Doctors can’t find jobs. Is education really that important?

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In many places, it is a very commendable thing to have a college student at home. If you are admitted to a famous school such as 985211, you will be more proud of your family. You have to advertise it and invite relatives and friends to have a big meal.

If you can continue to study until you become a doctor, there will be smoke on your ancestral grave.

In the view of many people, doctors are like the number one scholars in ancient times. They are all dragons and phoenixes among people.

However, if I tell you: after graduation, you can’t find a job in small counties and cities. Can you believe it?

There is a very popular topic on the microblog called \985 famous school doctors. It is not easy to go back to the county to apply for a job. The reading volume has exceeded 100 million.

There are several examples, which say that many doctoral students from famous universities go to small counties to find jobs after graduation, but they are severely beaten by reality.


Seeing this, we can’t help but ask: what’s the matter with the society? Is it so serious about the internal examination?

Also, is education really that important?

I worked hard for more than ten years, but in the end, I still couldn’t find a job. Why should I read so many books and come out early to find a job to accumulate experience?

I am a graduate of a famous school. I deeply feel that education has changed my life. I support education, but I am not only academic.

Today, I will objectively and fairly describe the relationship between education and ability.

1. Ability is more important than education

2. But education is your stepping stone

3. Professional eloquence is the last word

4. Ordinary people must improve their academic qualifications

Ability is more important than education

First of all, let me tell you something I experienced.

In my senior year of internship, I went to the countryside with a younger student sister. At that time, the school’s funds were limited. We were equipped with a PU sang car, which was the kind of driving school car. It had manual transmission and no air conditioning.

At that time, it was hot, and the two people were stuffy inside. Their sweat was almost covered into zongzi.

When I passed a gas station and there was a small supermarket nearby, I suggested that I add oil first, gave her 20 yuan, and asked her to buy me a bottle of water. Then she would drink something and buy it.

Soon, my younger sister came back and handed me a bottle of Nongfu mountain spring, five yuan. In a small place like the countryside and next to a gas station, the price was naturally expensive. I didn’t say anything.

But when I received it, my heart sank: the water was hot.

At that time, the temperature was more than 30 degrees. Throw an egg on the ground and it will be cooked in a twinkling of an eye.

When I was about to complain about why I didn’t get me a bottle of ice water, I looked at it in the twinkling of an eye:

I found that Xuemei had already unpacked a bag of Menglong ice cream worth more than ten yuan, and was enjoying the cool summer. The cool breath came out of her mouth, which made me very angry.

Let’s not say that what you buy is more expensive than mine. How nice of you to spend other people’s money.

Just say, since you all know that you want to eat ice cream when the weather is hot, why can’t you bring me a bottle of ice? Even if there is no ice water, you can also buy me an ice cream.

But at that time, we were in a hurry, and I didn’t go back to replace it with ice, so I took the bottle of Nongfu mountain spring, which had been in the sun for a long time, and got into the stove like car again to go to the next destination

It has been many years, but I still remember it.

Later, there was a vacancy in our company for an assistant in the first two years. The salary was high and the salary was good. The supervisor was my senior student. He seemed to be interested in that younger student, so he asked me if I should recommend her to come and try.

But I rejected it at once. It wasn’t my revenge, but her ability was really poor.

In the end, I didn’t recommend a junior sister, but I recruited a junior college graduate.

Although the education background is not high, people are really serious and responsible. They are exquisite in dealing with people and everything. They can take care of everyone’s feelings.

Some people are jealous of her. They say that she is an idle worker with more money and less work. She must be a related account.

But in fact, people have real skills. For example, she can remember everyone’s preferences. A colleague asked her to help buy milk tea. She can remember that this person likes half sugar instead of pearls. That person wants whole sugar and likes to eat popcorn and fairy grass

Every time a leader goes on a business trip, she will contact the hotel in advance, and then tell people that our leaders are obsessed with cleanliness, so we must do something about it.

After drinking wine after the party, the right side of the suit pocket is always filled with sobering pills.

In my opinion, such people are simply abnormal.

It’s simply outrageous that she doesn’t get a promotion and a raise.

Last year, my sister changed her job. I heard that she went to the Fortune Global 500 and still worked as an assistant.

