Does China have doomsday preparers? Not only, but also the strongest on the earth’s surface!

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Author: Longya source: a mountain of Longya (ID: longyadeyizuoshan)

Of course, China has doomsday preparers, but the image is different from that you imagined:

One of the most important principles I learned in the army is that it is better to be prepared than to fight, and not to fight but not to be prepared.

War, including nuclear, biological and chemical wars, leads to the end of the world. Of course, it is the most realistic one. If you want to take “zombie end” and “alien end” seriously, we are not on the same channel. Now, only humans can play themselves to death. The so-called “doomsday prepper” concept is originally an entertaining concept played by humans themselves. They hoard a hole of food like squirrels and then carry a small water pipe. They think they can spend every second. In fact, they are just entertaining themselves.

In China, people like this can only be regarded as “Cosplay fans of doomsday survival” at most. It doesn’t matter whether their costumes are good or not. What matters is that they look “cool”. For example, in an article, I wrote a question about “200 kilograms of materials to survive in the wild for one year”. My suggestion is to bring a set of woodworking tools, such as chisels, axes and saws. Then someone “taught” me that I should bring a knife to survive in the wild

This knife has to be “cool” and how to be “versatile”

I was very moved and decided not to send them away.

In fact, these are all expressions of lack of the most basic concept of “doomsday”, complete lack of preparation for the possible giant man-made disasters in reality, and lack of common sense. They think that the doomsday of this scale is the same as going out for an outing for two days. Hollywood blockbusters have seen a lot of personal heroism, and they really think that a 9mm pistol and a cool multifunctional knife can cope with it. This is a typical American Red Neck thinking mode.

China’s reality is not like this. For people with this kind of thinking, I suggest you find this thing near your home:

It’s not the GAODA, it’s the sign on the left“

civil defense engineering


I have several military school classmates who have transferred to the civil air defense office to engage in civil air defense after retiring from the army. Many people have never heard of this government functional organization. These people are China’s serious doomsday preparers. Their work, going to and from work every day, is to prepare for the doomsday. The results of their work are also around you. You can see a thing called “screen door” when you look closely at the underground garage of the slightly new community, shopping mall, school and office building:

Seeing this means that you are in a civil air defense project. This door is its gate. It is generally made of steel, with a certain thickness and air tightness, and has nuclear, biological, chemical and explosive protection capabilities. Even if the enemy launches a nuclear attack on your city, as long as you are not lucky enough to happen to be in the center of the explosion, you can survive.

All civil air defense projects have certain protection standards and specific indicators. Civil air defense projects of different specifications in different places have a set of perfect standards, and specific parameters are set for the prevention of shock wave overpressure and biochemical weapons.

We should always remember whether our facilities for work, life and activities have such civil air defense projects. Generally speaking, the underground garage of the newly-built elevator apartment is fortified, and large shopping malls and office buildings are also fortified. If you live in an old community or a self built house, there are generally no mandatory civil air defense facilities. At this time, you need to know where the nearest civil air defense facilities are, and at least plan three access routes: public transport, self driving and walking, to find out where the entrance is and what the capacity is.

If there is a risk of war, the neighborhood committee will also delimit the norms for the use of civil air defense projects by districts. There will be clear regulations on which district a civil air defense project belongs to and which civil air defense project you should go to.

Those who have experience in purchasing underground parking spaces in newly-built elevator apartments know that there are two types of parking spaces in Underground Garages: self owned parking spaces and civil air defense parking spaces. Self owned parking spaces generally do not have the ability to protect. When you eat a nuclear bomb, the place can’t hold people; The place where people can stay is usually painted as a parking space. Sorry, you can’t say this parking space is “yours” when you need it. The parked car has to be thrown out for civil air defense facilities.

This is the “doomsday preparation” you can see and touch.

Some of them are far away from your life and are in the charge of professionals. One of my classmates is engaged in “emergency communication”. It is not the same as the “emergency communication” of China Mobile Unicom Telecom. It is the most basic and basic communication infrastructure construction of the country under the condition of nuclear attack. The requirement is to ensure that everyone in the country can hear the “voice of the party and the state” in any bad situation.

