Cui Shiyuan let his dog bite his neighbor and apologized in the form of throwing a pot, which was scolded angrily

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Cui Shiyuan has always developed very well in the entertainment industry. In addition to his popularity since his debut, another reason is that the company holds Cui Shiyuan very highly. Cui Shiyuan has a good family. Cui Shiyuan let his dog bite his neighbor, and then the pan style apology caused netizens’ public anger. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Cui Shiyuan let his dog bite his neighbor

Cui Shiyuan has always packaged himself perfectly on the program. As a rich second generation, his behavior on the program seems to be very gentleman, but it may not be so in private. Cui Shiyuan likes his dog very much, so he often takes photos of himself and his dog on social platforms, and sometimes he even holds his dog when he sleeps at night. Fans who like Cui Shiyuan will be very familiar with his dog.

As a result, Cui Shiyuan’s dog bit his neighbor in the elevator, and the neighbor also got leukemia and finally died. After this matter was exposed, netizens also scolded Cui Shiyuan on the hot search. Later, Cui Shiyuan issued an apology, saying that he had been deeply introspecting to prevent mistakes from happening again. Sorry to make everyone sad and worried. May the old friends in heaven rest in peace.

Cui Shiyuan’s Pan throwing apology was scolded

However, netizens soon found that on the day of the neighbor’s death, Cui Shiyuan’s sister posted photos of them celebrating Cui Shiyuan’s dog’s birthday on the social platform. Cui Shiyuan and his family were completely unaware of their mistakes. Did they feel guilty and sad because of the death of their neighbors, and didn’t take other people’s lives seriously at all. Although there were many voices scolding Cui Shiyuan and his sister on the Internet at that time, they were soon dropped by pr. And now Choi Shih Yuen is still developing smoothly in the Korean entertainment industry. There is no way to let others have backers. It’s really too speechless and unfair.

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