Danger always comes from the inside!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

International affairs and domestic affairs are inseparable. The struggles outside the border are surging. Let alone that there are problems, they want to seize them, but there is no problem. The firewall of the University of technology in Western China is like that. All foreign forces want to try network attacks, not to mention their own problems?

It is not impossible to talk about these words today. All the old readers know that I am not a person who blindly protects comrades. I will scold when I should scold, speak when I should, and write on the death note when I should. Therefore, I have not got a number.

But what we are going to talk about today, and what we are going to talk about with our readers, can only be said after the public opinion forces of foreign forces have been put into their civil war.

Speak at different times.

The black and evil forces in Tangshan have come to the fore. Now our unit has also changed its supervisor. These scum that can not be ranked by the severe crackdown should be cleaned up. The reason why the severe crackdown on the black and evil forces is not ranked by the number is that we have to consider the bigger ones first.

Now that the big fight has been completed, our political and legal teams have basically sorted out. On the one hand, we have caught these bad elements, and on the other hand, we have some protective umbrellas. We have nothing to say about social security.

At the beginning of our 100 day action, public opinion on the Tangshan case went down. That is, we had no problems, and they had no way to say anything.

What about Zhengzhou? If the credibility of the health code is damaged like this, is it over? Three free drinks and you’re done?

I can’t finish it.

Land finance makes people want immortality and death. If they don’t do land finance, they will lose their spirit. It is the same as taking drugs. It will overdraw the future of the nation, the reputation of the bank, the reputation of the bank, and the credibility of the health code. That’s it?

There is also Dandong. The announcement of Dandong is that the whole city’s nucleic acid will be unsealed after three days. Has the nucleic acid of the whole city covered everyone in these three days?

On the one hand, the nucleic acid did not cover everyone, on the other hand, it was not completely unsealed. This is the case that the father and daughter, who ignored the rules, did not do nucleic acid, automatically assigned yellow codes and attacked the police.

The implementation of our own laws and regulations was not in place. The city’s nucleic acid did not cover the whole city. After the Yellow code father and daughter attacked the police, both sides were wrong. I said that the father and daughter did wrong. After two days of talking, was Dandong right?

The bad thing about Dandong City is that the policeman himself. In the videos from other perspectives, the policeman let Jie shuoshi hit him with a big mouth. If he hit his chin, he would faint for a few seconds.

The problem in Dandong lies in the leadership of epidemic prevention. Those who do not cooperate do not care. Those who cooperate with epidemic prevention have made great sacrifices. Is this the way to do epidemic prevention?

People who cooperate with epidemic prevention stay at home. Everyone is for me and I am for everyone. People who do not cooperate with epidemic prevention do not make nucleic acids and run amok. If these people do not make nucleic acids and carry viruses because they run around and cause problems, will they end up sealing honest people at home for another two weeks?

In the face of the epidemic situation, Shenzhen and Tianjin are able to fight quickly because they are attacking irresponsible individuals with heavy fists. Failure to take part in nucleic acid testing without any reason is administrative detention. Two people were detained on March 20. From then on, all nucleic acids can really be all employees.

How many nucleic acids did the father and daughter in Dandong do in May? Are you in custody?

No, it is precisely because we did not do nucleic acid in May, and there is no responsibility at all. The credibility of the government announcement will lose its value because these people are at large. It is for this reason that if you don’t do nucleic acid, you will get used to attacking the police step by step.

This is to let the whole society bear the individual’s problems. The whole pot is left to the grass-roots level. If there is no problem, it will be fine. If there is a problem, it will continue to be closed. The epidemic situation in Dandong is repeated, and the epidemic situation in Shenzhen is fast. What is the reason? The leaders in charge of epidemic prevention don’t know at all?

Those who owe are honest people who abide by the law, those who are spoiled are those who roam around the edge of the law, those who carry the blame are grass-roots law enforcers, and those who are angry are people who eat melons all over the country,

For the first time, those who did not participate in the national nucleic acid program were not detained, which doomed the inevitability of this card punching.

Can you blame the father and daughter? Who are they used to? Can you blame the young policeman? Whose orders does he work on?

There is a classic masterpiece in China called a dream of Red Mansions. The protagonists of the dream of Red Mansions basically come from several families. There is a protagonist talking about the Jia family. Speaking of the decline of the Jia family, no matter how hard outsiders try, they can’t bring it down. If you want to bring the Jia family down, you need to decay inside first.

Readers who like traditional literature know the story of Jia’s family. It’s a mess in terms of increment, and they don’t care about the stock. It’s nice to inherit people’s empty talk and grandiose love, but all family affairs have been outsourced to big housekeeper Lai.

There was a Wangxifeng who could do things. They thought he could do things. In fact, he could only act as a bully, rectify discipline, and do some grand Daqing ceremony. He didn’t get much money in and spent a lot of money. Among the rest, Jia Yun is the most promising. What he does is to rely on internal relations to seize the project.

In addition to spending, other rich children can only be willful. When Jia’s family is defeated, Jia Yun can continue to earn a living by doing projects. What will others do?

Danger always comes from within, and people in the feudal dynasty have noticed this problem. We live in a time that is more advanced than the feudal dynasty. Therefore, we should be more vigilant against this problem.

If the people of the whole country are sober minded and have the ability to investigate, collect evidence and distinguish right from wrong, our cadres are honest and clean, and there are no fools who clap their heads to make decisions, clap their chest to guarantee, and finally clap their thighs to make decisions, our entrepreneurs can give sufficient treatment to workers. How can foreign forces do bad things, it will have a slight impact on us?

After something happened, there were foreign forces involved, such as the riots in Hong Kong, Chengdu No. 7 middle school, and several recent events. That was after the accident, foreign forces would come after the accident. Of course, it was because foreign forces did not die.

But, before something happened, did we really do it?

Have all our people been sober? Are all our cadres reliable? Do our entrepreneurs have all the benevolence and righteousness?

Obviously, there is no such thing. For example, in Xinjiang, our cotton farmers work hard and get a good salary. Our social security is peaceful and our nationalities are united.

How can the overseas forces participate in it? Can they stir up some waves?

The greatest danger is not outside the country. The greatest danger will always come from within. It is on this 9.6 million square kilometers of land.

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