Classic story: the tired cuibo bird

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Classic story: the tired cuibo bird

Once upon a time, there lived a bird in the primeval forests of South America. The bird was green with circles of gray texture, just like circles of waves, so it was named cuibo bird.

Although this bird is beautiful, it is busy building its nest every day, so it looks listless and tired.

The only feature of cuibo bird’s nest is that it is huge and stands on trees one by one. The scene is very spectacular.

But these huge nests also make people wonder. Cuibo bird is a kind of bird, with a body length of only fiveorsix centimeters. But why do they build nests that are several times larger than their own bodies, or even more than a dozen times larger?

To solve the mystery, an zoologist did an experiment.

He made a huge cage and caught a kingfisher to observe its nesting process.

To his surprise, the cuibo bird only built a nest that could hold its own body size, and then stopped work.

This aroused great interest of the scholar. He caught another cuibo bird and put it in a cage to see how it was built.

This time, however, there was a sudden change. After the bird was put into the cage, it began to build its nest vigorously. The one that had stopped building also began to expand its nest crazily, and the two nests became bigger and bigger.

After a few days, the two birds were obviously exhausted and the construction speed slowed down.

A few days later, the one that had been sent in died, and the other stopped nesting immediately after the bird died. These phenomena are really puzzling.

The scholar then caught another cuibo bird and put it in the cage, just like what happened before.

The scholar fell into deep thought and suddenly realized that the reason why cuibo bird kept busy was to compare.

This kind of bird has a strong sense of comparison. It can’t tolerate others’ nests larger than itself. Once other birds are found, they will build “ House ”, It is busy expanding its nest … In the experiment, both birds were dead from fatigue.

In fact, life is just like the emerald bird building its nest. If you want to be happy and live comfortably, you can’t always take others as a reference. Many times you are satisfied.

Anyone, anything, just try your best, just try your best.

Don’t let your body work too hard, let alone fill your heart with sadness.

Always staring at other people’s lives, you will not see your own happiness.

People do not fight, a relaxed; Things don’t compare with each other, and the journey is smooth; Heart does not seek, life is peaceful.

May you be a contented person, keep your family safe and stable, be sincere to your friends, be cheerful and full of passion for life.

Source: selected global digest (id:duzhe1980)

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