Culture of the Three Kingdoms: why can empty city schemes always be fooled

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At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and there were four heroes,

Cao Cao

Since Chang’an sent troops to Hanzhong, Liu Bei retreated to Hanchuan and preserved his strength with natural danger. This day, Yi Jun


Zhao Yun took dozens of horses and camped outside. Just in time, Cao Cao’s army transported grain to the foot of the north mountain. Zhao Yun’s dozens of people fought and retreated, retreating to the camp. Cao Cao’s army forced the camp and saw Zhao Yun’s army defeated here. The next day, Liu Bei came to Zhao Yun’s camp, but found that Cao Cao’s army had many casualties.

1? Tried and true “empty city plan”

It is estimated that you will not be unfamiliar with this period of history. This period is in?

three countries

Zhi? It was also recorded in the biography of Zhao Yun. At that time, Zhao Yun was at an absolute disadvantage. Dozens of people had to deal with Cao Cao’s thousands of troops, but no one expected that the next day there was a big reversal, and Cao Cao’s camp was full of corpses. What was the matter? The real history is like this

At that time, Cao Cao’s troops chased Zhao Yun outside the camp, but seeing the camp door open, suspicious Cao Cao suddenly felt that the formation was a little scary. It was likely that this was a plan. Zhao Yun wanted to lure Cao Cao’s troops into the camp first, and then catch turtles in a jar. So Cao Cao’s army stopped, and no one dared to go in. But at the moment when they hesitated, Zhao Yun suddenly hit the drum and fired arrows, which made Cao Cao’s army collapse.

This move is in the romance of the Three Kingdoms


It has also been used, which is the famous “empty city plan”. In fact, you can also see in the romance of the three kingdoms that many classic schemes have similarities in essence. For example, when Zhang Fei broke the bridge according to the water, his tricks also have the meaning of a little empty city plan. Later, the straw boat borrowed an arrow, which also has the meaning of a little empty city plan. So why is such a commonly used trick tried and true in front of such a hero like Cao Cao? People all say “eat a moat and gain a wisdom”. Why is Cao aman’s intelligence not good?

Speaking of this, let’s first look at the environment of the Three Kingdoms at that time. There is no doubt that Cao Cao is the most powerful among the Three Kingdoms. This person, as soon as he is strong, is easy to be complacent. At the same time, it will also bring overconfidence. Overconfidence people are most likely to fall into a complex of conceit. If they have a complex of conceit, they are easy to suffer losses, and will be designed by some weak people, who are more intelligent and low-key. If you don’t believe it, think about it carefully, not to mention others. How many times has Zhugeliang of Shu burned Cao Bing? Except Zhugeliang, Xu Shu and Huang Gai all set fire.

Then why is Cao Cao still fooled after so many times? This is the personality of Cao Cao. The biggest problem of Cao Cao is that he holds the emperor to order the princes. Once he has great power, he is not easy to listen to others’ opinions. He makes decisions by himself every time, which is easy to get caught. Moreover, he falls more and more in the same place, and then it is easy to form a psychological hint. Therefore, every time he encounters this similar situation, he unconsciously gets into a trap, To put it bluntly, he thought that others would not treat him as a “smart man” in the same way, but he didn’t know that the opponent had caught his psychology and calculated him with the same trick again and again.

