Dengjiajia and the man go home hand in hand, and a suspected new relationship is exposed

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Dengjiajia has always been a favorite actress. No matter how she plays in the script, her acting skills are absolutely excellent. Recently, some media photographed dengjiajia coming home hand in hand with a man. Is dengjiajia dating a new boyfriend? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Dengjiajia and the man go home hand in hand

Recently, some netizens took a video of dengjiajia and a man returning to the community together. Although it was already evening, dengjiajia still wore a hat and mask. It seemed that he didn’t want to be recognized. Dengjiajia and the man were dressed very casually. The two men wore a black and a white T-shirt, which was also very much like lovers’ clothes. Because dengjiajia and the man walked side by side on the road hand in hand, people naturally thought that the man was dengjiajia’s boyfriend.

Dengjiajia had a marriage before, and she got married in 2014 after dating her ex husband for ten years. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only five years. Dengjiajia announced the divorce to the foreign officials, and the two chose to break up peacefully. At that time, many people felt sorry for dengjiajia. Up to now, dengjiajia has been divorced for more than two years. If she starts a new relationship, it is normal. I believe many netizens are also blessed.

Dengjiajia’s suspected new relationship was exposed

However, many netizens doubt that dengjiajia is hyping, because her new play will be broadcast soon, and she is probably using love to attract attention. Xiaobian doesn’t agree with this statement. If dengjiajia really wants to hype her new play, she can totally hype with Zhang Xincheng, the hero of the new play. As soon as the notice of the cloister pavilion where dengjiajia and zhangxincheng cooperated was released, many netizens said they had hit the CP feeling of dengjiajia and zhangxincheng. Dengjiajia’s love affair broke out at this time. Maybe someone wanted to explode dengjiajia’s explosion-proof cloister Pavilion. After all, when the love affair broke out, dengjiajia and zhangxincheng would not be able to stir up gossip, and the cloister Pavilion lacked a selling point.

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