Crane riding Pavilion_ Three character idiom

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[Pinyin] hè ché ng xu ? n

[idiom story] in 668 B.C., when Ji Chi, the son of Duke Wei Hui, became Duke Wei Yi, he didn’t think about enriching the country and strengthening the army. He liked raising cranes all day, and even it was absurd to grant him an official position and enjoy official benefits. He specially took the doctor’s car to crane. The people are full of complaints. The northern state of Di took the opportunity to send troops to attack the state of Wei. The soldiers of the state of Wei fled without resistance. Duke Wei Yi was killed by the soldiers of di.

[allusion] Duke Wei Yi likes cranes, and cranes have people riding on the porch. Spring and autumn · Lu · Zuoqiuming’s Zuo Zhuan [interpretation] Duke Wei Yi asked the crane to ride in the doctor’s car. It is a metaphor for abusing official position to make up for numbers. [usage] as object and attribute; It refers to people who make up for numbers [structure] tend to be formal [homonym words] life is at stake, the body is at ease, step by step, the grass is withering and the wind is blowing, it is difficult to know, it is difficult to walk, the outlook on life, four days in the evening, holding the bath and spitting out food, swinging into the cold smoke Ancient times

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