Die! Ukraine is also ready to be the second Lithuania in the Taiwan Strait!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

After the storm of Pelosi’s “visit to Taiwan,” Meeks, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, came out and said that he would not retreat because of China’s threat, and US Congressmen would continue to visit Taiwan in the future.

What this remark releases is actually a signal that a group of hyenas will continue to besiege China in the Taiwan Strait.

Under this signal, even if the people’s Liberation Army has shown its iron fist, the evil wind of “fleeing to Taiwan” has not stopped, but has been fanned by the United States.

Lithuanian officials followed Pelosi’s visit and have been sanctioned by China.

After that, there are members of Parliament from the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Britain and other countries lining up to visit.

It’s just unexpected that Ukraine will be the next one to challenge!


Recently, 15 members of the Ukrainian parliament set up a cross party “friendly Taiwan group”, led by merezhko, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the national assembly. Two thirds of the members are from Zelensky’s ruling party!

On the face of it, the group announced that its goal is to deepen the economic, trade, cultural and humanitarian ties between Ukraine and Taiwan.

But in the current state of Ukraine, what kind of economic, trade and cultural cooperation does it need to discuss with small Taiwan Island in such a big way?

So it’s obviously not the real motive. As for what the real motive is, they don’t want to hide it——

It was because she saw Pelosi’s “visit to Taiwan” that she came up with the idea of setting up this group.

In other words, this “friendly Taiwan” group is consistent with Pelosi’s stance on Taiwan.

We all know the nature of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan – the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has written “Taiwan poison” into its party platform. Pelosi’s official visit is to openly support “Taiwan poison” and wave the flag for the forces splitting China’s territory and sovereignty.

Therefore, the establishment of the “friendly Taiwan group” of the Ukrainian parliament is, like Pelosi, openly questioning China’s territory and sovereignty.

This is what others said on the surface!

Furthermore, the other side also said a lot of words to close relations with Taiwan, including thanking Taiwan for its sanctions against Russia and spending money to help Ukraine fight “aggression”.

Then, as soon as the conversation changed, we began to find “common ground”——

“We are on the same side in the global conflict between the free world and the autocratic world.”

This remark implies two meanings.

First, “free world” vs “autocratic world”. We are quite familiar with this saying. It is nothing more than American values diplomacy. Now, Zelensky has taken over Biden’s words and hinted with hostility that China is an “autocratic world”, which is very provocative.

Second, the “homogenization” of cross-strait relations and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is packaged in the template of “free world” vs “autocratic world” of the United States. This is a deliberate confusion of concepts.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a conflict between countries; Cross strait relations are China’s internal issues under the same sovereignty, and they are fundamentally two different things.

However, if they make such an analogy, the relations across the Taiwan Strait will become a struggle between “aggression” and “anti aggression” and a confrontation between “freedom” and “despotism” with reference to the relations between Russia and Ukraine. Will the separatist activities of the Taiwan authorities be endowed with “justice” and “rationality”?

This is also the reason why the United States wants to push Ukraine out.

It is precisely because of Ukraine’s special status that by binding it with the Gulf and creating a posture of “Empathy”, the United States can take advantage of the situation to hype a wave of “Taiwan is the second Ukraine” and render the Taiwan issue as the mainland’s “threat of force” and “aggression”.

Isn’t it true that the people’s Liberation Army (PLA) is standing in a tight array around the Taiwan Strait? The United States wants to “stand by in a tight position”, which is the same as Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine last year!

Therefore, Ukraine’s provocation on the Taiwan Strait issue is different from that of Lithuania. As a “aggrieved country” of global concern, Ukraine can make an article around “Empathy”, distort the mainland’s sovereignty demands, and guide the Taiwan Strait issue to the narrative of the United States.

Of course, the establishment of this so-called “Taiwan friendly group” is only the first step.

The goal behind them is to set up “representative offices” between Taipei and Kiev, following the interaction between Poland, Lithuania and Taiwan’s side dish authorities.

We have also seen how great waves have been caused by neutrality and even China EU diplomacy after Lithuania set up a “representative office”. Ukraine can certainly see that.

Their goal is to rekindle the hot spot of the Taiwan Strait.

As for when to ignite, it depends on the rhythm of the United States.


In the reports of the Taiwan media, the Ukrainian elites also spoke eloquently about why the group should be established——

“As the war entered its sixth month, Ukrainian society was disappointed with China’s position, and Beijing did not condemn Russia.”

Listen, it’s like human words!

For example, when your neighbors fight, you close the door and don’t help each other. As a result, the weaker side will hit your door with a stone – why don’t you help me?

Just because China does not favor Ukraine, is China guilty? Must be punished by your interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs?

This logic is even more hegemonic than Meidi!

