Climbing up from the bottom, I seized every opportunity that belonged to me

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Climbing up from the bottom, I seized every opportunity that belonged to me

Wen / yangxiaomi

??“ It is natural to lower the expectations of others that you will win beauty& rdquo; This is what sister Yu, the former boss, said about me.

Why did she say that? Because at the beginning, I was too humble, and even made people feel that I had no ability. But after a period of time, I found that I was really good, and looked at me differently.

Two days ago, I was preparing the interview outline of shuoshen. King Kong: Skull Island was about to be released. He came to China for publicity. I was given the opportunity of a round table meeting, the so-called group visit, where everyone asked questions separately.

I cherish this opportunity very much, not only to get in touch with stars, but also to understand an industry, learn more and expand my possibilities. I also made up my English and asked my friends to help me translate the outline.

The organizer reminded me: “ Xiaomi, do you know it’s a group visit& rdquo; I understand that she is particularly afraid of my disappointment because I am too well prepared and may have high expectations. In fact, I didn’t expect much at all. Even if I didn’t have a chance to ask questions, I would be so prepared. I can only get more if I am well prepared. I don’t allow myself to treat a possible opportunity so carelessly.

I told assistant Qihe: “ I have climbed up from the bottom. I am used to being ignored. I have done everything well. I may only get a little chance, or even no chance, but I am growing& rdquo;

Back in 2007, I was just a freshman. After entering the University, people usually choose to join the student union and some associations. I’m very ordinary. I haven’t had any interviews with the Department Student Union and the school student union. After the interview with the club, I didn’t get into a good department. I was not qualified to participate in some activities.

I’m very depressed, but the outreach department just solicits sponsorship. Everyone is unwilling to do it. On Saturday and Sunday, I ran all the stores around the school and in the urban area to solicit a lot of sponsorship for an event. In this way, I attracted the attention of the person in charge. Later, this senior led me to do the challenge cup competition and the undergraduate research plan.

Our school has a mental health center. If you go in, you can not only get a lot of exercise opportunities, but also get a little subsidy every month. This center is very strict in recruiting new students. There are only 7 places in total, including one written examination and two interviews.

At that time, in my freshman year, I selected only three people from our psychology department for the first time. I passed both the written examination and the first round of interview, but not the second round. I especially want to get this opportunity because I can meet excellent people in the psychology department from freshman to senior year.

After I lost the election, I began to study the exam. First, I took the written exam. There was no problem in making good preparation. In an interview, generally, people would give high scores to familiar people. I inquired about the seniors and sisters who participated in the interview. When they were doing activities, I actively helped them. It was voluntary.

In addition, I went to their classes and occasionally asked questions. This test is very fair. Every item is given a score. Anyway, if they don’t have a bad impression of me, they will give me a little more score, which will increase my competitiveness.

I passed the second exam and was admitted to the mental health center. In this way, my whole college life was very substantial, and I got the opportunity I deserved. When I graduated from my senior year, my ability was much stronger than that of my freshman year.

No matter at any time, you must think positively and don’t be afraid of losing face, because when you go through that stupid years and look back at yourself, you can laugh at yourself. Others have forgotten the original you and remembered the present you.

Back to the starting point, I was almost the lowest. Along the way, I was used to other people’s coldness, lack of enthusiasm, or even look down on them. I know that I will eventually get everything I want. You can hate me, but you can’t ignore me, because if we strive for the same thing, I am definitely a strong competitor.

In 2011, I graduated from college, and I didn’t go well at all. I went to the largest counseling organization in my hometown to do sales. At first, I stuttered on the phone, but the supervisor was not optimistic. I am very sober. My goal is Top1 performance. It is only a matter of time before I get it.

The big boss held a business training and asked me to write a summary. I wrote nearly 6000 words. He told the president of the campus that I had great potential and asked him to cultivate me well. Our company requires to submit a work summary every day of the week. Almost every one of my work summaries is 6000-10000 words, and the year-end summary has written 18 pages of word documents.

This is the only time I can show my ability to the big boss. Why not do it well?

In each work summary, I will write a large number of cases, tell stories, write summaries, and speak in numbers. Naturally, my work is getting smoother and smoother, and my performance is getting better and better.

The big boss also likes me because of the big pattern. But why do you say that?

Our school has more than one campus, and there will be comparisons and competition between campuses. But the customer doesn’t know. Customers from other campuses often come to our campuses to check the customer’s phone number from the company’s ERP system. Once they see that they are not their own customers, they are unwilling to receive them.

But I always receive them carefully. Most of the time, the customer signs the bill. For this reason, I have to work overtime to complete my own work tasks, and the performance of signing is not mine.

Many people will think that I am stupid about this. For selfish reasons, I don’t like to accept orders from competitors. But if I want to grow, I need to receive enough customers to improve my sales ability. So no matter whose customer, as long as it is a customer, I will sign the bill. For the company, he looked at my performance. For me, I looked at the accumulation of ability.

In this way, I received enough customers. I classified customers and summarized different methods for different customers. In the work summary, I can write as follows: “ No matter who the customer is, it is the performance of the company. We seem to have competition. There is no end to the egg under the nest. Only when the company is good, can everyone be good& rdquo;

This is shameless, but I have done it. For a long time, I think so as I do it. Of course, I certainly hope I have better performance and strong ability than my competitors. Compared with haggling over every ounce, I want to be a person who can help others and provide value for others.

Therefore, although I have been away for many years, the big boss and I are still good friends. He will give me a lot of guidance at many key nodes in my life. Every time we came home, we would sit down and have a cup of coffee together.

