the house became a mess.

When his mother came back, she was stunned by the scene, but she also saw the picture on the floor – a mess of ink, to be exact. She turned a blind eye to the messy ink stains, but said in surprise:

Ah, that’s Sally!

Then she bent down and kissed her son. This boy is Benjamin


West, who later became a famous painter, often proudly said to people:

It was my mother’s kiss that made me a painter.

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