Delireba: is Huang Jingyu really? It is revealed that Huang Jingyu spent millions to buy materials from Zhang Xiaohan

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On the Internet, there are still many CP couples like Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu. Although the TV series “happiness, within reach” cooperated by the two people has not been a big hit, the two people have been rumored about it. Is it true that delireba Huang Jingyu? Insider revealed that Huang Jingyu spent millions of yuan to buy materials from Zhang Xiaohan. Is it true or false? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Delireba: is Huang Jingyu true

There have been a lot of rumors about the affair between delireba and Huang Jingyu. The insider revealed that the two had really finished. However, Dili Reba’s team is very opposed to this relationship because Huang Jingyu had a divorce and domestic violence scandal before. If Dili Reba dares to disclose her relationship with Huang Jingyu, her fans will definitely run away. Because fans will never allow their sister to be a love brain, nor will they allow their sister to die for a scum man.

Zhang Xiaohan had previously photographed Huang Jingyu of Dili Reba. He wanted to disclose the story, but Huang Jingyu bought it. The insider said that at that time, Huang Jingyu spent seven figures to buy the materials, and spent millions of dollars. All the money was paid by Huang Jingyu alone, and did not let the team of delireba pay a penny. From this point of view, Huang Jingyu is really good to Dili Reba and is also very responsible.

Huang Jingyu spent millions to buy materials from Zhang Xiaohan

The insider revealed that Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu had been separated for some time before, but they finally got back together. Don’t look at the face entered by all. It looks like an imperial sister, but she is a very young girl in private, especially when she is in love. However, Huang Jingyu is very responsible and has strong boyfriend power in front of Dili Reba. That is why Dili Reba chose to reunite with Huang Jingyu despite the team’s dissuasion. However, considering the career of delireba, the two can only have an underground relationship and will not make it public unless they get married.

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