Demystifying the Beijing Paradise Supermarket Bar: The commissary started and died in 2022 after becoming famous due to the epidemic

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Original title: The history of the demise of the Paradise supermarket bar: the commissary started and died in 2022 after being famous due to the epidemic

On June 14, the Paradise Supermarket Bar, which is at the center of the epidemic storm in Beijing, was officially opened for criminal investigation by the police.

At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in Beijing on the same day, Pan Xuhong, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, pointed out that during the operation period of Paradise Supermarket Bar, the prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, and inspection of nucleic acid negative certificates were not strictly implemented. Failure to implement prevention and control requirements such as control of crowd density has led to the outbreak of the epidemic. Regarding the suspected acts of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by the Paradise Supermarket Bar and the relevant persons in charge, the police have filed a criminal case for investigation; Joint investigation.

More than 200 people were infected on the 3rd after resumption of business, and the person in charge of the bar was placed on file for investigation

The Paradise Supermarket Bar involved in this outbreak is a chain bar located on the basement floor of Candy Street, Gongti West Road Bar Street. Its Beijing head office is located in Shimao Gongsan Square not far from here. Because there is no minimum consumption, it is more cost-effective. attracted many drinkers.

Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic in Beijing on April 22, Chaoyang District, where the earliest cases and the largest number of infected people were found, has also experienced the greatest test for merchants. From 17:00 on April 28, song and dance entertainment venues, electronic game halls, Internet cafes, and performance venues in Chaoyang District announced the suspension of business. By May 31, when the whole district was adjusted from home office to normal work, offline training institutions, Internet cafes , KTV and underground space business sites still failed to resume operations. Until June 5, except for some areas in Fengtai and Changping, Beijing allows libraries, museums, cinemas, art galleries, cultural centers, and places such as sports and fitness, performances and entertainment, and Internet access services to reopen, subject to a 75% current limit.

According to the public account of Paradise Supermarket Bar, due to the epidemic, the bar will be closed from April 29, 2022 to June 5, 2022, and will resume business at 0:00 on June 6. Recent epidemiological information shows that among the existing infected persons, the earliest person who went to Paradise Supermarket Bar was the case reported on June 13 who lived in Huayuan Road Street, Haidian District. 3 visits late. According to reports, since the early morning of June 6 to 9, Paradise Supermarket Bar has only resumed business for more than 70 hours, but more than 200 customers have been infected due to their visit here, and 5 of the bar staff have also been infected.

From June 9th to 15:00 on June 14th, Beijing reported a total of 287 cases of new coronary pneumonia virus infections, all of which were involved in the cluster epidemic in Paradise supermarket bars. Among them, there were 213 visitors from Paradise Supermarket Bar (No. 6 Gongti West Road), 5 bar staff, and 69 related personnel.

On June 10, Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau launched an investigation into Beijing Yutai Candy Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Paradise Supermarket Bar) suspected of operating in violation of laws and regulations. After investigation, Beijing Yutai Candy Entertainment Co., Ltd. failed to scan the code, measure the temperature, and check the negative nucleic acid test certificate during the operation process, causing a clustered epidemic.

On June 12, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the “Company Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the capital’s strict management of joint prevention and control coordination mechanism in Beijing, and the Beijing New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group “About the “Quartet of Compaction and Scanning Code Inspection” According to the “Notice of Responsibility”, Beijing Yutai Candy Entertainment Co., Ltd. was to be given an administrative punishment of revoking its business license, and the Notice of Administrative Punishment and the Notice of Proposed List of Serious Illegal and Untrustworthy were served on it on the same day. “, to be included in the List of Serious Illegal and Untrustworthy.

On June 14, at the 365th press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, Pan Xuhong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and spokesman, informed that on June 6, the whole city of Beijing resumed normal production and life order one after another. . During the operation period, Paradise Supermarket Bar did not strictly implement prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, and inspection of nucleic acid negative certificates, and did not implement prevention and control requirements such as controlling crowd density, resulting in the outbreak of the epidemic. As of 15:00 today, the number of confirmed cases in the related Paradise supermarket bar has reached 287.

Pan Xuhong said that at present, the police have filed a criminal case for suspected violations of the prevention and control of infectious diseases by the Paradise Supermarket Bar and related persons in charge; Cultural law enforcement and other departments have jointly launched an investigation.

What is the origin of the Paradise Supermarket Bar? Originally a commissary

“Paradise Supermarket” to those who don’t know it, may think it is a supermarket by the name, but in fact there is something in it.

According to multiple media reports, Paradise Supermarket is both a supermarket and a bar. When customers come, they go directly to the freezer to get drinks, then go to the counter to check out. After drinking, they dance to the loud music in the store. , and some have never even seen each other.”

