Deyun agency Zhang Jiunan overturned again and was exposed to have cheated many times during his love life

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Although there are many Deyun girls in Deyun club, Deyun club also has a lot of black fans in recent years. The reason is that a group of young crosstalk actors in Deyun club have been exposed a lot of black material, including Zhang Jiunan. Zhang Jiunan of Deyun Club overturned again, and his predecessor revealed that he had cheated on many times during his love life. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Deyun agency zhangjiunan overturned again

Zhang Jiunan had been exposed to infidelity in his marriage before, and all kinds of information about his private life could not stand pickpocketing. Although Zhang Jiunan has been complaining about grievances, because there are many wechat chat screenshots as real hammers, the melon eaters do not believe Zhang Jiunan’s editors at all. And recently, another girl came out to hammer Zhang Jiunan. According to the girl’s words, she also dated Zhang Jiunan at the beginning.

However, zhangjiunan told the girl that she was single and had divorced her ex-wife, so the girl didn’t know that she had become a third party to interfere in other people’s marriages. And during the intercourse with Zhang Jiunan, the girl also found that Zhang Jiunan had an affair with her girl behind her back. At that time, zhangjiunan was also photographed by the media on dating with other girls. Only then did the girl know that she was green.

Zhang Jiunan is exposed to cheating many times

The girl broke the news that Zhang Jiunan would disappear during the intercourse. Zhang Jiunan often refused to meet the girl because he was in a bad mood and had depression. The result was that he secretly went on a date with other girls. In the face of the girl’s pressing questions, Zhang Jiunan also admitted that he had really cheated and had two feet in the same boat. The girl said that the reason why she broke the news was to let everyone know the true face of zhangjiunan. Every time I see Zhang Jiunan packaging himself as a peerless good man, I think this man is very hateful. The girl’s post is full of hate for Zhang Jiunan. It seems that she is really hurt.

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