Having said Cao Cao, let’s analyze the two sides of the game in the empty city plan, namely Zhugeliang and Sima Yi. By analyzing them, we can know why the empty city plan can succeed repeatedly. Sima Yi’s situation at that time was that he either entered or did not enter. If Sima Yi wanted to enter the empty city, he would enter the right place, capture Zhugeliang alive, be famous all over the world, enter the wrong place, destroy the whole army, and lose the victory he had already won; If he doesn’t enter the empty city, he won’t enter the right place and avoid the trap of Zhugeliang. The victory is his own. If he doesn’t enter the wrong place, it’s nothing more than catching a demon less, but he still wins. So the decision Sima Yi is facing is that he already has vested interests in his hands. As a person with vested interests, whether to bet all his things on this treasure and then take the overall risk is obviously unnecessary. Another more profound reason is political reason. The ancients said, “when birds are exhausted, good bows are hidden, cunning rabbits die, and running dogs cook.”. You see in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi’s growth is not easy. He has always been suspected by Cao Cao, which is called “being jealous of his talent and being hated for his power.” The same is true in history. The senior general has never ended up doing meritorious deeds outside. So Sima Yi thought, “I’m just gaining power in the Wei Dynasty. I just have my own team. People need me. Why do they need me? Because there is Zhugeliang. If I kill Zhugeliang, who needs me? What’s the use of a dog if a rabbit dies?” Therefore, Sima Yi was selfish when facing the empty city plan. Otherwise, he would send tens of thousands of people to test it first, not to mention tens of thousands, that is, hundreds of people. According to the situation at that time, there would be no “empty city plan”.

Go back to Zhugeliang. When Zhugeliang used the empty city plan, first of all, he judged Sima Yi’s type very accurately. Sima Yi was always cautious. When he said that Zhugeliang was cautious, Sima Yi was more cautious than him. It should be said that this great hero was very cautious and wanted to be invincible. So he predicted that Sima Yi would not take risks first, especially when he had a vested interest and had no exact information, it was impossible to take risks, because he wanted to keep this part of his vested interest.

In addition, you can see that in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, there are many great heroes. They all go into the tiger’s den alone. Guan Yu goes to the meeting alone and Liu Bei’s Ganlu Temple gets married alone. Especially in the Beijing Opera “Ganlu Temple”, Qiao Guolao sang a passage. When Sun Quan wanted to attack Liu Bei, how did Qiao Guolao persuade him, He said, “Liu Bei has two younger brothers Guan Yu, three younger brothers Zhang Fei, a green dragon Yanyue knife, a Zhangba snake spear, and Changshan Zhao Zilong and Zhugeliang help. It doesn’t matter if you kill Liu Bei. How can his brothers give up? If you lead the soldiers to fight, Cao Cao will certainly reap the benefits of fishing, so we can’t kill him.”

Why did Liu Bei dare to take a Zhao Yun and hundreds of people to Jiangdong? That’s why he had a bottom in his heart. Sun Quan wanted to kill Liu Bei, and Liu Bei was sure to die, but Liu Bei believed that Sun Quan was not afraid of his own death, and he was afraid that Liu Bei would not live long after his death. So this is that as long as the opponent has enough fear of the result, we don’t have to be afraid of the result. Zhugeliang caught Sima Yi’s psychology of being afraid of the trap of empty city planning. Since he can know the inner fear of his opponent, he can let his opponent dance on his palm and never run out.

In addition, in the empty city plan, Zhugeliang’s inner world also has two bottoms. First, he has a good judgment on Sima Yi’s type of wisdom and strategy. Second, Zhugeliang knows what image he is in others’ minds, which is called you to use tricks for others. You must know what image you are in others’ minds. There are four kinds of people who can be fooled by this “empty city plan”.

The first is the thinking type. For example, when something happens, you are happy with him, and he thinks, why are you happy with me? Why are you not happy today? Are you always happy or occasionally happy? Will you be happy from now on? Next time you’re not happy, what should you do? finished. So when you see the masters duel, why don’t the two masters stand face to face? Thinking about it, at last, a man’s brain snapped, broke, and lay dead on the ground. Therefore, thinking type people are particularly easy to be fooled by empty city plans.

The second kind of people are people who have vested interests and hesitate. If they bet on it, they will lose. If they don’t bet on others to earn money, they won’t be reconciled. Finally, they hesitate. As a result, the cards that should be matched are not matched, and the cards that should be eaten are not matched. Well, let others be matched.

Who is the third type of person? He is a fearful person, who always feels that he is inferior to others. When you look at Sima Yi, he always feels that he is inferior to Zhugeliang. Seeing Zhugeliang’s words and deeds, he feels that it is a trap, so many wise men are actually held out by people who are afraid of him. He is not so terrible, but everyone thinks that he is so terrible, and he talks about his opponents as awesome and terrible, which is also a dilution of his failure. So people are also in the market. Many losers are easy to strengthen their opponents. If they talk about them very badly, their failures are almost. This is like if you are second, you must boast that the first is particularly powerful. So you see, everyone praises Phelps in the swimming pool. After everyone praises Phelps, it’s good to get the second place. So this kind of person has to do something if he has nothing to do.

