Cruel Qin II Hu Hai: kill 12 CHILDES and 10 Princesses for power

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The real “rich second generation” in Chinese history should appear in the Qin Dynasty. The sons of the first emperor of Qin represented by Hu Hai are typical representatives of the “rich second generation” in that era. Because Emperor Qinshihuang not only created a unified feudal empire, but also held all the world’s wealth in his arms.

At the beginning, the first emperor of Qin named himself the first emperor. His original intention was to let his children and grandchildren inherit his great cause and wealth, and the second, third, and even eternal, will be handed down forever. If we analyze it from an economic point of view, Qin Shihuang actually means “fu I”, and Qin II means “Fu II”. Although Qin Shihuang’s wish was very good, it was fate that made people happy after all. His great idea not only failed to come true, but also became even poorer when he arrived at the “rich second”. Hu Hai got mixed up in the end and even lost his head. To sum up the life experience of Hu Hai, the “rich second generation”, we can use the word “confused” in a word, or we can say that his surname is Hu and his name is “Hu Lai”.

Trusting Zhao Gao’s words, he got on the pirate ship of seizing power

Although Hu Hai was the son of Qinshihuang, he was not the eldest son. From the perspective of power and wealth inheritance, he cannot inherit the throne and property of his father. In this regard, not only did his father Qinshihuang not give him this special care, Hu Hai himself did not have this ability, let alone this idea. It’s not bad that after his father died, he followed the old man’s will and lived his life safely. However, everything changed because he trusted someone.

This man’s name is Zhao Gao. Zhao gaoben is a eunuch, but he is also an extremely sinister and cunning person. Qin Shihuang fell ill on his way to the south. Before his death, he left a will, asking his eldest son Fusu to lead his soldiers back to Xianyang, wait for the funeral, inherit the family property and the throne, and asked Zhao Gaogao to send a letter to Fusu quickly, but Zhao Gao with ulterior motives intercepted this important letter. After the death of Qin Shihuang, Zhao Gao first colluded with Li Si, then found Hu Hai and gave him a new life induction.

That day, Zhao Gao took the Royal letter to Hu Hai and said to Hu Hai, “the Lord died, and there was no imperial edict to enfegate the sons as kings, but only the eldest son’s letter. As soon as the eldest son Fusu arrived, he was the emperor, and the childe had no inch of land. What can I do about it?” It means that your father, the emperor, is dead, but he did not make your brothers king or give you any property, but left the territory and family property to the eldest brother Fusu. Once Fusu arrives, he will become the emperor, and you have nothing. What should we do?

Obviously, Zhao Gao is inducing Hu hai to find a way to change this result. At this time, Hu Hai, speaking realistically, really did not have such ideas and plans. He said, “I know that the emperor knows his ministers best, and the Father knows his son best. Since the father has made such a decision, he has his own ideas and reasons. I’ll just abide by it as a son, and there’s nothing to talk about.” It means that I have no money or land. It’s dad’s arrangement. This has nothing to do with you. Don’t worry about it anymore.

Seeing that Hu Hai was so stupid, Zhao Gao didn’t give up. He continued to conduct in-depth induction: “otherwise, the power in the world now lies in you, me and the prime minister. I wish the childe would have planned for himself. The situation is very different between being made by me and being made by me.” It means, childe, it’s not like what you said. Who owns the wealth and power in the world today depends on you, me and the prime minister. I hope you plan for yourself early. Having power and money in hand and controlling others are very different from being controlled by others without power and money in hand.

Hu Hai understood this, but he was still hesitating because he was still adhering to his formed outlook on life and values. He said, “it is unjust to abolish brothers and establish younger brothers; it is unfilial not to follow the father’s edict; it is impossible to ask yourself for talent and seek glory for others. The world is not satisfied with the immorality of the three. If you act rashly, you will be in danger, the country will be in danger, and the country will be in danger.” How well said this is. If Hu Hai sticks to this statement, even if he is harmed by Zhao Gao, he will leave a lifetime reputation. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick to it and was finally persuaded by Zhao Gao.

