Cu apologizes to Beibei. All feelings are true

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Beibei and Cu were also in the third season of “I like you” because they participated in the program before, and then they successfully paired in the program and became real lovers. Unexpectedly, the rumor that the two broke up suddenly emerged some time ago. It was not long before the two announced their separation. Today, Cu apologized to Beibei, saying that her feelings for Beibei were true. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Cu apologizes to Beibei

A few days ago, Cu Beibei officially announced that they had broken up. There were various online speculations about the reasons for their breakup, including the allegation that Cu was cheating. Today, Cu once again issued an article, in which he said that his feelings for Beibei were true both in the program and in the subsequent days. Cu admits that she has withdrawn from the reality and escaped from the future. These behaviors make Beibei feel disappointed and very sorry for Beibei.

Cu also shouted to netizens, saying that no one knows more about the process and results than he and Beibei, and that he and Beibei have never had a peaceful relationship. I also saw my own shortcomings through this relationship and various criticisms from netizens, and also accepted my own mistakes and reflected. Finally, Cu also denied that he had cheated, saying that he had never been reunited with a girl. He believed that black and white would never be reversed.

Cu says her feelings are real

Cu’s article is obviously to please Beibei first, then say that Beibei and she broke up peacefully, and finally deny that she was cheating. However, many netizens said that Cu did not sincerely apologize to Beibei, but because these rumors on the Internet affected Cu’s business, so Cu came out to say some ambiguous words to maintain his image and continue cutting vermicelli leeks. After all, Cu has lost a lot of fans during this period of time. Netizens also roast that Cu is the lowest male guest in love, shouting that Cu should not pull Beibei to wash his white.

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