Did Biden understand Kissinger’s warning?

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

May 27, 2022 is Kissinger’s 99th birthday.

The current U.S. government has shown a complex mood towards this man who has made special contributions to breaking the ice in China US relations.

In july1971, Kissinger, then assistant to US President Nixon for national security affairs, paid a secret visit to China, which took the first step from hostility to thawing of China US relations, and laid the foundation for Nixon’s visit to China in February 1972.

Under the circumstances at that time, it was in the common interests of the two countries that China and the United States approached each other. The United States needs to get away from the Vietnam War as soon as possible and find a strong “partner” when the United States and the Soviet Union are at a disadvantage in their struggle for hegemony; As Sino Soviet relations deteriorated, China also needed the help of the United States to resist the pressure from the Soviet Union.

Sino US reconciliation is one of the most important events in the global geopolitical development after the end of the Second World War. The reconciliation between the United States and China is an important reason why the United States finally “won” the cold war with the Soviet Union; The reconciliation between China and the United States opened the door for China to implement the reform and opening-up policy and reintegrate into the international system led by the United States.

From any perspective, Kissinger has made indelible contributions to the development of China US relations.

Unfortunately, from trump to Biden, in the past five to six years, two successive US governments have identified China as the number one strategic competitor facing US hegemony. Some people in the United States began to engage in historical revisionism. They believed that the United States had reconciled with China in those years, which was equivalent to “raising tigers as a danger”, and they had cultivated China as a competitor for themselves.

This understanding is very shallow. It completely ignores the historical background of China US reconciliation and the great benefits that China US reconciliation has brought to the people of the two countries and the world.

This recognition also directly negates one of Kissinger’s greatest achievements in his life.

At this moment, the “old man” must have mixed feelings.

On May 31, at an online seminar entitled “Kissinger and China US relations”, Kissinger warned about the current China US relations. He said that over the past few decades, China US relations have been developing in a constructive direction, but now there are many differences between the two sides and the situation is quite tense. He also stressed that the two countries should find a way to coexist and avoid confrontation, because confrontation between the two sides may lead to conflict or even military conflict. “We should avoid this situation, so as to build a better world.”.

At the seminar, Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi also delivered a speech via video. He pointed out that China US relations are facing more and more challenges, the historical narrative of China US relations has been artificially distorted, and the direction of development is in danger of being further led astray. If the United States continues to reverse on the Taiwan issue, it will fundamentally undermine peace in the Taiwan Strait and will eventually bring disaster to itself. China US relations can no longer deteriorate. We must make the right choice: correct our strategic cognition and abandon the Cold War mentality; We should consolidate the political foundation and properly manage and control differences; We should jump out of the logic of competition and enhance exchanges and cooperation.

Wangyi said that the current atmosphere of China US relations is very abnormal, and the extreme anxiety of the US side is totally unnecessary. The overriding task of China is to concentrate on its own development and meet the people’s aspirations for a better life. If the United States blindly defines China US relations based on the competition among major powers and takes you as the policy goal, it will only push China and the United States into confrontation and conflict and the world into division and turbulence.

Wangyi expressed that Dr. Kissinger once said that there should be a “philosophy of diplomacy”, rather than just taking diplomacy as “administrative affairs”. In an era of turmoil and change, mankind needs a new diplomatic philosophy of peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. It is hoped that people of insight in the United States will no longer hesitate and take action to continuously inject positive energy into China US relations; We hope that people from all walks of life in China and the United States will no longer remain silent and speak out actively, bringing new hope to the people of the two countries.

Over the past five to six years, China US relations have continued to deteriorate, not because of China, but because of the United States. It is mainly because some people in the United States regard China as a strategic competitor, and continue to Blackhand and obstruct China, and contain, suppress, contain and slander China.

China has made it clear that it hopes that China US relations will return to a stable and healthy development track as soon as possible, and has put forward the principle of “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation” for the development of China US relations.

