Ding Zeren sent a document to tear up sister Zhan and called the police. Instead, fans supported sister Zhan

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After Ding Zeren was exposed to the light and the voice of sister Zhan, he apologized and tore up sister Zhan, claiming that he was the victim and calling the police for help. The news that Ding Zeren sent a document to tear up sister Zhan and reported to the police has also been searched. However, many passers-by belong to Ding Zeren, and even many Ding Zeren fans have come out to support sister Zhan. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ding Zeren sent a document to tear up the station sister and called the police

Ding Zeren accused Zhan Jie of trying to restrict his personal freedom through mental control, instigating and threatening him to commit suicide and self harm, and often harassing his family. Some of Ding Zeren’s fans began to come out to wash the white, saying that Ding Zeren was too miserable. The other side was not the standing sister at all, or it was an illegitimate act. But soon more fans came out to speak for the standing sister.

Some fans said that they had gone to Ding Zeren’s assistance activities before, but it was required to buy 2000 cosmetics before they could enter the activity site. It was the station sister who bought 20000 cosmetics and communicated with the staff to bring this fan in. Some netizens said that the station sister often spent money to find herself to edit videos for Ding Zeren. In order to make the edited videos better, she was also willing to pay for netizens to sign up for classes and study, and she was very generous every time. There are also many fans who share that the station sister booked hotels for them for free, invited them to eat, and gave them red envelopes. Even Huang Minghao’s fans came out and said that the standing sister also invited them to eat. Absolutely, the standing sister is a very gentle and kind sister.

Ding Zeren’s fans support sister Zhan instead

Many fans who have contacted this station sister have very good comments on her. Look at what sister Zhan has done for Ding Zeren in recent years, including the dialogue between her and Ding Zeren. She has really paid for Ding Zeren without complaint and regret. I hope Ding Zeren can develop well in the entertainment industry. However, she finally raised a white eyed wolf after all these efforts. Ding Zeren even called the police and wanted to send her to prison, which is a pity.

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