But I believe that in a short time, she will be able to stand in a higher position.

Although her educational background is not high, she has outstanding ability and is almost abnormal.

Gold like her shines everywhere.

On the other hand, my student sister, although she is a top student who graduated from 985, is of no use. She has a degree, but her ability is not good.

Let her buy a bottle of water, selfish, only think about themselves, do not consider others, or she has no such heart, and her EQ is too low.

Although it’s a simple matter to buy a bottle of water, it’s a matter of seeing the big from the small. Don’t say that people who can’t even buy a bottle of water are informal. How can I trust you to do the big projects of the company in the future?

Although we are a small company, look at liuqiangdong’s assistant and dongmingzhu’s assistant. Is that typical enough?

Is he a doctor? No, I just graduated from college, but because of my outstanding ability and ability to handle affairs, I can still get mixed up.

Liuqiangdong can have one less vice president, but he can’t have one less assistant, otherwise he will be in a mess.

Many people think that the female assistants around these bosses are amazing.

In fact, liuqiangdong’s female assistant is just an ordinary looking woman.


Her name is Zhang Kai, Liu qiangdong’s female assistant. She was born in 1989. In 2011, she entered Jingdong as a guanpeisheng. From an ordinary undergraduate graduate, she quickly became Liu qiangdong’s most trusted assistant.

There are 427 enterprises under Zhang Kai’s name, and he has actual control over 291 enterprises. Since 2019, Zhang Kai has served as the legal representative of the 13 enterprises newly added by Liu qiangdong.

Zhang Kai is also known as “the most inspirational Guan Peisheng” in China.

In fact, your educational background is not important. Your ability is the fundamental factor that determines how far you can go and whether you can stand in this industry.

But education is your stepping stone

Although the above said that ability is more important than education, ability is the foundation of your life.

But if you have the ability but no education background, can you?

Of course not!

I admit that there is a kind of genius in the world, who can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars after primary school, but that is only an example, a very rare example, only one out of a million people.

Do you think you will be one in a million?

Most people are ordinary people. Although your ability is very strong, it is far from enough. You can crush people without a degree.

As in the previous examples of female assistants, people must at least graduate from college. Whether you are a bachelor or a junior college, your academic qualifications must be displayed here.

Otherwise, you simply can’t reach this threshold and have no job. How can you get the opportunity to show your ability and let everyone recognize you?

Zhang Kai, even though she is strong, if she graduated from junior high school, the recruiter would not even look at her, and she would never have had a chance to come to liuqiangdong and be appreciated.

Because education is a hard indicator, which can be seen at a glance, while ability is a soft indicator, which is very difficult to identify and detect. Now the society is very impetuous, who is willing to calm down and slowly understand you?

This is the same as looking for a blind date. The matchmaker brought a songxiaobao and a wuyanzu. Who would you like to spend your time on to learn more about?

Although I like songxiaobao very much, I will choose wuyanzu in the end.

The same goes for finding a job. There is a world of difference between primary school graduation and college graduation.

Only when you reach this threshold can you be qualified to show your talents, and then shine and amaze others.

Therefore, education is very important. It is your stepping stone and the key to your success.

Don’t be harmed by those poisonous chicken soup on the Internet!!

Education is very useful!!

Professional eloquence is the last word

Do you still remember the news at the beginning of the article, which said that when a doctor went to a small county to find a job after graduation, he ran into a wall everywhere and was severely beaten by reality.

In fact, it is just a means for these media to eat traffic and attract reading.

If you really click into the article, you will find that it is not the case at all.

Let me give you an example. For example, we have a young man named Xiao Zhang. He is very good. He graduated from 985 schools. Is he good enough?

His hometown is Zhejiang. After graduation, he happened to be recruiting civil servants in his hometown’s small county. He was ready to try it out and submitted his resume with another man named Xiao Wang.

However, although Xiao Zhang is a doctor, he majored in mining. He is a doctor of mining.

Although Xiao Wang graduated from college, he majored in English and got a certificate of CET-8. He can interpret at the same time and communicate with foreigners without distinction.

Who will the local government recruit in the end?

Of course it’s Xiao Wang. Don’t even think about it.