The trump administration is very arrogant and fantasies about interrupting China’s development process and obstructing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through a trade war.

However, the facts mercilessly hit trump in the face.

Since the trump administration unilaterally launched a trade war against China for more than four years, the United States has not taken any advantage. The United States failed to achieve its goal of forcing the global supply chain to move out of China and fundamentally attacking China’s economic development. On the contrary, the United States itself has faced problems such as rising inflation. At present, the Biden administration is faced with the high tariffs imposed by trump on Chinese products exported to the United States. It is worried about gains and losses and is in a dilemma.

Biden is resourceful. After taking office, he implemented trumpism without trump in his China policy. The core is to continue to contain, suppress, contain and slander China.

In terms of relations with China, the Biden administration has not changed the essence of the United States’ containment of China, but the means of containment are constantly being adjusted, from the initial three-point approach of “competition, confrontation and cooperation” to the recent new strategy of “investing in the United States, coordinating with allies and competing with China” put forward by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

After the Biden administration took office, the United States pieced together new political and military alliances in the Asia Pacific region, engaged in “aukus”, “Quad” and “IPEF” against China, constantly provoked China on the Taiwan issue and attempted to provoke relations between China and ASEAN and other regional countries. The “rash advance” of the US government is pushing China US relations to a worse and more uncontrollable direction.

The reason why the Biden administration did so, fundamentally speaking, was out of a kind of arrogant and arrogant mentality. They believe that at a time when China is going to be strong, the United States still has the opportunity to fight against China’s economic development, disrupt China’s pace of development, and reverse the momentum of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by winning over its allies and engaging in decoupling, confrontation, and strangulation against China.

Today, the United States is just like a middle-aged man in menopause. Because his heart is full of fear that his hegemony will be replaced, the whole person behaves very irrationally.

There is an old Chinese saying: “do not hit the south wall, do not look back.”

For the United States, now they think they have not hit the southern wall. Even in some links, they think they have many advantages over China. Therefore, they will deny the historical significance of Kissinger’s visit to China and continue to contain, suppress, contain and slander China in various ways.

In the face of an irrational United States, China’s painstaking persuasion alone will certainly not work.

China hopes that Sino US relations will improve, but it can not do so.

As far as China is concerned, as long as it continues to maintain domestic political stability, sustained economic development and continuous improvement of its comprehensive national strength, it will have a strong material foundation to carry the pressure of the United States and fight against the United States.

From a historical perspective, China has proved that the trade war launched by trump against China is futile. China will also prove that the Biden administration is futile in saying and doing what it says and making all kinds of small moves against China.

It is only natural that China should develop itself and allow more than 1.4 billion Chinese people to live a better life.

It is far better for China to open the door to the international community, take the main road, and adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results than for the United States to adhere to the narrow-minded view that either friends or enemies, you lose and I win.

When Biden’s “hypocrite fist” also fails, the United States will start the next round of trouble with China.

But it doesn’t matter. As long as China does its own thing in a down-to-earth manner, the United States will toss about as much as it likes. They won’t defeat China. On the contrary, they will make the United States more and more depressed, anxious and desperate.

When China US relations are really facing the risk of losing control or even heading for conflict due to the irresponsible collision of the United States, the United States needs to start to reflect. If the United States continues to go one way to the black, China will use continuous victories and setbacks to frustrate the pride and spirit of the United States.

In the final analysis, “imperialism is a paper tiger.”

If our strength is not enough, our will to struggle is not firm enough, and our art of struggle is not skillful enough, this paper tiger will become a real tiger and will eat people.

But as long as we develop ourselves better and better, this paper tiger will fall into the dilemma of “the tiger eats the moon and has nowhere to eat” when facing China.

We must be patient and firm in our confidence in the struggle against the United States.

Kissinger, who is about to turn 100, is still likely to witness the reversal of the momentum of the Sino US game. Let’s look forward to it.

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