In this regard, Zhao Gao was not moved by his words, and continued to urge Hu Hai: “when I heard that Tang Wu killed his Lord, the world was justified, and it was not disloyal; when Wei Jun killed his father, the people of the country were convinced, and Confucius acquiesced, and it was not unfilial. Never do big things without scrupulousness, virtue without restraint, and power. How can you stick to it? If you care about small things and forget big things, it will be harmful, suspicious and hesitant, and you will regret it. May the childe make a decisive decision, and you will succeed.”

Zhao Gao’s words, which seemed to be considered for him, made Hu Hai waver. “How can you ask the Prime Minister for this matter before the big trip and the funeral are over?” Seeing this, Zhao Gao was secretly pleased. Don’t mention that joy. He immediately said that you don’t have to worry about it, it’s all on me, and immediately went to consult with the prime minister Lisi.

Since then, Hu Hai has been on the power grabbing ship premeditated by Zhao Gao. This was the first fatal mistake he made in his life. If you want to have power and do something, of course, you can, but why do you have to go against your father’s life and do something to rob classes and seize power? You want to establish an alliance and manage your life, of course, but why should you become a partner with someone like Zhao Gao?

Weave charges, kill innocent people indiscriminately, and lose the bottom line of life

If Hu Hai and Zhao Gao conspired to seize power, it was the first mistake he made in his life, then with the help of Zhao Gao, he made the second biggest mistake by weaving charges and killing meritorious ministers and innocent people indiscriminately. This mistake made him lose the most basic requirement of being a man.

After Hu Hai’s tacit consent, Zhao Gao, with the consent of Lisi, hid the imperial edict of the first emperor of Qin, and then forged a fake letter, which was sent to Fusu, the prince who should have inherited the throne. The suicide note reads:

I visited the world, and the gods of Shousi mountain extended their lives. Today, Fusu and general Meng Tian have stationed hundreds of thousands of troops in the border area for more than ten years. They can’t go further. They spend too much soldiers and make no contribution. It’s just the opposite of the above-mentioned slander, so they can’t give up and return to the crown prince, complaining day and night. Fusu is unfilial for being a son of man. He gives himself a sword! General Meng Tian and the Fusu Bureau were not correct. It was appropriate to know his plan. He was unfaithful to his minister. He was killed, and the General Wang Li was helped by his soldiers.

Such a nonsense and black-and-white suicide note came from the conspiracy of Hu Hai, Zhao Gao and Li Si. It can be seen that at this time, Hu Hai had already thrown away his so-called rule of not being “unjust, unfilial, and unable”.

In the face of this fake suicide note, Meng Tian once advised the childe Fusu not to be credulous, but Fusu said, “the father wants the son to die and has to die. Besides, you and I all know the father’s temper. It’s useless to ask again for what he has decided.” With that, he pulled out his sword and committed suicide, and blood gushed out. A person who should have inherited the throne was thus plotted by his brother. How pathetic!

When the news of Fusu’s death reached the capital, Hu Hai not only felt no guilt and compassion, but felt that a stone had fallen to the ground and was glad to win the first battle. It can be seen that in that era, the so-called Brotherhood was thinner than paper.

Later, Hu Hai and Zhao Gao used almost the same method to kill the other two opponents and the biggest threat, one is Meng Tian, the other is Meng Yi, so they went further and further on the evil road.

If Hu Hai and Zhao Gao planned to murder Fusu, Meng Tian and Meng Yi out of the overall consideration of seizing the throne, and there is still a little conscience left, the subsequent events completely changed the nature of murder and became an active and conscious consciousness.

One day, Hu Hai said to Zhao Gao, “after I ascended the throne, the minister was not satisfied, and the princes wanted to compete with me for the throne. What do you think of this?” In fact, Hu Hai’s words are purely groundless and a sign of concern about his own lack of ability. However, it was this sentence that gave Zhao Gao the upper sword to continue to do evil. The two colluded and began an unprecedented action to eradicate dissidents. There were countless relatives and meritorious heroes, including arrests and beheadings, which were bloody for a time. Among them, as many as 12 princes and 10 princesses of the first emperor of Qin were killed. Hu Hai was not at all heartbroken about this, but very happy.