Now the state is advocating environmental protection, especially in coastal areas such as Zhejiang, where there are few mineral resources and so much pollution. Those backward production capacities have long been transferred. How can you be allowed to open a new mine?

Therefore, even if Xiao Zhang is a doctor of mining, it is useless. Even if you are a professor, you will not be able to use it. People simply do not have this demand.

As for Xiao Wang, he graduated from English major and passed CET-8. His English level makes it easy to communicate with foreigners. However, in the coastal areas of Zhejiang, foreign trade is developed, and many foreigners come to build factories and invest.

Leaving Xiao Wang to help attract investment is the most correct choice.

So, a strange thing happened: there is no other undergraduate student to work with here.

Is it true that doctors are not as useful as undergraduates?

Of course not. Professional counterparts are the hard truth.

Let’s take another extreme example. As we all know, BB is a product of the 1990s.

If there is a Xiao Li, he is very optimistic about the development of BB machine. What he studied in university is BB machine major (of course, this is one I made up). Then, after his doctor graduated, he continued to study hard and finally became an international top talent in BB machine.

After Xiao Li’s technical innovation, BB machines used to only accept information. Now they can send text messages to other BB machines and voice messages.

How about cow or not?

This technology is simply astonishing, weeping ghosts and gods, unprecedented, and no one will come back!

Xiao Li can be called “the father of BB machine”!

But is it useful?

Do you think there will be a market for Xiao Li? Will a company invest money in him and put his products on the market?

Not at all. Even after waiting for ten years, Xiao Li won’t make a penny.

Although he is a top talent, he doesn’t earn as much as the air-conditioning master next door.

Because his major has long been eliminated by the times and has no place to play.

Professional counterparts do not depend on what they can do to make money, because when you graduate, some industries may have been eliminated.

But to see clearly what the future trend is, which is the hard truth.

Ordinary people must improve their education

Again, don’t look at those poisonous chicken soup on the Internet. What Tsinghua university graduates can only do urban management, and the pancakes sold by primary school graduates can earn hundreds of thousands a year.

Those are all examples. Even, many of them are fake news created to attract attention.

For most people, there is an unchanging truth: that is, your income level is directly proportional to your education.

For ordinary people, always remember that the higher your education, the better your living conditions and higher your income in the future.

Randomly select onemillion undergraduates and then onemillion high school graduates. I can guarantee that the overall strength and income level of undergraduates will absolutely crush high school students. There is no doubt about this.

In the same way, the income of graduate students must be higher than that of undergraduate students, and the income of doctoral students must be higher than that of graduate students, which is a step up.

Therefore, to go to university, or even to take an examination of postgraduate and doctoral degrees, is not only a way for ordinary people to get promoted, but also the simplest shortcut.

Finally, from the perspective of a person who came here, I would like to give you some suggestions.

1. If you or your child is a college student:

You can assess the level of salary you can get compared with students of other majors when you go to work directly after graduating from college?

In fact, it is not difficult. Ask more senior students and sisters to know.

If the statistics show that the salary of your major is higher than that of other majors, you have chosen the right one. You don’t need to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Just work directly.

But if you obviously feel that the salary of your major is lower than that of other majors, or it does not meet your expectations.

Then, you have to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, because the postgraduate entrance examination can give you a second chance to choose your major, which is equivalent to choosing your life again, which will have a crucial impact on your life in the next few decades.

2. If you or your child have not gone to college.

There is still time for kindergarten and senior three students. The college entrance examination is still in progress, and the volunteers have not yet started to fill in.

So, you have to weigh up. When you volunteer for the college entrance examination in the future, you need to go in what direction and choose what major.

Even if your child is still a kindergarten, you should also take action. Don’t feel that it is still far away from you.

Because it may take five or even ten years to observe the prospects of an industry.

You can calm down and take a closer look at how this industry is doing, how it has developed in recent years, and whether there will be any changes in the future?

If you want your child to be a civil servant, it is the same to enter the system. The cultivation of emotional intelligence is very important.

We must be the “female assistant” of our company, not the Xuemei who eats ice cream.


No matter what stage you are in, with or without children, in short, you will have children in the future, and you will have future plans.

Remember, unless you are a genius, for the vast majority of ordinary people, education is always the most important. Never give up to improve your education.

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