The last kind of people has no stable ideas of their own. This kind of person is called “inconsistent person”. The so-called inconsistent person is that there is no connection between what he used to be and what he will be like in the future. You see, Zhugeliang has always been cautious, Sima Yi has always been cautious, Xu Chu has always been irritable, Liu Bei has always been crying, which is called consistent, but some people have no consistency, and he has no basic strategy, There is no basic playing method. You see, artists have their own paintings that they are basically good at, and calligraphers have their own words that they are basically good at. If they have the basic skills, they can succeed. But many people don’t have this basic strategy, and they don’t know what to do with others’ strategies. Why was he defeated by others? Because he felt that it was impossible to move forward, take two steps back, take two steps back, and finally mess up, so that people would mess up all the arrangements in the first war. Therefore, these four kinds of people are particularly easy to be fooled by the empty city plan, and in the three countries, including reality, these four kinds of people will indeed be fooled when they encounter the “empty city plan”.

2? Ordinary people can’t afford to play “empty city plan”

But there is one thing you should pay attention to. This empty city plan can’t be played by anyone. It’s too risky. You think, if you bet all your own things and put all your bets down, this is a desperate posture. Therefore, people who have gained a lot of benefits never hope to win in one game. They hope to lengthen the front. People who have lost a lot are always looking forward to a move to decide the outcome and find an opportunity to fight a decisive battle, which can also be seen from playing chess. People who have achieved established advantages will not play with those who are at a disadvantage. They will hide and walk slowly, while people who have fallen behind must play hard. In go, it is called “winner and loser”, which is a chess move that determines the outcome. In fact, Zhugeliang was also forced to use the winning hand. To say the least, even if there were only 50000 troops in Zhugeliang’s hand at that time, he would not play empty tricks with Sima Yi. Therefore, this empty city plan is a way that people can’t help when they are cornered.

In addition, the core of the empty city plan has three points. The first point is that you have a good knowledge of your acting skills and your understanding of each other. You have to know it well. The second point is to make symbols and information very similar. Empty city plan is actually taking advantage of the weakness of information asymmetry and the other party’s decision-making type to find another opportunity. In fact, in our real life, do you know what kind of each other? You don’t know. In addition, do you know the importance of its type? You don’t know. Third, do you have such special information? Maybe you don’t know. Therefore, in reality, it is often easy to fake the empty city plan. Originally, he thought you were a little bad if you didn’t sing it, but as a result, you sang it here again, and it was over, and it was completely exposed.

In addition, sometimes singing empty city plans requires cooperation. Zhugeliang can ensure that he doesn’t shiver when playing the piano. The problem is, what about others? Can a child pee his pants standing? Will those veterans at the door have heart disease as soon as they sit down? Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the whole team can cooperate with themselves to sing empty city plans. How did Zhugeliang guarantee? The greatest beauty of the empty city plan is that if he deceives the enemy, he has to deceive his own people. Zhugeliang said, “I have three million magic soldiers in the city”. You have to make everyone believe that you really have. So in fact, when Zhugeliang was singing the empty city plan, those children and veterans really thought that there were three million magic soldiers behind them. Everyone was particularly eager to let Sima Yi enter the city. Only to this extent can this empty city plan succeed. The most difficult person to cheat in the world is the people around you. If you cheat even your own people, the enemy will be easy to cheat.

The use of empty city plan requires not only absolute understanding of the opponent, but also full trust of the person who cooperates, with a very high degree of difficulty. Therefore, it can win by surprise. So in the face of the endless empty handed white wolf people in society, how can we identify and prevent them? What fatal loopholes does the empty city plan itself have? Look at the wise man’s way of survival.

