Did Li Muge end up taking the wrong pictures of the original works against netizens

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Before the broadcast, everyone was very optimistic about the play because the director was limuge. Li Muge’s previous works, Donggong and sito, were both small-scale dramas, but they were all popular in the end. It was a big investment to say who was a hero this time, but the car overturned and many netizens roast about its ugliness. Limuge ended up confronting netizens and said that he was not wrong in insisting on the original work. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Li Muge’s fate against netizens

Since it was said that the hero was the hero, the female No. 1 yangchaoyue and the male No. 2 liuyuning were scolded miserably. As a director, limuge has also become the target of netizens’ attacks. In the play, the female No. 2 was raped by a mysterious man on a snowy day. There was even a scene in which the female No. 2 was buried with virgin blood in the snow. After the clip was broadcast, many female netizens began to attack limuge. They thought it was very obscene. They didn’t understand why the director wanted to arrange this kind of play.

Limuge, who has been scolded by netizens for so long, can’t help but say something. Limuge said that the development of characters is so cruel that everything that happens will happen. It’s no use scolding him. Indeed, in the original novel, female No. 2 has been tarnished. In the original novel, there are also descriptions of virgin blood buried in the snow. So limuge feels that he should not be scolded for this play. Xiaobian feels that limuge has indeed been wronged in this matter, but it is not just this scene that everyone scolds him.

Limuge said he took the film according to the original work

Netizens should be deeply responsible for Li Muge’s love. Before the broadcast, netizens had great expectations for him and thought that the play would be turned over by Li Muge. Unfortunately, the result is just the opposite. Now it is said that the hero who is a hero has been swooping silently. Many people say that the hero is a fan of the hero’s original work, as well as the fans who are scolded and starred, naturally hate Li Muge.

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