Does the dragon exist or not? What are the clues about dragons in history?

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Does the dragon exist or not? What are the clues about dragons in history? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

The dragon can be said to be a totem of all dynasties in Chinese history. From modern movies and TV plays, we can see that the ancient emperor called himself the real dragon and the son of heaven, but today we still say that he is the descendant of the dragon. So does the Dragon really exist?


Does the dragon exist

I’m afraid nobody has seen dragons in reality. However, most people’s impression of dragons is formed by “mixing” various animals. For example, dragons have antlers, camel heads, rabbit eyes, snake necks, fish scales and so on, which are the characteristics of other animals.

Then the question arises: why does an animal have such animal characteristics? This is obviously unreasonable. Secondly, animals evolved from lower organisms to higher organisms, first fish, then amphibians, and then reptiles. Eventually it can evolve into birds.

Birds can fly, so can dragons. However, dragons obviously do not belong to birds. After all, dragons have too many characteristics. However, the characteristics of the dragon are not only the appearance of the characteristics of all animals, but also the addition of various mysterious colors by later generations. Nowadays, most people think that the Dragon belongs to “God”.

Dragons have many animal characteristics. In nature, people have never seen such animals as dragons. But the problem is that although people have not seen it, there are many records about dragons in various ancient books. Including the most familiar is that the ancient emperor is the symbol of “dragon”.

However, it was only a symbol of the emperor, and had little to do with the Dragon described by later generations. Dragons can fly freely in the sky, and dragons have no wings. Such an animal is certainly shocking to future generations, but it also violates the laws of nature. Nowadays, birds in nature can fly only with wings.

Dragons can go from heaven to earth and do everything. I’m afraid such animals do not exist in nature. In ancient society, dragons represented imperial power. In ancient times, the figure of the Dragon could only appear on some things of the royal family. From this point of view, the dragon was probably invented by people at that time. However, there seems to be something wrong with this view.

For example, if a dynasty fabricated a dragon, then the following dynasties will definitely not fabricate a dragon. It seems unreasonable that another dynasty may fabricate another magical animal. Now it seems that there may have been dragons in history, but they were exaggerated by the ancients.

Nowadays, some people think that snakes are dragons, or that the predecessor of snakes is dragons. In the long history, dragons have degenerated into snakes. Of course, this is only the view of a small number of people. There are still disputes about the existence of dragons in history. This will be discovered by later generations.

However, according to current research, it can be said that dragons should have existed in history, but the records in historical books are exaggerated. For example, if the giraffe perished in the future, how would the ancient history books record the giraffe? It might be described as follows: “in ancient times, there was an object with the shape of a horse, leopard skin, high head and long neck. It ate leaves and was docile and fought with its neck.”

It’s certainly not surprising for people nowadays to see such an animal. After all, we know that it is a giraffe. If future generations see such descriptions thousands of years later, will they be shocked? How can there be an animal that “looks like a horse, has leopard skin, has a high head, a long neck and eats leaves”? This is obviously unreasonable. Now it seems that the dragon should exist in history, but later generations have not found its prototype.

Jiaolong incident in 1934

One summer in 1934, it rained heavily for several days in Yingkou, Liaoning Province. The Liaohe River entered the sea from Yingkou and went out to the Bohai Bay. The continuous heavy rain made the water level of the Liaohe river rise a lot. After the rain stopped, a villager in Tianzhuangtai found a monster in a reed Bush beside the Liaohe River. According to his description of the monster, it was very similar to the dragon in the picture, with claws and horns.

The monster fell in the reeds and was dying. The villagers were shocked. They rushed back to the village and called others. With respect for the nature of the dragon, the villagers carried water with buckets and watered the dragon. When I went to see it the next day, I found that the Dragon had disappeared. A few days later, someone found the dragon on yatongue Island, an island only a few kilometers away from Grange terrace. The dragon was in worse condition than before. Many parts of the body have begun to rot due to the sun, and they emit a rotten stench. The dragon also made a wail like an ox. In this way, the dragon was dried to death on yatongue Island, and its body was transported away by the local police. After being transported away, it was also used for exhibition, because there was only one skeleton left, so the skeleton was used for exhibition. At that time, many people went to see it, and some of them are still alive. Although they are very old, according to their memories, the keel has a total of 28 sections, two long horns on the head, and a very long mouth. Judging from the skeleton alone, it is not much different from the dragon in everyone’s impression.

The Shengjing daily, which was very famous in the three northeastern provinces at that time, also reported this event in particular. However, the exhibition did not last long, and the event stopped. No one saw this keel anymore, nor did they know where it went. Now some people say that it is not a dragon. How can there be a dragon in the world? It must be baleen whales. Because of the rainstorm in summer, the sea water in the Bohai Sea poured back into the Liaohe River, so the baleen whales in the sea were stranded beside the Liaohe River.


Although the local people are all fishermen, if it is baleen whales, they should know each other. So people still wonder whether this is a dragon? And there are various versions. The key is that we can’t find the keel of that year, so the question is, where did the keel go? The time when long was discovered was 1934. At that time, it was the period of the puppet Manchukuo empire. Could it be that the Japanese secretly transported it back to Japan?

There are different opinions about the Jiaolong incident. Some people think that the grounding of the Jiaolong represents the Chinese nation and is a symbol of disaster. It sounds a bit mysterious. If we use a divine expression to say that there will be a major disaster for the nation, there must be some omens before it, or strange phenomena once in a thousand years.

Longhua stone was excavated in 1987

In 1987, a site was unearthed in Puyang, Henan Province. There were no amazing funerary objects in this site, that is, some small animals made of small shells, but the shape of these shells shocked the world.

There is a male skeleton in the tomb, and the man is 1.84 in height, with his head in the South and his feet in the north. On the right, shells are placed in the shape of a dragon, with front paws lying on the ground and rear feet pedaling, which looks like swimming in the sea. On the right is a tiger, with its eyes wide open like a tiger descending the mountain. And this placement pattern coincides with the dragon in the East Palace and the white tiger in the West Palace.

In addition, there are groups of people riding dragons and tigers in the southeast, which is consistent with the legend that “the yellow emperor ascended to heaven by riding a dragon” and “Zhuanxu rode a dragon to the four seas”. And some small clam shells are scattered around, like the sun, moon and stars. Although there are not many things unearthed from this tomb, it proves that China’s Dragon existed more than 6400 years ago, and this discovery undoubtedly caused a stir in the history circle of the country.

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