Deyun society Qin Xiaoxian’s black history was revealed to be cheating. Really

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Although qinxiaoxian is a crosstalk actor of Deyun society, he basically follows the path of small flow of fresh meat and participates in various variety shows. There are many people who are popular for right and wrong. The dark history of Qin Xiaoxian of Deyun society has also attracted the attention of many people. Qin Xiaoxian was previously exposed to have a scandal of cheating. Is it true or false? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Deyun society Qin Xiaoxian Black History

Qin Xiaoxian has an ex girlfriend in the circle, Xin Yuxi. Xin Yuxi is not well-known in the entertainment circle. She is considered to be on the 18th line. Even many netizens know xinyuxi because of her identity as Qin Xiaoxian’s ex girlfriend. Xin Yuxi was six years older than Qin Xiaoxian, and Toto’s sister and brother fell in love. Although the two have been photographed dating privately for many times, Qin Xiaoxian has never admitted the relationship.

Qin Xiaoxian doesn’t admit this love affair. He probably thinks about his career. But Qin Xiaoxian should still like Xin Yuxi very much. It is impossible for him to tattoo Xin Yuxi’s name on the inside of his left arm: “ Fiancee xinzhan”? Fiancee means fiancee, because Xin Yuxi’s original name is Xin Zhanzheng. Qin Xiaoxian’s affair with Xin Yuxi was hammered by more and more evidence. At this time, a girl broke the news, saying that Qin Xiaoxian told himself that he was single and that he was a junior.

Qinxiaoxian is caught cheating

Later, three more girls came out to reveal that they had been Qin Xiaoxian’s gun friends, and even one of them was a fan of Qin Xiaoxian. According to the allegations of these girls, Qin Xiaoxian claimed to be single to flirt with girls, and then cut off contact with girls after cheating. One of the girls, after learning that Qin Xiaoxian had an authentic girlfriend Xin Yuxi, sent a wechat question to Qin Xiaoxian, and then exposed the screenshots of their wechat chat. This incident has brought a major blow to Qin Xiaoxian’s image. After that, Xin Yuxi also chose to break up with Qin Xiaoxian.

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