Dayu’s story of flood control

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In ancient times, people were often affected by floods. When Emperor Yao was in power, another terrible flood disaster occurred: there was a vast ocean on the earth, houses were washed down, fields were flooded, and dead people piled up; People help the old and the young, wandering and fleeing everywhere. Seeing that the people were suffering so much, Yao was worried and worried, so he sent Qian to harness the flood. He led everyone in harnessing the water. He used the method of blocking. Whichever embankment was washed up, it was blocked. The one on this side was blocked, and the one on the other side was washed down. He wasted money and people for nine years, and achieved nothing. After Yao, Shun became the leader of the tribe. Seeing that he had no improvement in flood control, he delayed the event, so he ordered Gu to be executed and his son Yu to control the flood. Yu knew that everything was important to control the flood, and he would lose his life if it was not cured. However, seeing that the flood was so rampant that people were miserable, Yu bravely accepted the important task. Yu carefully summed up the lessons of his father’s failure and felt that the method of blocking was not feasible, so he boldly conceived a water control plan that ran counter to his father &mdash& mdash; Dredge the river channel, follow its flow pattern and divert water away. After the formulation of the plan, Yu decided to travel all over the world, investigate the terrain, explore the river course and divert water downstream. He led a large number of assistants to visit nine flood stricken States, measured the terrain and erected wooden stakes as marks. At that time, most of the places were desolate and uninhabited. Yu Feng ate and slept in the open, often braved strong winds and heavy rain, and ran in the harsh environment. Then, according to the data obtained from the investigation, Yu began to control the floods in the areas with the most serious floods. Yu and others used simple tools such as stone axes and knives to dig rivers and build embankments. His hands are covered with calluses, the soles of his feet are covered with mats, and his face is often unkempt. As he had been immersed in the water for many years, his toenails fell off, and people were moved to tears when they saw it. In order to control the flood, Yu was still unmarried at the age of 30. Later, he married a girl named nvjiao. Just four days after his marriage, he said goodbye to his new wife and was busy managing the flood. After 13 years of flood control, Dayu passed through his house three times without bothering to go in and have a look. When he passed the door for the first time, he heard his newborn son crying and his wife groaning because of the pain of childbirth. His assistants advised him to go in and have a look. Yu also wanted to go in and have a look, but he had something urgent to do. He was afraid of delaying his work, so he just didn’t go in. The second time he passed by, Yu’s son could already call him father. The little guy shouted for his father in his mother’s arms. Yu just waved to his wife and children affectionately and passed. The third time, when Yu passed by his house, his son was already in his teens. He ran to pull his father home. Yu stroked his son’s head and asked his son to tell his mother. After the water was cured, he would reunite and leave in a hurry. After 13 years, Yu finally overcame the flood disaster, promoted agricultural development and enabled the people to live and work in peace and contentment. Yu was made the heir to the throne by Shun and became the first monarch of the Xia Dynasty because of his meritorious service in controlling floods. Therefore, he was called Xia Yu or Dayu in history. After becoming the leader of the tribal alliance, Dayu was still not greedy for pleasure. He went to various places and did a lot of useful things for the people.

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