Did the hurried youth Qiao Qiao find it? It was su Wanqing who stole Qiao Qiao

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Recently, Li Jiahang and Deng Jiajia starred in the TV series “hurried youth”, which is being broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV, and simultaneously broadcast on Mango TV. When watching this play, many people are very angry and don’t want the protagonist and heroine to remarry. Has the hurried youth Qiao found it? The man who stole Qiao Qiao turned out to be su Wanqing, who has always liked jiangxiaoyu. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Have you found the hurried youth Qiao Qiao

Jiang Xiaoyu, Zhao Zuozuo, and Zhao Zuozuo got married without getting their graduation certificate. They were originally a couple with very good feelings. As a result, with the arrival of their child Qiao, the problems of raising children and working came. Jiang Xiaoyu met Su Wanqing at work. The two are partners. Su Wanqing, who divorced and has a daughter, fell in love with Jiang Xiaoyu, so she began to express her good feelings to Jiang Xiaoyu very deliberately, even if Jiang Xiaoyu had married and had children.

There are many problems between Jiang Xiaoyu and Zhao Zuozuo. With the intervention of Su Wanqing, the contradiction between Zhao Zuozuo and Jiang Xiaoyu is even greater. As a result, Jiang Xiaoyu lost Qiao Qiao when he took Qiao Qiao out, which completely led Zhao Zuozuo and Jiang Xiaoyu to divorce. It was not until three years later that Qiao Qiao was found with the help of the police.

It was su Wanqing who stole Qiao Qiao

After Qiao Qiao was lost, Jiang Xiaoyu was blocked by Su Wanqing when he wanted to call the police at the first time, which has made netizens very strange. Later, Qiao Qiao was finally found. Jiang Xiaoyu wanted to make up for her child. Su Wanqing pretended that she would help Jiang Xiaoyu take care of Qiao Qiao, but Qiao Qiao was injured, expecting Zhao Zuozuo to slap Su Wanqing directly. At present, the TV series has not been broadcast, but if Jiang Xiaoyu knows that Qiao Qiao was stolen by Su Wanqing, he will never be with Su Wanqing again.

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