“Crosstalk actor” soldier’s destructive history, his story is far worse than you think

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The story of the “crosstalk actor” soldier is far worse than you think,
This is because after he became famous, the soldier was arrogant and made all kinds of bad behaviors, which made the audience’s impression of him plummeted and ruined his reputation. From then on, he slowly faded out of the audience’s vision.

When soldiers become famous, they become arrogant
As a crosstalk actor, when he appeared on the screen at the beginning, everyone liked him very much and gained a lot of attention and love. It can be said that he became famous overnight.
After he became famous, the soldier became a little arrogant. Instead of concentrating on his crosstalk career, he had other ideas because of fame and wealth. Sometimes he didn’t even rehearse with his partner, or he was absent from the scheduled performance for no reason. He was very irresponsible.
Not only that, after Da Bing and his partner parted ways, one thing that made Da Bing’s career go downhill was the huangjiaju incident.

In a program, soldiers thought they were very funny. They also joked about the late singer huangjiaju and said he was a huangjiagou.
His behavior was so excessive that everyone was dissatisfied.
This apparent disrespect for people greatly reduced the audience’s impression of him, because people were very sad about the late singer Huang Jiaju, while the so-called joke of Da Bing was very insulting, and he refused to apologize.
Since then, soldiers have become arrogant and arrogant in people’s minds.
From then on, the career went downhill.

Since then, the soldier has slowly faded out of the audience’s vision. Of course, the main reason is that the audience has a very bad view of him. As a public figure, if he doesn’t have the support of attention, his career may have come to an end. Therefore, the soldier lost the audience because of his own reasons, withdrew from the stage, and slowly disappeared into the audience’s vision. In my opinion, this is his own fault.
Soldiers are arrogant and arrogant because of their own, and they are going to “destroy” step by step.

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