In April, 2014, I met sister Yu for the first time. This is the time when my life in Shanghai has changed qualitatively. Similarly, the first time I met her, she was not very satisfied with me, but she gave me a chance because she saw my firmness and the kind of active striving for action.

In this way, we have cooperated for nearly 2 years. Later, for my better development, I left. Sister Yu and I became good friends, and we cooperated in many things.

Now, our home is so close that we meet and chat almost every week.

Many people ask me: “ Since you have such a good relationship with your boss and are competent for your job, why do you want to leave& rdquo;

??“ In order to let oneself grow better& rdquo;

I have never worked for anyone. I only work for myself. When I work, I will try my best to do things well. When one day I feel that I have made no progress, I will seek greater challenges. But I can still maintain a good relationship with the original company, and even we can become partners.

In terms of my own conditions, I come from the countryside and have studied in an ordinary university. My appearance is ordinary and I don’t have many congenital advantages. What I can do is to seize a small opportunity, make it play its role to the fullest, and then take a big opportunity to play it to the fullest, and then

Indeed, for many better people, my whole life of struggle may only be the starting point of others; But for me, I am quite satisfied. I met myself, knew what I wanted, and then went to strive for it actively.

As a low-level person without a background, it takes time to climb up and do things with heart for a long time. No opportunity can be missed. After 90% of people have cooperated with me for the first time, they generally say that they will cooperate again when they have the opportunity next time. Basically, there will be another time.

Many days ago, when a broker (in business cooperation) asked me: “ Do you want to interview shuoshen when he comes to China& rdquo;

My first reaction was “ Think ”, The second reaction is “ My English is poor;. On the same day, I found a simultaneous interpreter through my friend, and the charge was not low. Then I found a teacher and began to mend some simple English. Later, the event organizers prepared their own translation. The security was very strict, so I couldn’t take people with me.

In the face of anything, the only thing I haven’t thought about is to shrink back. I will fight for any opportunity first. There will always be more methods than excuses. Recently, my home is still under renovation. On March 16, I flew from Shanghai to Beijing. The interview was arranged in the evening. I stayed overnight. On the 17th, I flew back to Shanghai in the morning. In the afternoon, I had to install cabinets in my kitchen.

Even so, I was excited because I saw my progress and broke through my comfort zone. The higher you go, the higher you are really demanding of yourself. But I found that if you do things seriously, you will become younger, especially your mentality.

It is not easy to climb up from the bottom. You need to seize every opportunity that belongs to you. When you are outside the circle, you find it difficult to do anything, but when you enter a circle, the circle is very small. After you get some opportunities, as long as you do things reliably, there will be continuous opportunities. If you never take the first step, you will never have a chance, let alone counter attack, from 0 to 1, not from 1 to 10.

It has been nearly six years since I went to college in 2007. In these ten years, I have basically seized all my opportunities. Through the review, I summarized how to seize the opportunity and shared it with you.

Determine feasible quantitative objectives

Most of the time, this goal may have nothing to do with interest or confusion. I am also very confused. If you are in college, you can set a goal: top three in professional courses, pass CET-6, read 100 books

If you have already worked, you can have the best performance. You can finish the whole day’s work in 4 hours every day

At this time, we should be vigilant not to make excuses for our inaction. The common excuses are that the current environment is not what I like, I have not found my life goal, and I am not interested in what I do. Most of the time, we are passively selected and have no chance to make better choices.

At this time, it is to establish the goals that can be implemented at the moment. Only when there is a goal will we be firm to go.

Find an entry point to maximize small opportunities

When you first enter a new field or industry, you have no experience at all. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Sometimes, we are afraid of failure. This kind of psychology hinders our way forward. What’s more, we insist that if we don’t do something, we won’t make mistakes. We are reluctant to act and watch the opportunity slip away.

Recently, I participated in two star group visits. Among them, KOL, who is especially excellent around, has the opportunity to have an exclusive interview. Such a dialogue is particularly challenging and will also get more exercise. To say the least, it is worth “ Bragging ” The matter of. However, I can only participate in group visits. I am not active and may not be able to ask any questions.

Do I want an exclusive interview? There is no doubt that I want to, but I can’t get this opportunity, but even if the group visit, I will cherish it and do my best to prepare. Everything has a process. Only when simple things are done well can we do more difficult things.


This is the most difficult thing. Recently, I was reading Haruki Murakami’s my profession is a novelist. This book is autobiographical, and one of it touched me. Haruki Murakami said that there are many new and cutting-edge writers in the literary world every year, which are valued by everyone, but few can persist in writing, and some of them will decline in oneortwo years.

Not only writing, Chunshang village tree has been running for more than 30 years, and said he is willing to run to the end of his life! Time will produce compound interest. We can’t do things for three minutes and be eager for quick success and instant benefit.

Just like a good friend Xiaofeng often said: “ If you don’t persist in anything for more than 3 months, you are not qualified to judge whether it works, let alone whether you can& rdquo;

We should not overestimate our efforts for a while, nor should we give up the effect of persisting for a long time. We don’t need to make up our minds to completely change our lives. We just need to make small changes on the existing basis and stick to them. This is easy to do, and will not give up easily.

Each of us has inertia, and I am no exception, so don’t expect yourself to be reborn immediately. A little bit, plus the accumulation of time, is enough for you to become another self.

This article looks like a chicken soup for the soul, but this is the way I have walked. The only thing I can tell you is, don’t ask whether it’s worth it or not. What can you get? First, do the current thing well and make the best of it. The next opportunity will appear.

Luck is that opportunity just collides with your efforts. When opportunity comes, you always wear a dark coat to catch the train of opportunity. You’d better not be too far from the platform

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