Moreover, compared with the prices of other bars in Sanlitun, the price of drinks in Paradise Supermarket is simply “cabbage price”, which is only about 100 yuan per person. There are even many merchants who come here to buy goods and then sell them in their own stores, all of which are profitable. “Affordable” is also the most prominent label among the many reviews of the bar on

In the early years, there were media reports that many people came for “wine”, most of them young people. Paradise Supermarket has more than 100 kinds of beer and various foreign wines, and some customers are directly on the road when they come. While drinking, all kinds of foreign wines actually drank out of the roadside stall.

What is the origin of such a magical bar?

Paradise Supermarket’s official public account “Paradise Supermarket Pub” released an article on July 30, 2020 introducing “The Past and Present of Paradise Supermarket Bar”, saying that Paradise Supermarket was just a canteen in the beginning.

The article shows that in 2000, Mr. Zhan and Ms. Shan decided to go to sea to do business and opened their first grocery store in the Pingfang District of Xingfu No. 1 Village, Sanlitun, Beijing. Later, the boss and the proprietress came to Sanlitun Bar Street to set up a stall in order to make ends meet. In 2011, the two decided to Opened a foreign hotel convenience store in Sanlitun, originally called “Paradise Convenience Store”, and changed its name to “Paradise Supermarket” in September 2011.

According to the article, at first, only ten tables and chairs were arranged in the store for guests who wanted to stay for foreign wine. From November 2012 to September 2014, the store was expanded and upgraded twice, and the store was moved to No. 14, Xindong Road, Sanlitun. From the initial 100 square meters to 700 square meters.

A related article published by “Paradise Supermarket Pub” on June 5 shows that at present, there are 12 branches of Paradise Supermarket, of which 6 are in Beijing, and the other has branches in Xi’an, Baoding, Changchun, Yinchuan and Linyi.

Tianyancha and other enterprise information query platforms show that Beijing Paradise Supermarket Management Co., Ltd. was established on June 22, 2020 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The legal representative and actual controller is Shan Hongwei, who indirectly holds shares in the company. 90%. Company executives and supervisor Zhan Xiaohu.

Shan Hongwei and Zhan Xiaohu are also shareholders in a number of surviving companies. The total registered capital of these companies is 16.5 million yuan, and the registered capital of Beijing Tiantang Supermarket Management Co., Ltd., which is actually controlled, will reach 26.5 million yuan. .

Among them, Shan Hongwei serves as a shareholder in two surviving companies, namely Beijing Huzi Hongwei Trading Co., Ltd., Shan Hongwei holds 90% of the shares, and Zhan Xiaohu holds 10% of the shares, with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan; Beijing Anda MRT Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Shan Hongwei holds 100% of the shares and has a registered capital of 1 million yuan. And Beijing Huzi Hongwei Trading Co., Ltd. holds 100% of Beijing Tiantang Supermarket Management Co., Ltd.

There are two companies under the name of Beijing Paradise Supermarket Management Co., Ltd., namely Tunli Paradise (Beijing) Catering Service Co., Ltd. and Beijing Paradise (Beijing) Catering Management Co., Ltd., both of which hold 90% of the shares, and the other 10% of the shares are Zhan Xiaohu holds it.

And there are 3 companies in which Zhan Xiaohu is a shareholder in the surviving business state, namely, Jingtang (Beijing) Catering Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Huzi Hongwei Trading Co., Ltd., and Tunli Paradise (Beijing) Catering Service Co., Ltd., with a total registered capital of 15.5 million yuan.

Whose paradise is here: a holy place for all Beijing losers to drink beer?

According to reports, the Paradise Supermarket in Sanlitun is not unfamiliar to young people living in Beijing. For a period of time, poor and good wine losers in Sanlitun and even the whole of Beijing will come here to sit for a while. As the legend goes, Paradise is a wholesale beer supermarket, where customers can drop by after buying wine, and most of the beers are cheaper than the place of origin. Paradise now sells all kinds of life’s most beautiful and freaky things: spirits from all over the world, spirits, cigarettes, sneaky weed pipes, Cuban cigars, bong, and even huge imported chocolate bars that can They’re all products of the Snickers bar.

When Tian Tian was still in the alley of the Sanlitun police station, the first people to find out were the black brothers. Most of them were DJs, musicians, and Chinese teachers who lived nearby. A lot of people can buy the cheapest foreign wine with the Beijing movies that are played in the alleys. Later, a wholesaler recommended Gao Ming to sell imported beer mainly based on craft brewing. He wanted to do it. Although there are not many stores in the country that sell this thing, the people of the imperial capital have no idea about craft brewing, but they are afraid of delicious things. In the market, it is logical to sell craft beer.

