Did Bajie and monk Sha know each other when they were on duty in Tianting? Is it true or false?

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Did Bajie and monk Sha know each other when they were on duty in Tianting? Is it true or false? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Zhu Bajie used to be Marshal Tianpeng, while Sha Seng was a general of rolling curtains. Everyone worked beside the Jade Emperor. Why didn’t they know each other? Although the level of monk Sha is much lower than that of Bajie, there should be many occasions for the two people to meet. Is it because Bajie cast the wrong pig embryo and did not recognize it? In fact, this detail has been noticed by many netizens. It seems that they did not mention what happened in the Tianting that year after they studied together. It seems that they do not miss the past. Maybe they really don’t know each other. Otherwise, the enthusiastic Bajie would have gone to monk Sha to talk about the past.


Among the bodyguards of Tang monk in the journey to the west, the most inconspicuous one should be monk Sha, who always gives people the feeling of being gentle and honest. It is often those words. Master was captured by a monster, and elder martial brother was captured by a monster… As long as he did not speak, few people even noticed his existence.

Sha Seng was also an official in Tianting. His specific position is to be a bodyguard for the Jade Emperor. After all, a person as big as the jade emperor always needs protection. When he has nothing to do, he rolls the door curtain for the Jade Emperor. He is called the rolling curtain general. Although this official is quite idle, he is not easy to be.

At a peach panning meeting held by the Queen Mother’s mother, perhaps monk Sha was quite excited. Not everyone could go to the patry held by the Queen Mother’s mother. He was not so excited that he broke the tea cup of the Jade Emperor’s old son. It’s not the Jade Emperor. You said that as the CEO, you have no gas. You have to copy monk Sha. This does not exile monk Sha in a deserted river. He lives on fish and shrimp every day. If he is lucky, he can eat some people.

It is said that Bajie was also an official in Tianting before. Due to drunkenness, he flirted with sister Chang’e, who should not be flirted with, but was also fired by the Jade Emperor. It seems that the boss likes the dismissed employees for fun. Then the question comes. Since they all work for the Jade Emperor, why don’t they know each other in the same company? What’s the secret?

There are mainly the following reasons:——

First, take their lower realms. Before Bajie, he was a famous official in Tianting. He was a good-looking person. He just took the wrong road and turned him into a pig. Even if he had known him two years ago, now Bajie has become a pig. Even if he gave monk Sha ten eyes, it is impossible to know him. Although monk Sha’s appearance has not changed, he does not wash his face, comb his hair, and change his clothes every day, I believe Zhu Bajie will not know this is his colleague.


Second, although both of them were demoted for committing crimes at the Party of the queen mother, when Lao Sha was dismissed, Bajie was still enjoying his glory and wealth in the heaven, and Bajie was dismissed at the later party. Therefore, there was a difference in their time. If they knew each other at that time, then after the demotion of monk Sha, piglet was still at ease in the heaven for a period of time, I have long forgotten the bodyguards around the Jade Emperor. After all, the Jade Emperor must recruit bodyguards again after monk Sha left. There are so many bodyguards, and I think Bajie can’t remember them.

Third, who is the Jade Emperor? That’s the biggest boss of the company. It’s not for anyone who wants to be the boss. How can a shrewd person send two people who know each other to the west to learn from each other? One or two of them have nothing to do, so they talk about leaders. We should know that there is no good leader in the eyes of employees, and it is impossible for them to get to know each other out of their own selfish interests.

The most important point is that they are said to have different missions. Monk Sha is a person who eats scriptures without the permission of the heavenly court. Even if he is the ninth generation of Tang monk, the jade emperor does not agree, he will eat him. Zhu Bajie, on the other hand, mainly infiltrated the enemy’s interior to monitor the Tang monk.

Since they are not in the same department and have different missions, they will pretend that they do not know each other whether they really do not know each other or they have known each other before.

In fact, it’s a good thing that they don’t know each other. After all, in this age of intrigue and intrigue, we still need to keep more of our own mystery. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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