Ding Zeren responded to the recording incident, accusing sister Zhan of trying to control him mentally and instigating him to commit suicide and self harm

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Some netizens exposed the voice of Ding Zeren and sister Zhan, and Ding Zeren was also ridiculed by netizens. Ding Zeren responded to the recording incident and apologized to many people. However, in his response, Ding Zeren accused Zhan Jie of trying to restrict his personal freedom through mental control, and even instigated him to commit suicide and self harm. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Ding Zeren’s response to the recording incident

Ding Zeren was hammered by his sister before. Ding Zeren kept silent and did not respond. Unexpectedly, after the recording incident came out, Ding Zeren sent a long reply. Ding Zeren first apologized to his fans and to his colleagues and friends who had been hurt because of him. Ding Zeren said that through reflection, he had realized his mistakes and shortcomings and especially apologized to his teammate Li quanzhe.

After Ding Zeren apologized, he accused Zhan Jie of exposing her black material. Ding Zeren said that over the past four years, he has always regarded sister Zhan as his sister and his life mentor, so he said a lot of things with the other side that should not be said. However, I didn’t expect that my own unabashing became a bargaining chip for the other side to threaten him. The station sister asked Ding Zeren to report to her every day for 10 years, and often harassed Ding Zeren’s family. If I don’t listen to my sister, I will be insulted and threatened by the other side.

Ding Zeren accused sister Zhan of trying to control him mentally

In Ding Zeren’s mouth, the station sister who had chased him for four years was simply a devil. Under the torture of the station sister, Ding Zeren even committed suicide several times. Ding Zeren said that he did not want to be threatened by sister Zhan again, so he cut off contact with sister Zhan, and he has now reported to the police. However, after reading Ding Zeren’s response, many people do not think that Ding Zeren is reasonable. Instead, they satirize that sister Zhan spent three million yuan in four years and ended up raising a white eyed wolf, accusing Ding Zeren of being a traitor.

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