Ding Zeren’s recording was exposed and he threatened sister Zhan with death. He was criticized by netizens for being mentally abnormal

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Ding Zeren was beaten by the station sister before, which led to Ding Zeren being ridiculed by the whole network. Lehua entertainment also directly gave up Ding Zeren and was not willing to deal with his public relations. Unexpectedly, there was a follow-up to this incident. Ding Zeren’s recording was exposed. In the voice, Ding Zeren first expressed his love for sister Zhan and tried to win her heart. In the end, they even threatened sister Zhan with death. Netizens have roast that if you are sick, you should go to the mental hospital to have a look. Don’t go mad at sister Zhan. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Ding Zeren recording exposure

After Ding Zeren was hammered by the station sister, many fans came to attack the station sister, treating the station sister as an enemy, and roast that the station sister was illegitimate. Some fans who have taken off the powder can’t stand it. They exposed the recording sent by Ding Zeren to sister Zhan. They hope that more fans can see clearly Ding Zeren’s personality and don’t frame the sister Zhan who came out to hammer Ding Zeren. This sister Zhan is the victim.

This station sister spent nearly 3 million yuan on Ding Zeren during his pursuit of the star. Ding Zeren secretly wanted to hold this station sister firmly. Ding Zeren has always stressed in his voice that sister Zhan is not his fan, but his only sister. Ding Zeren also said that he is sincere to sister Zhan. If sister Zhan dare to question his sincerity again, he can die for sister Zhan now.

Ding Zeren threatened sister Zhan with death

Ding Zeren said that if she felt that she was using her, she could give her a knife and let her go to his house now. He was willing to let her stab him to death. In addition, Ding Zeren sent these voices to the station sister, and deliberately used a domineering president style speech. Maybe Ding Zeren thought he was handsome like this. Unexpectedly, sister Zhan has long been tired of him and wants to get rid of him. Netizens roast that after listening to the voice, they only felt that it was a dying struggle of a poor performer. They were embarrassed to hear it.

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