And from the perspective of Ukraine, this logic is inherently self contradictory.

After all, Ukraine and the United States are different.

The United States can openly pursue double standards. In Ukraine, it is: we will defend sovereignty and territorial integrity to the death and respect the values and dignity of a sovereign state; In China, it means that Taiwan is an integral part of the “democratic and free world”. We should advocate China’s separatist tendency and not recognize China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Because the United States does not have the problem of sovereignty being interfered with and its territory being divided, it can of course do so with impunity.

But it would be foolish for Ukraine to follow suit.

The higher your tone on the Taiwan issue, does it mean that one country can interfere in the sovereignty of another country, advocate the division of another country, or not recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another country?

Well, what is the case with Ukrainian Taiwan, China? Can Russia do the same with your Crimea and Donbas regions?

Then it’s meaningless for you to sell miserably in Ukraine every day and assume that you can’t lose an inch of your territory.

Therefore, such regional separatist forces as “Taiwan poison” should instead be the sworn enemies of Ukraine!

What stand should you take to oppose the independence of Crimea, Donbas and other regions when you are flirting with “Taiwan drug”?

Moreover, from the perspective of strength, the United States can openly engage in double standards because it is the US empire. Frankly speaking, China’s strength is now catching up, and there is no way to take it.

But your Ukraine is different.

As a weak party in the war, what Ukraine should do now is to win the support of all forces, especially a big country like China.

To put it another way, even if we do not get China’s support, we should at least strive for China’s neutrality, let alone directly conflict with China.

After all, it is impossible for Ukraine to bypass China if it wants to maintain the effectiveness of Western sanctions against Russia, strive for the best interests in the ceasefire negotiations, secure security after the end of the war, and carry out large-scale post-war reconstruction.

But now, Zelensky dares to follow the United States to the “most dangerous place on earth” in the Taiwan Strait to stir up the Taiwan issue, which is most sensitive to China’s interests.

Is this a game you can play?


OK, now there is a question. It was not long ago that Zelensky gave an interview to the South China Morning Post and said that he wanted to seek “direct dialogue” with Chinese leaders. Why, less than half a month later, Ukraine could not wait to turn against China and come to the Taiwan Strait as cannon fodder?

There are two reasons.

For one thing, Zelensky could hardly bear it.

As we have analyzed in previous articles, only 1 billion euro of the 9 billion euro loan promised by the European Union to Ukraine has been in place so far. Germany simply refused to guarantee the loan for Ukraine. Now Ukraine has been forced to print money to pay soldiers and buy weapons against high inflation and the risk of economic collapse.

Moreover, at the critical moment when Ukraine shouted the slogan of “strategic counterattack”, European military assistance to Ukraine fell sharply. Throughout July, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and even Poland did not commit any more money to Ukraine for arms assistance, and the assistance of other countries also shrank significantly. For example, the m777 artillery dropped from 90 in April to none in July. Other similar helicopters The same is true for key weapons such as long-range missile systems.

It is now late August. Apart from the United States, only Britain and Latvia have promised new arms assistance. Other countries have not spoken yet, and the overall arms supply is still shrinking.

Moreover, the attitude of the whole Europe towards Ukraine has also been greatly reversed.

Scholz has changed his previously secretive attitude. A few days ago, he said that he would contact Putin. What is more representative is that mainstream Western media such as the voice of Germany have even begun to report some negative topics without any hesitation, such as Russia’s proposal to designate Ukraine as a “terrorist state”, the comparison and discussion of the photos of Hitler and his wife published in vogue magazine and the photos of Zelensky and his wife taken recently, and so on.

For this reason, the Secretary General of NATO also held a special meeting last month to ask European countries to shoulder the responsibility of supporting Ukraine. But now, one by one, they have no time to spare. Who will listen?

Therefore, Zelensky now needs the support of the United States as never before.

On the United States side, Biden’s current election situation is unfavorable and he is beset with troubles. He also urgently needs to intensify the tension in the Taiwan Strait and constantly move his pawns to cross the river to try to shift the focus of the United States.

Therefore, Biden also needs a pawn who is not afraid of death.

You need me, I need you, the deal is done!

Therefore, on the second day after the establishment of the “friendly Taiwan group” of the Ukrainian parliament, the United States also announced the news that Biden would use the “presidential appropriation right” to provide military assistance to Ukraine of $800 million.

Therefore, on the surface, Ukraine’s sudden provocation in the Taiwan Strait at this time is untenable in terms of motivation, morality and national interests. However, it is natural to say that Zelensky acted as a thug for the United States for the sake of interests!

Second, Zelensky is facing great public pressure.

In the second half of last year, when Russia and Ukraine were “looking at what you see” and “looking at what you see”, the United States released intelligence every day through open international channels, saying that Russia was ready to attack when and from which routes.

