Difficulty withdrawing money, assigning red codes, involving crimes, how many secrets are behind the “difficulty withdrawing money” of some village banks in Henan

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Original title: How many secrets are behind the “difficulty in withdrawing money” in some rural banks in Henan

On the evening of June 18, the Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the Henan Local Financial Regulatory Bureau issued a document saying that financial management departments at all levels closely cooperated with the public security organs to carry out investigations, and that the online trading systems of village banks such as Yuzhou Xinminsheng were controlled by Henan New Fortune Group. The criminal facts used and used have been preliminarily identified, and the relevant funds are being investigated.

After sorting out relevant clues, it can be found that the criminal facts of Henan New Fortune Group surfaced, which originated from the difficulty of withdrawing money from many Henan village and town banks two months ago, and then developed into a “red code” for rights protection depositors, which led to the intervention of supervision and supervision departments. The investigation finally exposed the secrets of Henan New Fortune Group’s manipulation and use of several local village banks.

Thunder explosion: It is difficult for many village banks in Henan to withdraw money

Ms. Bai, a depositor in Henan: more than 800,000 yuan was deposited in 3 village banks and found abnormal when she wanted to withdraw money

On April 19 this year, Ms. Bai, a citizen of Henan, found something unusual when she wanted to withdraw money. “The bank reminds system maintenance.” Then Ms. Bai saw in a WeChat group that many depositors reported that the bank started “system maintenance” on the 18th, and depositors could no longer make deposits and withdrawals online.

Ms. Bai said that because the promised interest was higher than the four major banks, she had previously deposited more than 800,000 yuan of her parents and herself into three village banks in Henan.

The three village banks in Henan mentioned by Ms. Bai are Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank, Henan Shangcai Huimin Village Bank, and Henan Tuocheng Huanghuai Village Bank.

Mr. Ren, a depositor in Henan: he found that he wanted to withdraw money abnormally, and he took out all the money after making an appointment for more than ten days

Mr. Ren from Henan runs a financial company. Usually, customers handle business and pay through the collection code provided by Mr. Ren. On April 19, when Mr. Ren logged into the bank app to withdraw cash, he prompted “system maintenance, please go to the counter to handle it”. Then Mr. Ren found a bank branch nearby and found that there were many people queuing in the bank. The counter staff told Mr. Ren that his card was a second-class card and could not be withdrawn. “I went to the counter several times later for the same reason.” Mr. Ren said.

“A class of cards can be taken out, but you need to make an appointment to queue up.” Mr. Ren’s friend started making an appointment on April 24, and finally took out all the deposits from the bank counter on May 4.

Regulatory concerns: continue to pay attention to the closure of online service channels of 4 rural banks in Henan

On May 6, Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank issued an announcement saying that in cooperation with the epidemic prevention and control work, the bank will suspend business on May 6.

The problem of difficulty in withdrawing money from rural banks in Henan quickly attracted regulatory attention. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People’s Bank of China issued successive documents stating that they will continue to pay attention to the closure of the online service channels of the four rural banks in Henan, and have instructed the Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the Zhengzhou Center of the People’s Bank of China. The sub-branch earnestly performed its territorial supervision duties and closely cooperated with the local party committee, government and relevant departments to handle it properly.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: 4 village bank shareholders are suspected of committing crimes, the public security has filed a case for investigation

On May 18, the person in charge of the relevant department of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission stated that the four rural bank shareholders, Henan New Fortune Group, absorbed public funds through internal and external collusion, the use of third-party platforms and fund brokers, etc., suspected of illegal crimes, and the public security organs have opened a case for investigation. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People’s Bank of China will closely cooperate with local governments and relevant departments to severely punish financial crimes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers in accordance with the law.

However, the circular also means that depositors’ deposits may no longer be deposits, but “public funds” that have been illegally absorbed. After seeing the news, a large number of foreign depositors began to rush to Henan to try to get their savings back.