3? Break through the empty city plan

Put aside the political level, just talk about empty city plans. Suppose Sima Yi really wants to catch Zhugeliang, what should he do? Today, it seems that what is the most critical problem of Sima Yi’s empty city plan? With modern understanding, Sima Yi’s information is incomplete. His espionage work is too poor. If there are several underground parties in Xicheng, Zhugeliang will be finished. Pay attention, sometimes a master is often destroyed in the hands of oneortwo underground parties.

According to the description in the book, Sima Yi had 150000 troops at that time. At this time, if Sima Yi could calm down, send a fierce general, divide him 10000 people, and rush into the city to try, even if he was killed and lost, he still had 140000 people, not to mention the chance to succeed. But the problem is that Sima Yi wanted to win the game too much, and he probably felt sorry for his general. He was unwilling to take risks even for this little loss, so the chance he got slipped away. To say the least, even if Sima Yi is unwilling to attack and sacrifice his own fierce general, he can choose to surround rather than fight. That small town, let alone 150000 people, will be surrounded by 20000 people. When he is hungry for ten days and a half months, he can still win without fighting Zhugeliang himself. But why couldn’t Sima Yi think of such a simple way?

In fact, the premise for Zhugeliang to complete the empty city plan is Sima Yi’s cooperation. If Sima Yi is a person who doesn’t play cards according to common sense, it’s over. If he still plays an empty city plan, he can kill him directly. Some people are like this. They surround the city and attack on all sides. They don’t fight one side. They attack from all sides and kill the enemy when they see it. That’s the end. The strategy is a perfect chapter for the winners and losers to cooperate together. They cooperate well. Zhugeliang believes that he doesn’t take risks in his life. You Sima Yi knows that you Sima Yi knows this thing about me Zhugeliang, and you Sima Yi knows this thing about me Zhugeliang. This is called “common knowledge”. I am cautious, you know I am cautious, I know you know I am cautious, you are cautious, I know you are cautious, you also know I know you are cautious, to this extent, this set of knowledge is common. In addition, in the whole game process, there must be the basic preferences and basic type cooperation of both sides, that is to say, Sima Yi’s type is not risk-taking, and his preference is to protect himself first, keep himself, and then slowly kill his opponent. If he can’t kill him by himself, he can die. If he can’t survive, he can wait for him to die. If you can’t kill your opponent, someone will kill you. If you can’t kill someone, you can also hope that bacteria and viruses will kill him. He can wait patiently, so Sima Yi has his routine. Sima Yi adopts a defensive routine. Attackers like water should be changeable, defenders like mountains should not move, Sima Yi is to keep, don’t move, so as not to change, miss once, and next time, anyway, he doesn’t suffer a loss, and the team will have a chance sooner or later.

What is Zhugeliang? He has to change, because he is attacking. Ma Su’s biggest mistake in losing Jieting is that Ma Su uses the strategy of attacking to defend. Jieting is a defensive war, and he is at a disadvantage. His strategy and strength are not as good as the other side, so he should use defense, defend to be right, and attack to be strange. Ma Su used a back-to-back battle, which was an offensive strategy. Ma Su’s fault was that he didn’t even understand the preconditions of this thesis title. He did this thesis, and he was sure to fail in the end. So this involves the third question. You have to understand the conditions and strategic orientation. Who are you playing with? What is your role? What is the purpose of playing? Only knowing these can we formulate strategies.

There is also the most important problem, which is the basic aspect of a game. When many people look at Zhugeliang’s empty city plan, their first judgment is that this thing is false. Why is it false? Think about it. It was so far away from Xicheng that there was no telescope at that time. How did Sima Yi know that Zhugeliang was playing the piano at the head of the city? How many old soldiers sweep the floor under the city? Even if Sima Yi had 3.0 vision, he could not see. So this is a big problem. If you sing empty city plan with others, you have to make sure that the other party you play can see it, and he has to know that your door is open. Sima Yi’s troops might rush in if they didn’t know the door was open. Therefore, information is very important to both sides. Zhugeliang is very sure of each other’s information and his own information. And the key is that Sima Yi has to know the information he wants Sima Yi to know. Zhugeliang is most worried about some information Sima Yi doesn’t know.

