Director wangyichun reported the false tax deduction of Huanxi media in his real name, and Huanxi media made a voice response

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Wangyichun is a female director, screenwriter and producer in mainland China. What are the black spots in her representative works, kidnapping maohuhu, etc. she also participated in the competitive reality show before. Please give me some advice. Director wangyichun reported the false tax deduction of Huanxi media in his real name, and Huanxi media also responded to this. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Wangyichun reported Huanxi media in his real name

Director wangyichun reported Huanxi media through his microblog real name, saying that his tax deduction was false. Wangyichun explained that he had received a call from the Chaoyang Court, saying that his film and television company owed Huanxi media 220000 yuan. If Wang Yichun’s company did not pay the money, the court would enforce Wang Yichun’s personal property. Wangyichun angrily said that he had worked for Huanxi media for a year, but he didn’t make any money. Finally, he had to lose money to the other party.

Huanxi media is also a very large company in the industry. The well-known actor Xu Zheng and the director Ning Hao are all major shareholders of the company. Therefore, Wang Yichun exposed the news of Huanxi media and immediately went on the hot search. After listening to wangyichun’s words, many netizens began to bombard Huanxi media and even its Xu Zhengning Hao.

Huanxi media responded to wangyichun

After a night of fermenting, Huanxi media also responded to Wang Yichun’s allegations. Huanxi media said that the company had indeed invested in wangyichun’s films before, but wangyichun secretly earned the money from Huanxi media’s investment in films into his personal account, which was totally inconsistent with the agreement of both parties. Therefore, Huanxi media withdrew its capital and asked wangyichun to exchange the money. Huanxi media also said that the two sides had already filed a lawsuit for this matter, and the court ruled that Huanxi media won the lawsuit in the first and second judgments, accusing Wang Yichun that he was unwilling to send documents everywhere to find out about Huanxi media.

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