Crude oil rose, US stocks fell, Biden screwed up!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

The G7 was driving inexplicably. Makron came here with a bolt from the blue. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates did not plan to increase production. Of course, Biden would be interested in going to the Middle East in July, but now he is talking about 150000 barrels a day, and more is gone.

So Biden and Sullivan in the meeting changed greatly.

As I said, there is no shortage of crude oil and crude oil production capacity in the world. What is lacking is the control of the United States over these production capacities.

Biden has been planning to visit the Middle East since May and has not been able to make the trip.

To put it bluntly, it’s not that Biden is too busy to spare time, nor that the Lords of the Middle East have completely fallen out, so Biden should not come. It’s just that the terms of the private negotiation between the two sides have not been agreed, and the president of the United States is so confused that he gets nothing back, which is more humiliating than not going.

In the past, the emperor took the lead in praying for rain. He had to watch the sky in the imperial palace. Seeing that it was going to rain, the emperor came up with a grand ceremony. It was better to ask for the rain to pour down immediately. This shows that heaven cares for the emperor and heaven and man are in touch.

On the other hand, if it can’t rain, it means that the emperor has been rejected by heaven. If there is an anti thief minister, this is an excuse to make trouble.

Today’s Biden is equivalent to acting as the leader of the United States’ vassal alliance. Usually, the younger brother in the Middle East is disobedient. What excuse can he use to prevaricate with him if he is rejected face to face in the Middle East? Is Biden willing to boast that he is the leader of the free world? In the upcoming mid-term elections, they will certainly be attacked by political opponents.

So when it was announced at the beginning of the month that the Middle East trip in July was confirmed, the international crude oil prices immediately fell.

Because the subtext here is that the Middle East has agreed to the PY transaction and intends to give the US empire some benefits, at least so that Biden can fool the mid-term election.

This is not an increase of 150000 barrels.

Although macron is nicknamed by many people as a “little white face” and “Ma Baonan”, he has also been led by France for so long and can be tenaciously re elected under various encirclement and suppression, which shows that he is not a melon seed. He still has some basic machinations. Even if he does not have machinations, he at least knows some diplomatic etiquette. Why did reporters gather at the G7 summit and tell the news in such a loud voice in full view of the public?


All seemingly incredible accidents are often carefully arranged.

At the G7 summit, there was also a strange resolution on energy, that is, only Russia is allowed to sell energy to the G7 at a low price, and then other countries want to buy it through the G7.

It is hard to imagine that the seven major industrialized countries in the world have conspired to reach such an agreement, simply making the earth your seven colonies. If Russia even agrees to such a traitorous agreement, what kind of war will it struggle to fight?

Now the seven major countries plus NATO have made great efforts to support Ukraine, but they have been defeated one after another. However, if you really have the ability to beat up Russia, where do you need to beep together?

Isn’t it naive to want to rely on the negotiation table to achieve our goals when we can’t help others on the battlefield? Besides, Putin didn’t even give him a chance to negotiate.

So the G7 came together to make fun.

In order to make the joke bigger, macron deliberately put a wind in front of the media. Biden’s trip to the Middle East will be fooled.

Because there are deep contradictions within the G7, Biden calls it carbon emission, so that Tesla electric vehicles in the United States directly run on the European car market.

In Germany, Japan and even Europe as a whole, traditional fuel vehicles are advantageous industries. In the era of electric vehicles, those old brand car manufacturers are no longer able to see it. They are not recognized by electric vehicle users if they try to sell brands at a high price and low price.

At present, China and the United States have advantages in the field of energy vehicles. If new energy vehicles repeat the scene of the communication industry, and finally Europe is forced out, how much will this affect the entire industry in Europe? The first person here who resents Biden’s talk about carbon emissions is probably Germany.

As for France, macron won the presidential election and lost the parliamentary election. Are there any Americans playing tricks here? The answer is yes, which makes the pony a lame duck.

So the French lame duck is also exercising its brain. Let the United States have a lame duck president, one report for another, and everyone is even.

The G7 almost made a funny decision, and Biden’s visit to the Middle East, which was beaten in advance, actually lost the face of the United States.

