Deyunshe actor Chen Xiaohua has been arrested on suspicion of attempted indecency after being drunk

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As the bearer of crosstalk, Deyun society has many famous crosstalk actors. Lin Zida has all kinds of birds. It seems normal for so many crosstalk actors in Deyun society to mix with some social scum, so many scandals have been exposed in Deyun society in recent years. Deyun society actor Chen Xiaohua is suspected of attempted indecency after being drunk, and Chen Xiaohua has been arrested. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Chen Xiaohua suspected of attempted indecency after being drunk

A netizen posted that the female tenant of building 10 in pixel North District was broken into her home by a naked stranger in the middle of the night, and the man also tried to threaten the female tenant. The next day, the netizen updated again, saying that the man was suspected to be Chen Xiaohua of Deyun society. Netizens called for the offender to be punished and more people to pay attention to the safety of the pixel community.

Netizens also found that Chen Xiaohua once wrote on Weibo, saying “ Afraid of disturbing the residents in the middle of the night, I went to a friend’s house to play with my belt ”, It is also equipped with a partial photo of itself. The background in the photo is the elevator room in the pixel community. And this dynamic of Chen Xiaohua has long been quietly deleted, which seems to be a guilty conscience. Chen Xiaohua’s case has been fermenting for a whole day, but Chen Xiaohua himself and Deyun society have not responded to this matter until now. So many netizens believe that this material is true, and the development Party must have denied it at the first time.

Chen Xiaohua is suspected to have been arrested

Chen Xiaohua was scolded by netizens, and Guo Degang was also criticized by netizens for this matter. Netizen roast Guo Degang used to like to show off on TV how strict he was in teaching his apprentices. There were many rules for learning crosstalk. As a result, he taught the social scum of entering the house. Many netizens have accused Deyun society of being a place where three schools of thought converge, and Guo Degang is really not picky about taking apprentices to make money.

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