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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Everyone should know about luochongmin recently.

Luochongmin’s perverse remarks can be found on the Internet. I won’t repeat them so as not to pollute everyone’s eyes.

I thought that today, it should not be luochongmin’s remarks that shocked everyone. Anyway, there are too many people who hate the KMT these days. What shocked everyone is that he publicly made his speech in his capacity. Why can he be safe for so many years.

Why doesn’t anyone care?

Why is nobody in charge??

I don’t know why. The first thing I remember is the words of the awakening age:

The reason why China is so weak is that there are too few guoxingang and too many Hu Shi


After the first World War, China, as a victorious country, did not respect and realize its rights and interests in Qingdao. At the Paris peace conference, imperialism actually gave Germany’s privileges in Qingdao to Japan.

After hearing the news that China’s diplomacy had failed and that Qingdao was about to lose its security, guoxingang sat alone by the river, worried about it, and lost his head overnight;

In the subsequent May 4th movement, Guo Xin just cut his finger, and the blood letter returned the four big characters of Qingdao to me. He dragged the sick body to participate in the activities. He suffered from lung disease, mental exhaustion, vomiting blood, and finally died of depression.

In the era of TV drama awakening, Chen Duxiu gave him the following couplets:

When you go, you will make Qingdao red with blood;

I’ll come too. No crazy slaves are allowed to shake Mount Tai!

During this period, strikes, strikes and patriotic protests were surging across the country. Peking University became the center of the wave. At this moment, Hu Shi wanted to move Peking University south to Shanghai, away from the “political vortex” and to engage in “academic independence”.

Chen Duxiu angrily rebuked Hu Shi and said:

The reason why China is so bad is that there are too few guoxingang and too many Hu Shi!

Why are there too few guoxingang and too many Hu Shi?

Because there are so few stupid people like guoxingang, everyone wants to be a smart person like Hu Shizhi.

Qingdao is lost, Shandong is lost, even if China is lost, what’s the matter with Guo Xingang?

Will he make a dime less?

Will he skip a meal?

Will it affect his job search and promotion?

No, what’s his hurry?

Even if it has an impact on him, it will affect 400million people. No one else is in a hurry. What is his hurry?

This is not stupid what is stupid?

Hu Shizhi is the real smart man.

You see, the Japanese are coming. Hu Shi shouted every day to be friendly with China and Japan and to send the northeast to Japan. Finally, Nanjing fell, and his compatriots were slaughtered by the Japanese army. Hu Shi flew to the United States.

Chiang Kai Shek wanted Hu Shi to speak more for China in the United States and strive for U.S. assistance to China. Hu Shi never cared about this. He took a lot of degrees in the United States, ate meat and drank in large bowls. He was very happy.

China has been invaded by Japan. What does it matter to him?

For details, please refer to Hu Shi, the founder of the traitors

Guoxingang’s prototype is guoqinguang, a student of Peking University. He died at the age of 24 because he opposed YuanShikai’s 21 articles.

Hu Shi had a merry life, though he was even scolded by Chiang Kai Shek in his diary that “the most unscrupulous cultural comprador is a thief who endangers the country and national culture! His personality is like the bark of a wild dog!”

You see, Chiang Kai Shek was originally a comprador, but he also called Hu Shi “the most unscrupulous cultural comprador.”.

Because Chiang Kai Shek said that although I betrayed the country, I didn’t sell it as thoroughly as you. He would dare to give the northeast to Japan.

But so what? Hu Shizhi shuttled freely between Taiwan and the United States, and lived carefree to his 70s.

Hu Shi is living to understand, country? It’s none of my business whether the country is good or not!

Unfortunately, to this day, I dare not say that Hu Shizhi is wrong and guoxingang is right.

More than 80 years ago, Hu Shi said in a PKU class that the war of resistance against Japan would lead to the subjugation of the country. He was denounced by PKU students and fled in vain. But today, how many universities are calling Hu Shi’s soul!

Every time I see this scene, I really can’t stand it.

?! Did the national army come back?

Why can luochongmin go against the trend for so many years?

Let me tell you a story.

Just after graduation, I joined a big communication company, which was super big. At that time, it was the heyday of domestic mobile phones. My company’s performance was very impressive. However, in the past 8 years, I watched the company Die step by step. Up to now, I can’t find any business.


The equity of this company is very complex. It is a listed company, including the local government, the Hong Kong consortium, other technology companies, the founding team and shareholders

Anyway, it’s not clear who this company belongs to. It seems that everyone has a share, and it seems that everyone has no share.

I remember that there was an article that said, “my friend” worked as a branch manager in the company. After one year, his performance was outstanding. His branch was the only profitable company in the company.

So, at the end of the year, the headquarters rewarded him 50000 yuan. He was very happy

All other branches have lost money, and even large branches have lost tens of millions of dollars!

My friend thinks he is very capable. He thinks that other branch managers are too stupid. How can such a business lose money!

But after years of failure, he finally realized that all his colleagues were better and smarter than him, but they didn’t want to make the company profitable

Well, actually, this is almost the hidden rule of the company, but my friend doesn’t understand it.

What is the company like?