Zhao Gaodeng’s nose went to heaven, and Hu Hai blindly opened one eye and closed the other

With the escalation of the massacre, Zhao Gao became more and more powerful, thus becoming a person below one person and above ten thousand people. Unfortunately, Hu Hai seemed to be born dull and didn’t see the essence of Zhao Gao at all. He obeyed and obeyed him. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see clearly. If others remind you, you are still stubborn.

When Li Si found Zhao Gao’s meanness and malice, he submitted a memorial to Hu Hai, counted Zhao Gao’s guilt, and asked for Zhao Gao’s impeachment. Unexpectedly, Hu Hai looked at the memorial and shook his head and said, “the official minister Zhao Gao, who has been in the palace for many years, is honest and strong. He suits my wishes and knows the world, so you don’t doubt him anymore.” How can such intelligence and judgment be the emperor.

In this case, the “shocking” story of Zhao Gao referring to deer as horses has become a very natural thing. The problem with this story is not that Zhao Gao dared to do so, but why he did so. Why must Zhao Gao call deer a horse? Obviously, it’s not because he wants to be a zoologist and do research on species variation. Personally, he is trying to challenge the limits of life and reconfirm Hu Hai’s leadership and work level.

Hu Hai was not the later Kangxi. He did not have the same skills and methods as Kangxi used to deal with aobai. Although he clearly knew that it was not a horse, he must also admit that it was a horse, because he did not have the ability to correct the “confused” problem. If Zhao Gao met Kangxi instead of Hu Hai, then this one thing alone, he would be dead, and there was no place to bury him. From this, we can see that a person, especially a leader, skill and ability are very important. Without ability, it’s just a decoration, a fool.

Compared with Hu Hai, Zhao Gao is capable, but it is all the ability to do bad things, not the ability to be serious. If he is really capable, when the insurgents are in flames, he can lead troops to fight and defeat opponents, which is the ability. However, he only lacks the ability to do serious things.

Obviously, he is dying and still has many flukes

With the development of the situation, Zhao Gao increasingly felt that it was necessary to get rid of Hu Hai and go directly to the front desk, so he carefully designed a palace coup. Hu Hai was not even aware of this. In this coup, Zhao Gao asked Hu hai to “unconditionally” disappear, but Hu Hai finally wanted to keep the minimum living security line.

That night, Zhao Gaoming ordered Yan le to kill in the palace and shouted to catch the thief. After the Imperial Guard was killed, Hu Hai directly faced Yan Le’s long sword. Hu Hai shouted, “where are thieves in the palace? What thieves are you catching?” Yan Le replied, “are you the biggest thief?” Hu Hai asked in a trembling voice, “what do you say?” Yan Le pointed to his nose and said, “because you usurped the throne that should belong to the prince Fusu.”

Hu Hai didn’t know yet. “Who let you come?” Yan Le confidently told him, “prime minister!” By this time, Hu Hai seemed to understand what it was.

Hu Hai said, “it must be the prime minister who asked me to give up the throne. Well, I just want to be a princess, not the emperor, OK?” Yan Le said, “no!” “Don’t let me be king, just be a marquis?” Yan Le still said, “no!” “Just ask the prime minister to let me live and be an ordinary people with my wife!” At this time, Hu Hai still had illusions. He was so confused.

Yan Le finally said, “there is only one way in front of you: death!” Hu Hai finally understood everything and desperately pulled out his sword and killed himself. A 23-year-old life, after being emperor for three years, was so confused that he died.

Qin II Hu Hai:

Originally, the surname “Hu” was “Hu Lai”

At this time, I thought

The first emperor of Qin, who was so powerful and thousands of miles away from Jincheng

Try to “one system for all ages”

Why “the second died”?

——Ludian “looking at the beautiful woman’s grave from afar”

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