Obstruction: the health codes of rights protection depositors collectively turn red

Shandong depositor Mr. Yao: Joined the rights protection group after being unable to withdraw money, turned red after scanning the Zhengzhou station code

On the morning of June 14th, when Mr. Yao from Linyi, Shandong reported the health code and other information to his children’s school, he found that his Shandong health code had turned red, and the text on the health code page indicated “The abnormal information is sent by Henan Province, and it is not from a high-risk area. 14 days, or a negative nucleic acid result after the 14th day without detection.”

“The page shows that it was given by Henan (red code), but I have never been to Henan.” Mr. Yao said that he had not left Shandong recently. The screenshot of the itinerary card provided by Mr. Yao on June 16 shows that he only reached or passed through Linyi, Shandong within 14 days.

Mr. Yao said that he is a depositor of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank and Shangcai Huimin Rural Bank. Since 2020, he has deposited about 80,000 yuan in two banks one after another. Since mid-April 2022, after he was unable to withdraw money, he joined the customer rights protection group.

Mr. Yao said that on June 12, in his village bank customer rights protection group, some people who went to Zhengzhou to defend their rights said that they had scanned the site code of Zhengzhou Station and were given a red code, and they sent the site code of Zhengzhou Station to In the group, many people who did not go to the scene also tried to scan the code of the place, including Mr. Yao himself. Mr. Yao said that “the code of the place that was scanned at that time was red.”

Ms. Wang, a foreign depositor: scan the red code when going to Zhengzhou to defend rights and leave the station, and the local request will return directly

Ms. Wang, who rushed to Henan from other places, said that she set out from her household registration place. Before going to Henan, she did a nucleic acid test, checked the health code, and decided to set off when it showed a green code. , the result was a red code, and the local government asked her to return directly, otherwise she would be forced to take her away for 14 days of isolation in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control policies of other places.

These people whose health codes suddenly turned red have a common identity, that is, depositors of some village banks in Henan. According to reports, they originally planned to arrive in Zhengzhou from various places on June 13. However, because the health code has become red, many of them have been unable to move even before leaving the local area.

On the morning of June 14, Zhengzhou 12320 Health Hotline said in response to a depositor’s request for transcoding: “Like your problem with village banks, we have received many calls from citizens, and there is no way for us to do so. We don’t know which department did the code assignment, if there is any problem, you can complain directly to the platform of the State Council.”

Voice of the media: No one or any department has the right to use the health code for other purposes

On June 14, the WeChat official account of “Ban Yue Tan” commented that the health code is an important part of the epidemic prevention and control system, and its purpose can only be epidemic prevention and control, which is the consensus of the whole society. No one or any department has the right to break through the role of the health code for public health, and use the health code for other purposes.

On the same day, the official WeChat account of “Knight Island” under the People’s Daily commented that the epidemic prevention and control measures were arbitrarily used for “social governance” or “stability maintenance” purposes. responsibility.

On June 17, in response to the red codes assigned to the health codes of some village bank depositors, the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision launched an investigation and accountability procedure. It will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the rules, disciplines and laws.

Police: Henan New Fortune Group is involved in serious crimes

On June 18, the “Safe Xuchang” WeChat public account announced that on April 19, 2022, the Xuchang City Public Security Bureau filed a case for investigation of a major crime against Henan New Fortune Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd. in accordance with the law. It is preliminarily identified that since 2011, a criminal gang headed by the company’s actual controller, Lu Mou, has been suspected of using village banks to commit a series of serious crimes. At present, the investigation of the case has made positive progress. The public security organs have arrested a group of criminal suspects and sealed up, seized, and frozen a number of funds and assets involved in the case in accordance with the law.

According to media reports, the six rural banks in Henan and Anhui involved as many as 400,000 people and nearly 40 billion in capital. Of the 40 billion deposits of the six village banks, 30 billion were deposited online.

Lu Mou, the actual controller of New Fortune

It is understood that Henan New Fortune Group was established in July 2011 with a registered capital of 116 million yuan. On February 10 this year, the company has approved the cancellation.

According to media reports, the actual controller of New Fortune Group is Mr. Lu. Through its hundreds of companies across the country, it has successively participated in and controlled a number of domestic city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and village banks, including four in Henan that cannot be withdrawn normally. village bank.