Everyone can abuse his power for personal gain within the scope of his own responsibilities and rights. As long as you do not harm the interests of other departments or specific individuals, everyone turns a blind eye

Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t mess with me.

Whose interests have we harmed? The interests of the company are harmed, but who is the company?

Who is the company? We can’t find it!

It doesn’t matter, but if anyone has a “thorn in the side” and doesn’t like these things, wants to make the company better, thinks that some departments or leaders have done wrong, or even fights with them

He will die miserably!

Because blocking people’s money is like killing their parents.

And no one took his favor. Everyone thought he was stupid ×?

Who is such a silly fork for and for the company, but who is the company?

So, I watched this company with sales of 10 billion yuan 20 years ago become 0 today

Everyone is out of work, and many people are not doing well today.

Why did the company go bankrupt?

Because there are too many smart people and too few stupid people!

Everyone is smart.

Luochongmin has been attacking the country crazily for so many years, damaging the interests of the country. Why is he safe today?

Because who is the country? We can’t find

Who did he offend? It seems to have offended everyone, but it seems that no one has offended.

But if luochongmin attacked not the country but the capital, do you think he can live to this day?

In fact, I have been working as we media for two years. I have an experience. What is the safest thing to say?

The hate nationalists mislead the public and discredit the country as the safest, because it is true that freedom of speech. Especially, taking Fang Fang as an example, they are safe to deliver knives to foreign countries, because who is the country?

Scold the United States and Japan for their second security, because the United States can’t arrest people across the Pacific Ocean, and most people don’t have the ability, such as Russia, to get the evidence that the United States conducts biological experiments, so they scold casually. The United States is shameless anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Of course, it’s riskier than scolding countries, because if you scold American NGOs, they are all pervasive But in most cases it is safe.

But if it is to fight against such evil forces as luochongmin, the risk is too high!

You can scold “abstract” countries, but you must not offend “concrete” evil forces.

Why do poison textbooks appear openly under everyone’s eyes for so many years?

Because you said that he had lost everyone’s interests and shared it among 1.4 billion people. Everyone lost very little.

But if anyone wants to fight them, the risk is too high!

Why can people like luochongmin live safely to this day?

Because there are too many smart people like Hu Xijin and too few stupid people like Sima Nan!

Because there are too many anti American fighters like Hu Xijin and too few people like Sima Nan fighting against the black and evil forces!

Sometimes I think Sima Nan is really stupid. Did some compradors offend him? Not at all!

Did it hurt his interests? No!

If it must be said that his interests have been harmed, that is, 1.4 billion of his interests have been harmed, which is almost negligible.

Did the godfather offend him?

Did the local coexistence faction offend him?

Did some university professors offend him?

Did luochongmin offend him?

Did the poison textbook offend him?


No, not only no, I guess they all want to win him over.

What’s his hurry?

But he is so hard in the end, and will never compromise. One program after another, he keeps exposing and scolding. There is no result that he will not give up.

Hu Xi Jincai is a smart person we need to learn from. No one will offend him, and he will help anyone speak. He will never be single minded. His interpersonal relationship is quite awesome.

If you want to scold the coexistence faction, he will say that they have good intentions;

If you scold the embezzlement of state-owned assets, he will say that everyone is in danger;

If you want to scold poison teaching materials, he says not to expand them;

If you want to scold 50 Bentleys, he says that the leaders’ families should keep a low profile;


Textbooks are so exquisite that everyone is happy!

I seldom admire anyone, but I really admire Sima Nan, for nothing else. As I said, when Sima Nan was young, he dared to fight against the black and evil forces of pseudoscience, risked his life, and almost killed them. I really can’t do this kind of courage, persistence and persistence.

Did those so-called masters who murdered money and life offend simanan?

No, but he just wants to go to the end with them, for the benefit of everyone!

But everyone can really learn this thing

Why can people like luochongmin exist for a long time?

There are many deep-seated reasons. I don’t know if you ask me.

However, from the perspective of media and supervision, the reasons are as follows:

There are too many smart people like huxijin and too few stupid people like simanan who dare to fight.

The Chinese media still have hope that they can fight against the black and evil forces because Sima Nan is there.

The people still have the ability to supervise because simanan is there.

Unfortunately, there are too few simanan

Of course, what I wrote is not to say that Hu Xijin was wrong. Sima Nan was right. You know, it’s like Hu Shi. Up to now, a lot of universities are summoning his soul to learn from him.

After all, people are all seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. They all want to be smart people, and they all want to make both ends meet. Who wants to offend people if they have nothing to do.

Even if I offend someone, who will appreciate me?

Country? Who is the country?

Therefore, I don’t know who simanan and huxijin are good people, but I know:

If there are 100 such fools, do you think there is anyone who dares to openly slander the country and heroes.

If there are 1000 such fools, do you think there is anyone who dares to misappropriate state-owned assets.

If there are 10000 such fools, how dare the coexistence faction confront the country!

If there are 100000, stupid people will roll up Dizzy, that’s impossible. The picture is too beautiful. I can’t imagine that if there are 100000 people in a country who sincerely pay for the country, regardless of their personal safety, the country is strong enough to go against the sky

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