Deyun news agency announced the dismissal of Chen Xiaohua, and Chen Xiaohua cannot be contacted at present

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Chen Xiaohua entered the Deyun society in 2012. At that time, he stood out in the selection of 30000 people. After studying in the Deyun Society for seven years, he officially became Guo Degang “ Xiao ” The most famous of these disciples should be Qin Xiaoxian. But now everyone knows Chen Xiaohua, but it’s because of his scandal. Deyun news agency released an announcement to dismiss Chen Xiaohua, and also posted Chen Xiaohua’s chat screenshot, saying that Chen Xiaohua could not be contacted at present. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Deyun news agency announced the dismissal of Chen Xiaohua

Chen Xiaohua was suddenly exposed to the news that he was arrested for attempted indecency after being drunk. Such a big scandal, coupled with the German cloud agency sign, even if you don’t know Chen Xiaohua, you are also very interested in this matter. At first, some fans came out to explain that the news was false, because Chen Xiaohua’s account was launched four hours ago, which didn’t look like he was arrested. But things are fermenting more and more. Chen Xiaohua has not responded, and Deyun society has also remained silent.

At 10 a.m. this year, Deyun official tweeted that he sincerely apologized to the victims of the incident and would further carry out art ethics publicity and education for his artists to guide them to promote integrity. In addition, it also published a statement to dismiss Chen Xiaohua. Chen Xiaohua is now expelled from his school by Guo Degang, and Chen Xiaohua can no longer use the stage name Chen Xiaohua in the future.

Deyun said it was unable to contact Chen Xiaohua

With its own growth, Deyun club has also been on the cusp of the storm in recent years. From yunzike to xiaozike, there are really too many crosstalk actors who have had scandals in Deyun club. The Deyun news agency said in its statement that Chen Xiaohua was drunk for no reason and broke into a neighbor’s house without authorization after drinking. But in fact, Chen Xiaohua is a more serious attempted indecency. No wonder netizens roast Deyun society likes to avoid the important and take the light.

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