“Commemoration” is OK, but don’t cry the wrong funeral!

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Author: Longya source: a mountain of Longya (ID: longyadeyizuoshan)

On September 8, local time, Queen Elizabeth II of England died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96.

Britain has always been a “European troublemaker”, which has been counterproductive to the progress and development of Europe, especially in the process of European integration, which is basically going backwards in history. We have always been extremely dissatisfied with the unity and cooperation of the Eurasian continent. Out of our own island interests, we are unwilling to move towards peace and cooperation in the Eurasian continent. Such a country’s narrow “island thinking” also leads to its politicians’ dark stance and runs counter to the interests of the broadest countries and the broadest people in the world.

Just a feudal monarch, we are far away in a socialist country, so don’t rush to join in the fun, we can’t commit it. It’s just that there is one old stem on the Internet that hasn’t stopped for years – the London bridge collapsed.

Don’t cry the wrong way.

Elizabeth: at least as a British politician, her way of doing things and interests must be the same. What is there for such a person to cry about?

If you have to hypocritically “commemorate” it out of your political stance, I at least think you are sober; If you just like to tease with “foreigners”, I don’t think this brain is very useful.

I only care about her dog. Is there anyone to keep it? No one wants it. If you don’t send me to the security department, it only accepts stray dogs.

Frankly speaking, this person has not made any “contribution” to Britain. The only contribution is that he successfully saved the British royal family during his term of office. This “contribution” can hardly be said to be for Britain, but at most for the royal family itself. There are also many voices in Britain against the continued retention of the royal family. As the only country in the five permanent members of the United Nations that still adopts the constitutional monarchy, Britain is more or less ridiculous and decadent in this era.

Where is the giant ship? The Thames has a ball on its head.

From the “empire of the never setting sun” to the small follower of the United States, although she can not be counted on the head of Buddha alone, she still has to give an explanation to her ancestors, which can not escape.

Of course, she felt aggrieved, and it was not easy to successfully maintain the status of the royal family. On the one hand, she had to hurt the killer, and on the other hand, she had to pretend that people and animals were harmless. It was really a dance on the wire rope, full of dangers.

As for Britain? The royal family doesn’t care so much.

After World War II, every key historical node of Britain was in bad luck. Otherwise, it would not have been reduced from an Empire where the sun never sets to a second-class country where nuclear weapons are all leased by the United States. The so-called “Britain and the United States are conjugate father and son”, and it is unclear who is the father and who is the son. The British royal family has done nothing at these important historical nodes. How can it turn the tide? What historical contributions can we talk about?

When Churchill was deceived by Roosevelt and Stalin, she was still young and inexperienced, which is understandable;

When Churchill ran to be a bird in the limelight and proudly announced that “the iron curtain had fallen”, she was still young and inadvertently lost;

The Suez Canal was jointly set up by the United States and the Soviet Union, but she still followed the United States, and the Empire of the sun and the moon was completely exposed. She was too careless to do anything;

But then came the independence of colonies, the Falklands war, the end of the cold war, the return of Hong Kong, the proliferation of terrorism, and now the confrontation between China and the United States. When did Britain rely on this old lady once? When did she work?

Since she has done nothing once, she has patronized the precise attack and targeted elimination of people unfavorable to the royal family. How can you say that she has made any “historical contributions”?

I don’t think this extravagance will last long. I’m afraid the status of the British royal family will become more and more precarious with the death of the old queen. Charles, the new king, will not be willing to watch this happen. It’s impossible for him not to vent his “eastern palace spirit” which has been pent up for 70 years. As soon as Lord Qianlong died, the next day, Lord Jiaqing asked for Helen’s little life, which is called “Donggong Qi”.

Charles must also have “eastern palace spirit”. After 70 years, is there a prince in the world for 70 years?

It’s not true. The successor of Louis XIV, who has been in office for a longer time, did not live for 70 years. He, Charles, is the first and only person in human history who has been suffocating for 70 years.

Now that power is in power and the crown is in his head, it would be strange if he didn’t “show his fists and feet”.

Today, when the status of the royal family has collapsed rapidly, it is not known whether he will forge ahead or lose all the Games in this exhibition, but I tend to think that he will lose all the games.

The Queen’s life is nothing more than the life of a surviving feudal monarch in the 21st century. It represents reactionary, backward, decadent and shackles. The system she has managed to maintain is undoubtedly a shackle and a burden on the British people, one of the obstacles to peace and unity in Europe, a joke in the world and a stain on the face of mankind.

His lifelong efforts are nothing more than giving Britain a huge soft rib, which will be pinched from time to time, thus cutting a piece of meat off the “British Empire”. At the same time, it is also a “back door” of Europe. Anyone who needs it can kick his feet and knock on bits and pieces to get by.

His death, of course, was dignified and full of gold and jade, with a great funeral and great mourning and honor.

But secretly, an era has passed, and a decadent but glorious era has finally passed.

The next step is almost certain:

1. The cohesion of the British Commonwealth has further disappeared, and the former colonial countries have not taken the former sovereign state seriously;

2. The status of the royal family has further declined, and the royal face barely maintained by Elizabeth herself has completely lost;

3. Britain’s national behavior is more unpredictable, and there is a possibility that it will be jointly killed by the European continent, which will further marginalize Britain in Europe;

4. The fierce resistance to the royal power and the general disgust of British society are likely to further occupy the political ecology of Britain and further weaken its international influence;

5. Britain has completely returned to its historical normal status: an insignificant island country in Europe.

Now that the new female prime minister has just taken office, the old queen has passed away, the international situation is treacherous, and Europe is shrouded in the clouds of War:

When the situation changes greatly, the change of Kings is an ominous sign


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