Deng Lun appears in Hangzhou. Is Deng Lun coming back

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Although Fan Bingbing was boycotted by the public because of tax evasion, many stars still feel lucky to evade taxes and feel that they can’t be found. If they are found, they will be fine. So there are still some famous people who have been banned by the entertainment industry because of tax evasion, such as Deng Lun. Deng Lun appeared in Hangzhou. Many people are asking if Deng Lun is going to make a comeback. Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Deng Lun appears in Hangzhou

Deng Lun is now in a state of being blocked by the entertainment industry. Of course, this is not an order issued by the above, but after Deng Lun was exposed to tax evasion, the capital of the entertainment industry consciously gave up Deng Lun. But judging from Deng Lun’s series of actions, Deng Lun still didn’t give up his acting career. People in the industry have been breaking the news before, saying that Deng Lun has been looking for industry leaders to help.

Deng Lun appeared in Hangzhou this time, and he also brought his assistant. On the same day, fans went to meet Deng Lun. Looking at the photos of the scene, almost 20 or 30 fans holding mobile cameras waited at the door of VIP Hall 2. Many fans also specially prepared gifts for Deng Lun. These fans can know Deng Lun’s itinerary and wait at the door in an orderly manner. They must have been in contact with Deng Lun and were informed of Deng Lun’s itinerary and arrival time.

Is Deng Lun coming back

Deng Lun’s dress was also very casual that day. When he left the hall, the airport staff also accompanied him to maintain order on the scene, fearing that fans would be too excited to see Deng Lun and cause any chaos. Deng Lun also accepted the letter from his fans, and then said goodbye to his fans and left the airport. Insiders revealed that Deng Lun planned to hold a meeting in Hengdian, at which he would formally apologize for tax evasion. Deng Lun still wants to make a comeback, but judging from the current public opinion, everyone has begun to resist Deng Lun’s comeback. Whether Deng Lun’s comeback can succeed is still a big question mark.

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