The first people to cheer were foreigners, who didn’t leave after buying the wine. There were several rest tables and chairs in the store. After blowing a bottle, another bottle was added. The small store was often overcrowded. Residents nearby saw this grand occasion and stood outside the door three minutes ago to watch. Ten minutes later, they packed five bottles of Era and went home.

The most lively is the World Cup, people say you have wine here, suitable for watching football. The boss went to borrow a plastic stool and hung it on the outside, everyone would sit inside and outside, drink and watch football, and spend the night of this era together.

Later, the residents reported disturbing the people, and the two bosses thought about changing the place so that people who like to drink could have a place to stay. The site is located at No. 40 Xindong Road. This place is now a golden area. It is connected to Dongzhimen Street. Whether you are coming from Mao, Gongti, or any other bar, you can easily find it.

In 2011, Paradise Convenience Store officially moved to Xindong Road and became a larger Paradise Supermarket. There are 600 square meters upstairs and downstairs, 80 tables, and an average of 1,000 people pour in here every night.

In terms of equipment, there is no band, no bar, no pole dancing, and no menu; in terms of appearance, there is no decoration, unless you insist that all kinds of iron railings be described as American industrial style.

As before, Paradise is still operating as a supermarket, the first bar in the country to do so. People learn how to be here in a short time.

There are a total of 1,300 alcoholic items in the store, including red and white sparkling cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, and more. Of course, the largest proportion is imported beer, with more than 500 kinds. The vast majority are craft beer, and a few are the most popular “industrial craft beers”. “The understanding of craft beer is different. Anyway, Fujia and 1664 are currently the best sellers, and they are also craft beers in the hearts of ordinary consumers.”

People who don’t often go to nightclubs are the first to enter the bar, and ordering wine is a big problem. Under the urging of the waiter, they will panic and feel cramped. Not in heaven, you just need to see which bottle is pleasing to the eye, pick it up, and go to the cashier to check out. Most often, take a dozen Hokkien/brewdogs and add two bottles of wine that looks good in packaging but has never been seen before.

Paradise Supermarket, like Starbucks, has tried some standardized packages, selling cheesecakes and Italian handmade ice cream, but the sales are in a mess. Few people are willing to buy desserts with sweet wine, everyone still likes the old way, grab a few bottles of colorful beer, order peanut edamame fries, and then enthusiastically, from the black brother closest to them to the far corners. Dressed up Chinese girlfriends.

Heaven believes in the highest efficiency and lowest cost, and what the masses do not buy will not be sold. Within the controllable range, meet the individual needs of some customers.

For example, when someone ordered dumplings, the clerk said, “No, but you will have them the day after tomorrow.” Someone who had eaten them even said that they were the best dumplings he had ever eaten. “That’s the frozen dumplings.” call.

In order to maximize this free space, Paradise Supermarket has been closed for 24 hours instead of closing at four in the morning. The reason is very simple. It is too difficult to drive away a bunch of drunk people. If you drive out those who are still drinking, they will drink at the door. Beijing winter, you know, it’s so cold, you can’t drive everyone to 711, right? Besides, there are not many convenience stores in Beijing.

However, all this bustling and bustling came to an abrupt end on June 10, 2022. On the 12th, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau planned to impose an administrative penalty of revoking the business license of Paradise Supermarket and Bar, and put it on the list of serious violations and dishonesty.

So will you fall in love?

more news

Beijing launched a major inspection of entertainment venues in the city, and entertainment venues in both districts have been closed for rectification

In order to block the spread of the virus as quickly as possible, the city’s bars, nightclubs, KTVs, Internet cafes and other entertainment venues will be quickly inspected, and all underground spaces and unqualified entertainment venues will be closed. Places must strictly implement individual temperature measurement and code scanning verification. Bright codes cannot be used instead of scanning codes, and scanning codes such as nucleic acid negative certificates within 72 hours must be checked. Check, no one is missed”, and jointly build a dense network of epidemic prevention and control in the capital.

At present, entertainment venues in Chaoyang and Haidian districts have been closed for rectification. On the 14th, Meng Rui, deputy head of the Chaoyang District People’s Government, introduced that Chaoyang District has closed bars, Internet cafes, KTV, script killing and other entertainment venues in the district for rectification, shutting down 173 KTVs, 224 bars, 103 Internet cafes, and script killings. 195; underground cinemas, underground sports venues and offline sports training institutions for young people are all suspended. On the 13th, Xiao Dan, head of the publicity department of Haidian District, introduced that all 278 places in Haidian District such as singing and dancing entertainment, Internet cafes, performances and entertainments, script killings, and escape rooms have been suspended.

(Data sourced from Beijing Daily, China Times, Beijing Business Daily, Penguin Food and Drink Guide Public Account, etc.)

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