Did Zhao Yun get the important position of Liu Bei

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In the Three Kingdoms era, there was one person whose fate was deplored by us. That was Zhao Yun. Although he had the title of “Five Tigers General”, he was only a miscellaneous general all his life. At most, he could only be a bodyguard leader like Dian Wei. Why didn’t Liu Bei use Zhao Yun in his life? It was not until Liu Bei died that he told Zhao Yun the truth. Let’s have a look!

The editor believes that there are two reasons, that is, the Han Dynasty Jiangshan is more concerned about one thing, that is, only with military achievements can they be promoted. General Li Guang’s ability is very strong, but he has not been made a marquis in his life, that is, he has no military merit.



Some people say that Zhao Yun has a lot of military achievements, but this is just the fact that you can see from “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. That is not true in history. There are many things in this book that are false. It is because the author likes Zhao Yun too much and adds his achievements to him. Now, many people think that Zhao Yun’s achievements are false. He has no military merit. How can he be in the top position? I don’t know. Do you agree with Xiao Bian?

Another reason is that Zhao Yun is not suitable for being an official. This is because of Zhao Yun’s character. Zhao Yun should be Liu Bei’s most trusted general, because Liu Bei told Zhuge Liang on his deathbed that if Liu Chan was not sensible, he could be the emperor himself. This shows that Liu Bei does not agree with Liu Chan’s ability and does not believe that Liu Chan can rule a good country. Otherwise, how did the idiom “Le Bu Si Shu” come from.

But if you look at the real history, you will find a surprising thing, that is, Liu Chan is actually a very capable person, and he is not a waste of our understanding. If it was not for his acceptance of Shu Han, the strength of Shu was no longer as strong as before, he would be able to unify China.

How could Liu Bei not trust such a powerful man. In fact, Zhuge Liang is the one who Liu Bei is worried about. Therefore, Liu Bei secretly summoned Zhao Yun and told him that if someone wanted to rebel against him, he could kill him directly. Even if the person was Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun could do the same. Liu Bei expressed his friendship with Zhuge Liang one second ago, and left a knife on Zhuge Liang’s head the next second. As the implementer of Liu Bei’s final plan, Zhao Yun must be favored by Liu Bei. Why didn’t Liu Bei promote Zhao Yun. This is Zhao Yun not suitable for officialdom. After a great victory in the Shuhan camp, Liu Bei began to award awards in order to win the hearts of the people.

Liu Bei originally wanted to award Zhao Yun as a general, but Zhao Yun said that the world is uncertain now. He only made a little contribution, and he will not be awarded. This sentence immediately angered other people. All the people who followed Liu Bei were trying to get ahead. If there is no reward at all, what are you doing with Liu Bei. Zhao Yun’s words clearly disgusted many people.

After Liu Bei discovered this, he thought that if Zhao Yun came to power, his personality might cause him to be in crisis, because everyone around him disliked him. As long as someone attacked Zhao Yun, Zhao Yun was very dangerous. In order to protect Zhao Yun, Liu Bei can only take his credit and never let him become a genuine general in his life. However, although he did not receive a reward from a genuine general, he always had the right of a genuine general.

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