That is to say, even if all countries throw out all their nuclear bombs in the world nuclear war, you can still watch the news broadcast and listen to the emergency broadcast.

There are also state-owned enterprises and central enterprises that do emergency material reserves, which is more interesting. All kinds of materials that you can’t imagine are stored. Among them, the most shocking thing for me is a thing called “kaolin”. These things are all reserve materials. I wonder if all these things should have reserves? Are you afraid that we won’t have a pickle jar at the end of the world?

That’s right. What if there was no Sichuan kimchi to eat during the nuclear war!

Although I have not seen it with my own eyes, I have no doubt that hot pot sauces, donkey meat braised in hot sauce and white cut chicken are definitely strategic reserves.

Almost all industries related to the national economy and people’s livelihood have their own strategic reserves. I dare not say that China’s Doomsday reserves are the largest and most perfect in the world, but I dare say that it is the only one that takes doomsday preparation as a government led cause and persists in forming a system.

So this question is really a little baffling.

It’s not that kind of thing that hoards in a hole like a squirrel. It’s called the “doomsday preparer”. Why are you so shabby? One person, one gun, one car, wandering the world, romance is romantic, but the probability of realization is too small, and 99% of the probability is that it will disappear in the first wave of attack.

After the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, we all knew that if something really happened, in the United States, nobody would care. The rich would go to the tens of millions of dollars worth of solid facilities to live in dignity, and the poor would find their own way to survive; This is not the case in China. China will do its best to let everyone survive.

Therefore, Hollywood makes blockbusters according to the actual national conditions of the United States. When people really eat nuclear bombs, no one cares. They really need to make a living on their own, and they really have to find a way by themselves. It’s not like that in China. It’s ok if you have to Cosplay American red neck, but you should be serious and seriously prepare for the end of the world according to the national conditions of the United States. I think it’s better to see a psychologist first.

China has professionals as doomsday preparers.

As a common people, my advice is:


Find out the civil air defense facilities near you. Cities are the most likely places to eat nuclear bombs. People living in cities, even in counties, should find out how many civil air defense facilities are near them, how to get there, and how to use them. When there is a war signal, they should follow the arrangements of the neighborhood committee’s sub district office. The possibility of nuclear bombs in rural areas is very small, but we should pay attention to radioactive nuclear contamination and master the most basic methods of radioactive contamination decontamination. The most troublesome are the urban-rural fringe, the old urban area and the village in the city. Most of these places have self built houses and old residential areas, and there are relatively few civil air defense facilities. It is necessary to understand the evacuation route.

2. Don’t be brainwashed by movies and games. The purpose of the movie game chart is to make money, and the fun is over. The reality is another matter. Don’t save it with the movie and game students, it will look like a good form 2.

3. Pay attention to household daily reserves. Adhere to good storage habits. Don’t prepare anything or hoard a pile of useless things. Prepare more for one month according to the materials you eat and use everyday. Not too much, not too little. A month or so is the best time. Don’t do anything strange that you can’t use everyday. Outdoor knives, magnesium sticks and flints are all in a mess. How many lighters can a magnesium stick buy? If you eat rice, you should buy rice for one month. Don’t wait until you have eaten it. Instead, you should insist on “pushing the old to save the new”, replenishing it when you use it, and replenishing it when you consume it, so as to always maintain a month’s supply at home. One month is almost enough for China to mobilize twice, leaving the margin for one time to be prepared.

4. I believe in my country. The strength of the country is not comparable to what you can find with a gun similar to a small water pipe. If you are not a national certified armed man, you can carry that thing. Believe it or not, a militia security team will clean you up? Things in China have been proven countless times. If there is a major disaster, it depends on the country. There is no need for you to talk about those trinkets.

You think the end of the world is this painting style?

No, no, no, it should be this painting style:


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