So even places like Libya began to play with the oil embargo, which is a declaration to the world that the dollar’s control over oil has further declined.

If it’s just that it’s difficult for foreign thieves, things aren’t so bad. Biden’s biggest problem is actually within the Xiaoqiang.

The Democratic Party launched an investigation into the impact on Capitol Hill. This is to kill trump politically. Rabbits will bite if they are forced to hurry!

The relationship between Chuanbao’s good son-in-law and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is not generally good. After Chuanbao stepped down, his good son-in-law also got a large amount of investment from the crown prince. Where can there be a more reliable relationship than the exchange of money in times of trouble?

Now Chuan Bao has reorganized the Republican Party through his own efforts. Basically, those who go along with us will prosper and those who go against us will perish. All politicians who have been enlightened by President Chuan can win the election, which is more powerful than opening a golden finger.

Leaders from all walks of life make pilgrimages to Haihu manor every day, and Chuan Bao doesn’t have to make money by hosting activities.

Now everyone knows that Chuan Bao’s actual political influence may be higher than Biden’s even if he leaves office.

So this is a bet. If you are the king of the Middle East, who will you buy at this juncture? A fool would buy Biden.

Giving Biden face means letting the price of crude oil fall, which is a huge loss of money. Helping Biden is tantamount to offending Chuan Bao. Looking at this posture, as long as inflation is maintained, Biden will undoubtedly lose the mid-term election. The Senate and the house of representatives are afraid to lose together. When the time comes, Chuan Bao will automatically be crowned the supreme emperor. Of course, he will give himself the benefit of iron powder.

The crown prince saw people alive in those days, and was booed all over the world. Only by relying on President Sichuan to protect them, can he maintain his power today.

It is meaningless for the crown prince of Saudi Arabia to go to show his kindness to Biden.

So throughout June, with Chuan Bao becoming more and more powerful in the political arena, the Middle East has almost stood in line.

The oil price still has to rise, that is to say, inflation cannot be held down. The Federal Reserve has to continue Hawking to the end. The market should expect to continue raising interest rates in July. With this expectation, US stocks will fall!

Yesterday, someone asked me what I thought of the G7’s $600billion investment plan against the “the Belt and Road”?

Hehe, last year they shouted more loudly than this. They didn’t stop cooking after shouting. What should they do?

Do you have money for infrastructure construction? Are you capable? Can you work on your own? You can’t even talk about der.

Now the Federal Reserve has no way out, and can only go one way to the dark, hoping to produce a worldwide financial storm, so as to fish in the mud.

As I said in my article before, I can see that there are so many elites in various countries. Who is blind?

The G7 itself knows that this time the US emperor wants to dig everyone’s flesh to make up for his own sores. He also has hatred in his heart.

However, over the years, the United States has maintained its power of immorality and penetration. There must be no way to resist it publicly. It is certain that it will do it if it makes troubles secretly.

Of course, the world will not sit there foolishly waiting for the US emperor to do harm.

The BRICs countries will also begin to increase their membership. Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Iran all intend to join. The G7 represents the past world pattern, and the BRICs countries represent the future alliance. Everyone has the right to equal dialogue.

When Chuan Bao was busy quitting the club, Biden announced that I was back as soon as he came, but the world finally understood that the national policy of the United States was more and more wavering, and the president’s words should not be taken lightly.

As a result, more and more international organizations that go Americanization and do not listen to the US will become stronger and stronger.

The BRICs bank can get a lot of real money. If Americans dare to play the financial war, they have to see if they have more chips than they think.

This doubt is enough to dig into the corner of the US dollar. The credit currency and even the credit are gone. What is left?

Last night, I said in the group that a new wave of decline in the US stock market continues. At least we should set a new low first and then talk about the rebound according to the situation.

The recent rebound of BofA and US stocks, with both high and low points moving down, doesn’t look like bottoming out.

Of course, U.S. stocks have fallen too much, making the U.S. economy unbearable. This is what Chuanbao is happy to see, which means that in 2024, the presidency will be a little closer.

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