Think about it. If Zhugeliang sat there playing the piano, Sima Yi thought he scratched his thigh! Several children stood there, thinking that they wanted to say goodbye and Zhugeliang was going to commit suicide… As a result, Sima Yi rushed in with soldiers in a hurry to save Zhugeliang, so this matter was in trouble. So in fact, this is information. Generally speaking, the amount of information should be appropriate. Too much information is a strategic disadvantage. Why Sima Yi didn’t catch Zhugeliang is because he knew too much about Zhugeliang. At that time, he had to transfer a general from Europe to know who is who. He came up directly to Rome and took Zhugeliang. Sometimes it’s better not to know than to know. A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers and can kill tigers. If you don’t know who he is, you can take him down. People have reason without fear. People in fear have neither reason nor action power. So why are people afraid of tigers? First, they are tigers. Second, they panic when they call us. In ancient times, there was an example. When a brother was drunk, a tiger squatted at the door. The tiger bared its teeth at him, and came up with a mouth. Whose cow? Fluffy, roll, the result really scared the tiger away, people have no fear information, sometimes they have courage.

Cao Cao’s army was defeated and came to Huarong Road. The sentry reported that there was a road and a path ahead. There is smoke on the path and nothing on the road. It’s very spacious. Which one should we take? Cao Cao laughed, “Zhugeliang must have thought that when I saw the smoke and dust on the path, I would take the main road. He set an ambush on the main road. I would go the opposite way, and I would take the small road!” As a result, Cao Cao went to Huarong Road, but encountered an ambush.

4? Mystery in Huarong Dao

Cao Cao is a typical smart man who was mistaken by smart. You see, if he didn’t think so much at that time, he might not have been ambushed.

Then let’s analyze Cao Cao. Why is such a smart person always calculated by others? In fact, when Cao Cao took Huarong Road, he made a fatal mistake. Let’s analyze how he made it. At that time, there were two roads. The main road was very quiet, and there was smoke and dust on the path. Tanma blue flag came to report and said, “tell the prime minister, this road is very quiet. There is smoke and dust on the path”. If ordinary people said that silence must be nobody, and there must be someone with smoke and dust, so we must take the main road to be safe. The protagonist of the problem is Cao Cao. He is not an ordinary person, at least he thinks he is not an ordinary person. So Cao Cao laughed, “it must be the conspiracy of Zhuge demon. He made the road very quiet and enticed me to go, but I didn’t go. Knowing that there were tigers in the mountain, I wanted to go in the tiger mountain, and I walked against the smoke”. As a result, Cao Jun walked a rugged road, lost a lot, exhausted, and finally walked to the smoke and found that someone else was really there. “. This is typical. Knowing that your opponent will think so, you set a trap and wait for you. There are three states in this thinking model: one is common sense, common sense thinking. There is no one in a quiet place. Let’s go quietly, so common sense thinking is taking the main road.

The second is the thinking of smart people. Smart people are abnormal thinking. Any smart person who encounters this thing is willing to not play cards according to common sense and say something against the trend. What do you think he is trying to do? If he doesn’t want anything, he can’t help it. Who makes him a smart man? He has to go against the trend. The world thinks it’s a trap. Only he firmly believes that it’s okay, and he fell into the trap. The idea of going against the trend is that the quieter the place is, the more there are people, and the more smoke the place is, the less there are people. Cao Cao is a smart man, and Cao Cao must think so, so Zhugeliang made a smart man according to the thinking of smart people and put him in his pocket. What is Cao Cao’s mistake? When a person makes decisions, especially when making confrontational decisions, it does not depend on who you are, but on who others think you are. Zhugeliang knew that you were smart, so he knew that you wanted to go against the trend, so put an anti trend pocket there, and if you cao wanted to go in, it would be over. So what should Cao Cao do? That is the third kind of thinking, called “transcendental thinking”. What is transcendental thinking? The quieter the place is, the less people there are, so transcendence means returning to normal people. There is a key to this model, that is, ordinary people should have smart thinking, and smart people should have transcendental thinking. That’s all.

