Cnmd, success again!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On the evening of June 19, 2022, China conducted a land-based midcourse antimissile interception technology test in China, and the test achieved the expected purpose. The experiment is defensive and not aimed at any country.

In other words, cnmd is successful again.

Why do you say again? Because it has been successful for six times, for China, this “backward” and “mature” technology has to be tempered and polished repeatedly. No way. We are so strong that we have no chance to practice our weapons. We can only substitute practice for competition; Because the enemy’s missile strength is not good enough, if it cannot reach its due level, it can only intercept itself.

Someone asked, your cnmd missile defense system claims that everything can be stopped. Can you stop yourself? How do I know? Anyway, in the previous tests, we have intercepted warheads that can move at the end. It doesn’t matter if we can stop ourselves. It’s ok if we can stop the US empire. The US empire doesn’t even have a broken hypersonic missile… It’s still a physical ppt without load.

Another person asked, your hypersonic missile is said to be unstoppable, so can you surprise yourself? How do I know? It doesn’t matter whether we can defeat ourselves. We can defeat the US empire. The US empire’s antimissile technology is still unreliable. The failure rate is very high. We almost fail several times every year. Last year, our own technology was not good, and we relied on Russian spy ships to interfere… Their technology is not advanced. As for the US Army’s “two in one” interceptors, they are still on the PPT.

Strategic ballistic missiles and antimissile systems belong to the relationship between “spear” and “shield”. Originally, the nuclear balance between major powers was based on “deterrence” under “nuclear counterattack”, but once there is a mature antimissile system, this balance will be broken. Therefore, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to “restrict the development of Anti Ballistic Missiles” in the last century Until 2001, the United States unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Treaty on the limitation of Anti Ballistic Missile Systems signed by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1972, taking the lead in breaking the balance. As for us, we have never paid any attention to this group of imperialist false and double labeled broken treaties… “You don’t have to fart when you burn beef with potatoes.”.

China’s ABM system started in the 1960s. In February 1964, Chairman Mao and Qian Xuesen, then vice president of the Fifth Academy of defense of the Ministry of national defense, specifically talked about the ABM problem: “five years is no good, 10 years; 10 years is no good, 15 years. We must work it out.” All the achievements of today’s missile defense system come from the long-term vision and great decision of that year.


You know, for a long time, China has given priority to the development of strategic weapons such as missiles, so that we have reached the limit in this science and technology tree. For attack, there are wave rider hypersonic missiles, defense, and cnmd missile defense systems, which are almost the sharpest spear and the strongest shield on the earth.



China National Missile Defense (cnmd) is not a regional anti missile system. It is a system with global coverage and requires space-based infrared early warning satellites, ultra large range early warning radars, highly mobile interceptor missiles and tracking systems It requires the mobilization of a large number of military resources. In a word, it is impossible without a great motherland and strong national strength.

To some extent, it is more difficult than building an aircraft carrier.

Because most countries do not have these conditions.

The greatest advantage of this thing is “deterrence” — I can hit you, you can’t hit me, and no one in the world dares to try it.

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