At that time, the general view of the international community, including China, was that the two countries could not fight, and the United States was just building a fire. Zelensky also explicitly requested the United States not to “create panic”.

As a result, I didn’t expect that Lao maozi would really cooperate with the US intelligence and follow the steps.

It is said that if Zelensky wants to carry the pot of “miscalculation”, he will have to be sprayed to death when the war begins at the beginning of the year.

However, no one sprayed at that time. Until recently, this matter was mentioned again, and there was no large-scale report.

However, now, when Zelensky brings up the old issue again, this issue suddenly ferments in Ukraine. Ukrainian public opinion began to attack Zelensky, saying that he “concealing information is a crime”, bringing chaos to Ukraine.

The Washington Post is even more active in stamping, saying that “up to this week, Zelensky was still regarded as a national hero of Ukraine, but now, the ‘foam’ of the hero has been punctured.”. The amount of information behind “until Ben” and “bursting the foam” is huge.

To be fair, at that time, even the European allies of the United States did not believe Biden’s intelligence, and at that time, Ukrainians were in a panic. Zelensky did not respond violently out of caution, and there was no problem.

Then why is the response of public opinion so intense that the “hero’s foam” has burst?

In fact, this is the same reason why Europe dares not to provide supplies to Zelensky. That is, the West’s attitude towards the Ukrainian war, or at least towards the Zelensky group, has changed. Zelensky is facing the fate of becoming an outcast.

Therefore, at this time, Zelensky should actively move closer to the United States strategy, show his value, be anxious about what big brother is anxious about, and suppress this wave of inexplicable public opinion.

What is the biggest strategic focus of big brother at this time? Taiwan!


This is Ukraine’s true attitude towards China!

At this time, where are those who shout “Ukraine refueling”? Why didn’t their anger burn again?

At that time, they said that Ukraine had sold many good things to China and helped the growth of China’s defense industry.

Yes, but that’s not free aid. Didn’t China pay? Did China’s deal violate the contract and make Ukraine suffer?

On the contrary, the contracts of Ukraine and madasic have been signed. Zelensky went to the United States and repented when he came back. In order to break the debt, he also learned from the United States to launch sanctions against relevant Chinese enterprises and individuals!

They also said that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a big country bullying a small country and an invasion. The Chinese people who have experienced the war of resistance against Japan applaud Russia, which is a question of “national character.” we must force our compatriots to bow their heads and reflect.

But they don’t think about it. In those years, China’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression was to counter fascist aggression. What was the reason for the Ukrainian war?

It is Ukrainian politicians who brainwashed the West. They want to turn themselves into a knife for NATO to stab Russia in the back. They could have served as a window for Russia Europe peaceful exchanges, but they have to deploy medium range missiles that can hit Moscow in five minutes. In the real world, which big country would allow you to do this? Has the United States experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis?

From a larger perspective, helping NATO to trap Russia is actually a disguised attempt to untie the United States to encircle China. Should China pretend to ignore it?

In addition, he co signed the “statement on the human rights situation in Xinjiang” initiated by western countries, and sent the Yasu camp Neo Nazis to support the riots in Hong Kong, including the provocation of the Taiwan issue this time. The red line of China’s most concerned core interests has been touched all over Zelensky’s hands!

Therefore, China has never owed Ukraine. It has always been Ukraine that deliberately or unintentionally stands in the hostile camp against China.

Does Ukraine deserve sympathy?


At the end of the article, the author has something to say

In the global strategy of the United States, Ukraine and Taiwan do have certain similarities.

One is the American dog in Europe, which is specially used to bleed Russia; One is the United States’ thugs in the Asian direction, which are specially used to consume China’s energy. The two “250” correspond to the ultimate means of the United States to deal with the two “threats” of China and Russia.

Now, Russia and Ukraine have come to the point where they are today. The US proxy war has started as expected. The next step is to detonate the chess piece in the Taiwan Strait.

Therefore, the script that brought Russia and Ukraine to the present situation, including the drama of Ukraine relying on the United States to provoke Russia, constantly strengthening regional contradictions and confrontation, and the collective door-to-door battle of Western forces, is being copied and pasted step by step in the Taiwan Strait.

This “series connection” of Ukraine on the Taiwan issue is a demonstration of the United States’ deployment at both ends of the Eurasian continent. It shows that the resources in the European direction are beginning to tilt to the East. Under the situation that the West has been exhausted by the war against Russia and Ukraine, the United States should concentrate on making trouble in the Taiwan Strait!

To a certain extent, this is the biggest external driving force for the mainland to start “Wutong”.

So perhaps, as a former big man in Taiwan said, looking at the current situation, next autumn, we may be able to follow the people’s Liberation Army to eat on the island!

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