The key to decision-making is whether you know what image you have in others’ minds, not whether you are an ordinary person. In fact, Cao Cao wants to know who he is? Treacherous male. Everyone in the world knows that he is a traitor, so he must prepare a smart man’s pocket for you. At that time, it is absolutely safe to follow the path of ordinary people. So when everyone thinks you are smart, you must use stupid tricks to achieve success. This is called smart people doing stupid things. This is great wisdom. If everyone thinks you are eloquent, don’t talk like an idiom dictionary. Everyone thinks that this boy is ready to lie. What should we do at this time? Be stupid, hesitate, speak plain language, move the masses, and let others feel that you are really sincere at first sight. If everyone thinks you have a lot of tricks, don’t play tricks with others, you should use the simplest and simplest method. Everyone in the world knows that Cao mengde is a traitor. What’s the trick? Where is quiet, there’s absolutely no problem walking this way. What’s this called? This is called “know how you feel in others’ hearts, and then you can walk”. The difference between smart people and smart people is that smart people only want to “what I am like”, while smart people want to “what I am like in others’ minds”. The real supreme wisdom is to pretend to be confused with wisdom.

In addition, in Huarong Road, there is a deeper game strategy, that is, employment. Look at the several groups of people who stopped Cao Cao. Why did Guan Yu come last? The first round of attack will certainly make Cao Cao lose face. Give him some lessons and make Cao Cao dare not go south from now on. This is Zhugeliang’s strategic goal. However, the situation at that time could not kill Cao Cao, and it was difficult to catch Cao Cao, so it was necessary to arrange a person to face Cao Cao at a critical juncture. Send who? Guan Yunchang, the most loyal person. One more thing to say here is that Zhugeliang must have guessed that Guan Yu would let Cao Cao go, so why send Guan Yu to guard the last line of defense? It can only be said that Zhugeliang deliberately wanted to let Cao Cao go. Why? Judging from the situation at that time, if Cao Cao was really killed, it would be Sun Quan who would unify the north. Then with Sun Quan, Liu Bei would be destroyed, and Liu Bei would not get the fruits of victory. However, once Cao Cao exists, the sun Liu alliance can continue, so Zhugeliang will release Cao Cao. Just let Cao Cao’s Gang be convinced when releasing. Pay attention to the ending. When Cao Cao came to Guan Yu with the disabled and defeated soldiers, he had no strength to fight again. When Cao Cao worshipped at the feet of Yun Chang and begged to release himself, Yun Chang loved face, and in view of his past feelings, he would certainly release. However, this humiliating experience will definitely make Cao Cao dare not go south for a long time, which gives Liu Bei a chance to continue to occupy Sun Quan’s Jingzhou. And take the opportunity to go west, so that we can have a chance to win the world. If Cao Cao is not released, it will be absolutely good news for Sun Quan and a new disaster for Liu Bei.

Therefore, Huarong Dao’s strategy of stopping Cao Cao is a frightening but not murderous strategy. There is only one purpose: to frighten Cao Cao and make him obey Zhugeliang. You see, Cao Cao worshipped Guan Yu, and while worshipping Guan Yu, he must also be particularly convinced by Zhugeliang. And you said there were only three companies in the market, the eldest, the second and the third. Is it good for the third brother to kill the eldest? It’s not a good thing at all. The boss is dead, and the second one turns around and kills your third one. This Liu Bei is the third, so Liu Bei scared the boss. As long as you don’t dare to hit me, we have to keep you. In the future, you can check and balance with the second, so that the third Liu Bei has room to live.

What strategy to use in confrontation often depends on people’s judgment of the opponent. In fact, people often ignore the opponent’s judgment of themselves, and they are smart and mistaken. So how can I accurately determine my position? How can we get out of the dilemma of choice? Let’s see the wise man’s way of survival.

