Delireba’s red dress is so gorgeous that it makes people suffocate

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On the 25th, “just like an old friend’s return” ushered in the grand finale. The beautiful red star delireba sent a long message on her microblog saying goodbye to Jiyunhe: “may we all be like Jiyunhe, with our hearts to the cloud, safe and happy!”

Dili Reba was dressed in ancient red costumes. She had a beautiful face, clear eyes and a full expression. She made a listening gesture with one hand and smiled very much.

Delireba is one of the most popular actresses in Xinjiang. It has to be said that the shapes of her various red clothes are really beautiful. For example, in the stills of an Le Zhuan, delireba wears a long red dress, holds the budget in her hands, has a cool face and a graceful figure, and instantly holds her eyes.

In three lives, three lives and ten miles of peach blossom, Feng Jiu’s release from prison is really a cinnabar mole in the hearts of the audience. Such a beautiful woman is too colorful.

Dili Reba was dressed in ancient red. She was tall, as beautiful as peaches and plums.

Wearing a red dress and holding a whip, delireba has the amazing feeling of an exotic beauty in her pretty face. At the same time, she is valiant and spirited. She is absolutely breathtaking.

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