In the public information, there is not much information about Lu and his fortune, but in the financial circle of Henan, Lu is a “person” who is often mentioned. A person from the financial industry in Henan who has had business dealings with him said that Lu was born in 1974, although he moved his nationality to Cyprus and introduced himself as the Liberian business investment representative in China and Cyprus Aphrodite Investments. The chairman of the group, but his hometown is Nanyang, Henan.

Lu’s real first pot of gold came from the highway. On September 26, 2003, the foundation stone was officially laid for Lanwei Expressway from Lankao to Shenqiu, Henan. The actual controller behind the construction of Fang Lanwei Expressway Development Co., Ltd. was Lu.

This 61-kilometer expressway has a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, and Lu has also obtained the right to charge the highway for 30 years. For financing, Lu mortgaged the expressway toll collection rights to the bank, borrowed the funds for road construction, and then used part of the funds to participate in financial institutions, and then mortgaged the equity of financial institutions for financing. In this way, Lu successively participated in shares. There are many city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and village banks in China.

However, Lu’s name almost never appeared in the shareholder lists of these banks. His clues eventually appeared in some judgments.

According to media reports, the criminal judgment issued by the Zhengzhou Intermediate People’s Court on September 20, 2018 disclosed that Lv, the chairman of New Fortune Group, had borrowed more than 9 million from Qiao Mou’an, the vice president of Zhengzhou Bank, in order to seek a loan. In order to obtain more loans, they paid more than 23 million yuan in bribes. Moreover, the two also started a business with interest margins. Qiao An was responsible for obtaining bank approval, and Lu borrowed money and then lent it to some affiliated companies.

Also in this judgment, Henan New Fortune Group issued a certificate stating that Henan Hailing Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Chaofan Office Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Boaosen Electric Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Wenhao Trading Co., Ltd., Nanjing Heshenghe Trading Co., Ltd. The company, Henan Dingjia Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Henan New Century Investment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Bojue Trading Co., Ltd. and other companies are actually controlled by Lu.

According to reports, it was through these shadow companies that Lu penetrated into the financial industry and controlled or held a large proportion of many financial institutions. Comprehensive People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Upstream News, etc.

event context

April 18

Netizens broke the news that online depositors of 4 rural banks in Henan are temporarily unable to withdraw money

April 26

The local government responded: There are criminals conducting online fraud, which is being investigated and dealt with

May 18

?The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Central Bank responded to the difficulty of withdrawing money from 4 rural banks in Henan

?It is difficult for Henan village banks to withdraw money. Depositors speak out: I hope they can be protected by law

June 14

?Henan Rural Bank depositors reported that the health code was forcibly assigned a red code

The depositor was assigned a red code, and Zhengzhou 12345 responded: did not receive the red code notification

?Zhengzhou 12345 responded again: big data problems

?Henan Provincial Health and Health Commission: Received a complaint and is investigating and verifying

?Ban Yue Tan: Giving depositors a red code is power willful

?Knight Island: The random red code should be severely punished

June 15

? According to media reports, the health codes of some depositors were “green” on the afternoon of June 14, but local staff advised them to leave Yuyu as soon as possible. A recording provided by depositors shows that for depositors who are temporarily still red code, the local staff responsible for isolation said that they can change back to green code as long as they leave Henan.

June 16

?Media reports: Owners of some suspended real estate projects in Zhengzhou were given red codes: they had an intersection with bank depositors, and they need to write a letter of guarantee to change to green codes

?Media reports: According to a depositor, he was in Zhengzhou. He had previously held a debit card at Henan Rural Bank. The card only had 20 cents in deposit. He went downstairs to get a takeaway, and the health code became popular.

?The Henan Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision responded to the “red code”: it has been transferred to the Provincial Health Commission for self-inspection

June 17

?Zhengzhou launched the investigation and accountability procedure for the red code issue

?Henan reiterates: health codes are only used for epidemic prevention and control

June 18

?The Xuchang City Public Security Bureau issued a notice confirming that the major shareholder of the village bank involved, Henan New Fortune Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd., was suspected of serious crimes. The police have arrested a number of suspects and seized and frozen a number of assets involved in the case.

?Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau responds to the relevant issues of village banks

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