Does the girl have a husband? A detailed explanation of the love story between nvyu and Ying Long

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As is known to all, the goddess is the God of drought in ancient Chinese myths and legends. According to legend, she was the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, the first ancestor of China. So does she have a husband? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Ying Long was a great general beside the Yellow Emperor. He was locked in the tree of God chain because of his mistakes. A woman is fire, and a dragon is water. As the saying goes, “fire and water are incompatible”! But the daughter of fire falls in love with the dragon of water.

The female bird can’t see Ying long. She can only come to the tree every day and comfort Ying long with the most beautiful song. The beautiful song gave Ying long, who was already decadent and desperate, hope. Fire and water are mutually exclusive! For a long time, because the girl was too close to Ying long, her charming appearance gradually became ugly. For the sake of her lover, she would rather lose her beauty than sing to him every day. Ying Long was locked in a tree and could not see the singer at all. But a woman with such a beautiful voice must be a beautiful and kind-hearted person.


After the Zhuolu war, the Yellow Emperor released Ying long to fight against Chiyou. Ying Long thanked the Yellow Emperor for his kindness and did his best. He impounded water in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and flooded the Chiyou base camp in the south. The Yellow Emperor’s army took advantage of the situation to pursue and defeat Chiyou. After his defeat, Chiyou retreated to the South and dared not go to war for months. After being instructed by an expert, Feng Bo and Yu Shi were invited and treated as guests of honor.

Chiyou rallied and lined up the battlefield with the Yellow Emperor in the field of Zhuolu. What he killed was the darkness of the sky, the darkness of the sun and the moonlight, and a river of blood. The two armies were in the middle of a fierce battle when suddenly two strange men appeared in the clouds. One is a bird head with a snake tail, holding a big banana fan and swaying in the air. Suddenly, the wind blew violently, the sand flew and the stone fell, and the trees fell and the houses collapsed. The other is the silkworm head, a giant human worm, with a bow and a big mouth like a black hole, blowing at the Yellow Emperor’s army. Suddenly dark clouds rolled, lightning and thunder, and the rain fell in torrents.

Some of the soldiers of the Yellow Emperor were swept into the sky by strong winds, and some were washed away by heavy rains. The army was defeated and returned. Ying Long was ordered by the Yellow Emperor to go to the Zhuolu battlefield immediately. When the two armies were fighting, Feng Bo and Yu Shi stood in the clouds and used magic. At this time, Ying long turned into a huge black dragon, raised his head and tail in the dark clouds, opened his mouth like a door leaf, and sucked the torrential rain into his mouth. Feng Bo and the rain master used their skills to increase their magic skills. They blew the Dragon so shaky that it was difficult to stop in the clouds. In this way, the two sides held a stalemate for more than an hour. Ying Long was so exhausted that he could not return to heaven. He fled to the south in despair.

The Yellow Emperor was at the head of Zhuolu city. When he saw that the Dragon had been defeated, he just wanted to call in gold and withdraw his troops. Just then, a cry came from a distance: “Dad, wait a minute!” I saw a woman flying in the northwest sky, dressed in green, fell beside the Yellow Emperor and said, “Dad, don’t panic. See me break his magic!” Then she pulled out a feather from her wing, put it on her palm and blew it with her mouth, turning it into a fire stick. In a moment, the fire stick became thick from thin, and sent out a huge light to the wind and rain master.

The two demons trembled when they were shot by the huge light. Feng Bo’s fan fell to the ground, and the rain master also closed his big mouth like a black hole. Suddenly the wind stopped and the rain stopped. Chiyou’s soldiers were all soft and sweaty after being baked with fire sticks. They were thirsty and had difficulty walking. Seeing the opportunity, the Yellow Emperor’s army killed Chiyou soldiers. They were unprepared to kill each other. They immediately scattered and ran away. All those who ran slowly died by the sword.


As the saying goes, Ying long can’t return to heaven when his strength is exhausted. He lives in the South alone. After many hardships, she managed to find him. In order to cheer Ying Long up, he sang a beautiful song for him! That time was the happiest time for two people. Yinglong didn’t know that in order to make him return to heaven, she secretly tried to transfer her skills to him bit by bit.

On this day, the girl left without saying goodbye. She dragged her body out of all her powers and walked aimlessly. She was accidentally dominated by evil and caused havoc in the world. Everywhere she went, there was a severe drought. After the girl disappeared, Ying Long didn’t want to go back to heaven alone. He waited by the yellow spring beach. Ying long will never forget that there was once a woman named Nu Yu who saved him in his most painful time.

Time flies, Ying Long’s wings turn black gradually, and his body begins to turn into fine ash. He did not know that the female bird had already reincarnated and turned into a green bird guarding him. Finally Ying Long dragged his dying body into the sea step by step and never looked back. On the sea, there is a red blue bird shining with gold. It keeps moaning, as if telling the final outcome of the story. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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