Deification story appreciation: what is the story of aloes’ saving mother?

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There was a scholar named Liu Xiang in the Han Dynasty. When he went to Beijing for the exam, he stopped by to visit Mount Hua. There is a temple on Mount Hua. The temple God, three niangs of Huayue, is a beautiful and kind-hearted fairy. Since she was sent to Mount Hua by the queen mother, she has been living a lonely life. That day, she was singing and dancing in the temple, killing time, when she suddenly found a scholar stepping into the temple gate. She hurried to the lotus throne and turned into a statue. Walking into the hall, Liu Xiang saw the statue of Sanniang at a glance. It was beautiful, gentle and leisurely. Liu Xiang was deeply attracted. He wanted to be happy to marry her! Unfortunately, this is just a statue without emotional awareness. With deep regret, Liu Xiang could not restrain his inner excitement. He took out his pen and ink and affectionately expressed his love for Sanniang on the wall.

Sanniang looked at all this silently, and her heart was filled with mixed feelings. The scholar in front of him is so handsome, handsome and elegant. He is full of deep feelings for himself, and he is not deeply attracted by him, nor do he not love him? However, if one is a fairy in the upper world and the other is a mortal in the lower world, how can marriage be concluded? Seeing off Liu Xiang, who was sad and reluctant to part, Sanniang could no longer be calm. After much deliberation, she finally decided to marry Liu Xiang in spite of the ban of heaven. As a result, Sanniang turned into a folk woman, caught up with Liu Xiang and told him the truth, so that they became a couple and loved each other very much. Liu Xiang is about to take the exam. Sanniang is already pregnant. When he is reluctant to say goodbye, Liu Xiang gives Sanniang a piece of ancestral aloes, saying that he can give birth to children in the future under the name of “aloes”. It’s hard for two people to part with each other.


Liu Xiang won the list in one fell swoop in the capital and was appointed as the patrolman of Yangzhou Prefecture. Just as he took office, three niangs of Huayue were in trouble. It turned out that it was the birthday of the queen mother. There was a big peach party in the heavenly palace. All the immortals came to celebrate her birthday. However, Sanniang was pregnant, so she got rid of her illness and stayed in Huashan. Unexpectedly, the truth was known by Sanniang’s brother Erlang God. Erlang God flew into a rage and accused his sister of marrying a mortal privately, violating the laws and regulations of heaven, and wanted to catch her and be punished. Sanniang is upright and fearless. Besides, she also has a treasure given by the queen mother, the Baolian lamp, which is Sanniang’s treasure. As long as the Baolian lamp shines brightly, no matter which demons or immortals, they will be awed and captured. Knowing that he was defeated, Erlang ordered his heavenly dog to steal while Sanniang was resting. In this way, the poor Sanniang was pressed by Erlang God into the dark cloud cave at the foot of Huashan Mountain. Sanniang gave birth to her son Chenxiang in the dark cave. To prevent accidents, she secretly begged Yasha to send her son to Yangzhou and stay with her father Liu Xiang.

Chenxiang grew up and became more sensible. Knowing that her mother was suffering at the foot of Huashan Mountain, she wanted to save her mother Sanniang. He told his father what he thought, but Liu Xiang was just a weak scholar. He sighed and shook his head. So Chenxiang left home alone to find her mother. After a lot of hard work, he finally reached Huashan. But where is mother? The child, who was only eight years old, was at a loss and burst into tears. The shrill and painful cries echoed in the empty valley, alerting the thunderbolt immortal passing by. The kind-hearted immortal asked for the reason. The kind-hearted Sanniang and the suffering child complained about injustice, but there was nothing he could do. So he took aloes back to his house. Under the guidance of the immortal, Chenxiang studied hard and carefully, and gradually learned the six commandments, three strategies, various martial arts and seventy-three changes. On her 16th birthday, Chenxiang said goodbye to her master and went to Huashan to save her mother. The immortal said he was ambitious and gave him a Xuanhua mountain god axe.

Chenxiang came to the dark cloud cave in Huashan Mountain. He called his mother loudly, and the sound penetrated through the layers of rock and passed into Sanniang’s ears. Sanniang couldn’t help feeling excited. She knew that her son had grown up and was so filial to save her. Excited, she called Chenxiang to the cave. Sanniang knew that her brother Erlang had great powers, and Sunwukong, who had caused havoc in the heavenly palace, was defeated by him; Chenxiang is young, and Erlang God has stolen the lotus lantern. How can his son be his opponent? Therefore, Sanniang asked Chenxiang to intercede with her uncle.


Chenxiang flies to Erlang temple and pleads with Erlang God. However, Erlang, a God with a stony heart, refused to release Sanniang. Instead, he danced with a three pointed two edged sword and tried to attack Chenxiang. Chenxiang was so angry that he felt that Erlang had deceived people too much, so he swung his magic axe and fought with him. Two people in the fog, knife to ax to, in the mountain water, change dragon to fish; Kill from heaven to earth, and then from the human world to the heavenly palace; The mountains are shaking and the earth is shaking, the river is pounding over the sea, and the sky is dark. This event alerted Taibai Jinxing and sent four immortals to see what happened. The fourth fairy looked in the cloud for a while, and felt that Erlang, as an uncle, was too cruel to treat a child so harshly. So they winked at each other and helped Chenxiang. Chenxiang became braver and braver. The God of war and Erlang could no longer resist, so they had to flee. The Baolian lantern also fell into Chenxiang’s hands.

Chenxiang immediately flew back to Huashan Mountain, held up Xuanhua mountain god axe, and fought hard. The earth shook and the mountains shook, and Huashan split. Chenxiang hurried to find the black cloud cave and rescued her mother. For 16 years, Sanniang, who had suffered a lot, saw the light again. She and her son hugged each other tightly, mixed feelings, and burst into tears.

Later, Erlang God also admitted his mistake to Sanniang and Chenxiang; Chenxiang was also granted the immortal position by the Jade Emperor.

From then on, Sanniang, Liu Xiang and their heroic son Chenxiang were reunited with the whole family and lived happily together forever. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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