Does song Zuer like Bai Yu? Song Zuer likes sticking to Bai Yu

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Bai Yu and song zu’er have cooperated with the children of the Qiao family in the TV series. They are brothers and sisters who love each other in the drama. They also have a lot of interaction outside the drama. Recently, they have participated in variety shows together to start reasoning. Does song Zuer like Bai Yu? Songzu’er likes to stick to Bai Yu in the program. Today, Xiaobian will analyze the relationship between Bai Yu and songzu’er.

Does song Zuer like Bai Yu

When netizens started to reason, they found that songzuer especially liked to stick to Bai Yu. The two had a lot of small interactions. For example, in the small corner of the picture, Bai Yu gives song Zuer the chocolate in the jar. Song zu’er did not shy away from Bai Yu. In the program, he brazenly held Bai Yu’s arm. The program team also invited maoxiaotong, who had worked with them, to play Bai Yu’s girlfriend Zhenzhen in the program. However, maoxiaotong said that she could not accept her brother and sister falling in love.

In addition to the intimate interaction in the program, song Zuer often interacts with Bai Yu on Weibo. Netizens said that they always felt that song Zuer was flirting with Bai Yu under the banner of her brother and sister. Maybe the two had been dating for a long time. After all, Bai Yu has broken up with his girlfriend liumengmeng who has been dating for many years. As a single Bai Yu, she is still very attractive to song Zuer. Because song Zuer likes mature “ Uncle type ” Male artist, her ex boyfriend ruanjingtian is of this type.

Songzuer likes to stick to Bai Yu

Although she was questioned about her secret love for Bai Yu, song Zuer did not avoid interacting with Bai Yu. Song Zuer is very attached to Bai Yu, but her performance won’t make everyone resent her. Many people like their interaction. Moreover, Bai Yu and song Zuer also have a lot of CP fans. If song zu’er and Bai Yu are really dating one day and their relationship is exposed, it is estimated that many people will bless them. Do you like this pair of CPS by Bai Yu and song Zuer?

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