5? College entrance examination game years

Just now I mentioned a way of thinking. It sounds far away from life. In fact, you may need it at any time. Tell me something about yourself. This annual college entrance examination is definitely a matter of national participation. Children are nervous, parents are anxious, and relatives and friends all compete with each other. Let’s talk about volunteering without saying anything else. This is a profound game. Those who do well in the exam are afraid of failing in the exam; Those who fail in the exam want to find an unpopular major and pick a bargain; Normal play wants to avoid competitors as much as possible and enter a favorite major. So when it comes to volunteering, every family is racking their brains, reading materials, looking for relationships, checking scores, trying to achieve the optimization of choice.

After seeing the experience of failure and success again and again, many parents summed up an experience, avoiding the hot majors and looking for the unpopular ones; Good majors that were not fully recruited last year must not be applied this year, lest everyone think of going together and turn the cold door into a hot one. But I don’t know if you have found out. Many times, this unpopular school is always unpopular, and those so-called popular schools and popular majors are often not fully enrolled. Instead, the scores of those lukewarm schools rose slowly.

Now when it comes to volunteering, Nine out of ten parents will say this: “Alas, there are many people who want to apply for this school this year. Last year, the score line is very high, so everyone must not dare to apply this year, so the score line will be low, and there will be a chance to apply. But what if all parents think so, the people who take the exam this year must be super high, and the score line will be super high, so they can’t apply. But if others think like themselves, the score line will be low again…” whether to apply or not? This is really a headache.

How to solve this problem? In fact, a person is facing a challenge. When making decisions, the key is how to control the level of thinking. Cao Cao, too, was very painful when he chose to take Huarong Road. He first thought that the road was quiet and no one took the road by himself. Then he thought that if it was Zhugeliang’s conspiracy, what would someone do on the road? Then we have to take the path. But then he thought, what if Zhugeliang knew he thought so and set ambush on the path? Then we had to take the main road, but then we thought, what if Zhugeliang also thought of his plan? Then we have to take the path. Pain? That is, people should learn to control the level of thinking when doing things.

There are three levels of control thinking. As mentioned earlier, ordinary people have the first level of thinking. The second level of thinking of smart people, smart people, extraordinary thinking, beyond the third level of thinking. From the third floor onwards, you can think of everything as positive and negative offset. If you don’t want it, you don’t want it. It’s called no more than three. Tao generates one, two, two and three. We can use three to represent all things. Make this model simpler, so you have to consider three levels when doing things. In a group, the ideas of smart people and stupid people offset each other, so when the group is large, it will inevitably be close to the average, just like in a large group, everyone’s height must be close to the average, and the height can offset. So in a large enough group, never think that the group is super smart, it is a normal group. Here I want to introduce to parents, what is the normal group like? Last year there were many people, but this year there are few people, this year there are few people, and next year there are many people. This is absolutely the case for normal groups.

This is the phenomenon of big and small years we see in real life. Last year’s big year, this year’s small year, this year’s small year and next year’s big year. In this case, don’t think about what you should do if you think of your own level? What if you don’t think of your own floor? Smart people who are too smart are called self abuse, and they toss themselves to death. You see why many smart people are so thin, because they abuse themselves when they have nothing to do. What do people call this? “I’m full, and I’ll make up for nothing!”

By the way, there is a kind of people who are thinner than those who like self abuse. It is to study why others abuse themselves. People who study self abuse will be thinner. If you belong to the supernormal thin type, congratulations. You are a smart person who specializes in smart people.

Also, don’t be too smart in interpersonal relationships in life. Because you are too smart, you are really a master. There is no opponent and no partner at the same time. Because of the cooperation between two people, everyone will feel that you are a smart person, you are so awesome, so smart, and it must be all yours to have benefits. You run the fastest in an accident, you go forward with honor, and you withdraw first if you have problems. Your eyes are farther than ordinary people think, and you see more, so you can take all of it. What about others? So no one is willing to cooperate with smart people. That is to say, why do Chinese people talk about “modesty”. The first advantage of modesty is that you can have more friends. If you are not modest, everyone will stay away from you, and you will be lonely.

How to judge your behavior pattern in the opponent’s heart is the core of chaotic game. Whether facing a person or a large group of people, we should make accurate judgments, and the process of judgment should not exceed three levels. Only in this way can the strategy be formulated in an invincible position.

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