Does Mazu have a prototype? Why did she become the God of the sea?

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Do you like the story of “Mazu”? Today, China story net will give you a detailed explanation~

Many people may have heard of the name “Mazu”. A few years ago, there were movies and TV plays with Mazu as the protagonist. In short, Mazu is the God of the sea along the southeast coast. She has many titles, and this character is said to have had real people and facts, which gradually evolved into the legend of Mazu sea god. So, who is her character prototype? Why did Mazu become the God of the sea?


The worship of Mazu is actually a folk belief. Her character prototype is the youngest daughter of the Lin family who has been engaged in maritime business for generations in Meizhou, Fujian Province, during the Five Dynasties period. Her name is Lin mo. Lin Mo’s father was a businessman, but in the process of going to sea, it was difficult to do anything without the protection of the government. Therefore, he learned from his father’s practice and spent a lot of money to buy an official position in the history of patrol inspection. Since then, it has been much easier to go to sea, and the business of the Lin family has become better and better.

Later, his wife gave birth to a daughter. The girl seldom spoke, so she was named Linmo. She seems to have a magical power to predict when there will be a storm on the sea and where there will be a shipwreck. Therefore, she has saved many people. On one night, the sea was so stormy that the ship could not see the direction and could not enter the port. Lin Mo lit his house in a hurry, and the fire led the ship to the shore.


However, during a rescue at sea, Lin Mo, who was only 28, was killed. Many people were reluctant to believe that Lin Mo had left them. They believed that Lin Mo had become an immortal, a god of the sea, and had been guarding them all the time. Therefore, Mazu, the God of the sea, was born. From the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the emperor praised her 36 times, from the original “madam” to the later “Tianfei”, “Tianhou” and “heavenly virgin”, It has been expanding outward from the local area. There are 28 countries and regions, and more than 6000 temples are dedicated to her.

Every year, on the birth day of Mazu, a grand sacrificial ceremony will be held, and tens of thousands of people will come to participate. Even some customs related to Mazu have been listed in the United Nations World Intangible Cultural Heritage. It can be said that Mazu’s influence is extremely extensive.


Mazu has gathered a lot of traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Although her status is not high, she is very honest, courageous, and willing to sacrifice herself to protect everyone. This spirit is the most respected by the people. Therefore, she will be respected by many people at home and abroad. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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