Does the jade emperor have a name? What is the real name of the Jade Emperor?

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Does the jade emperor have a name? What is the real name of the Jade Emperor? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

In the 1986 edition of journey to the west, the Jade Emperor was portrayed as a weak, timid and indecisive leader. Not only can he be washed by the Supreme Lord and teased by the Tathagata, but also he can be bullied by the monkey king. He is stunned and hit directly under the table. In other film and television plays, some portrayed him as an authoritarian parent, specializing in breaking up other people’s marriages. Even his sister and nephew are in charge, which has attracted a lot of criticism. Then, in the original book, what kind of person was he, what was his last name, and how did he become the leader of the three circles?

In the seventh chapter of the original book, when the Tathagata admonishes the monkey king, he reveals a little background. Sun Wukong proposed that the emperor take turns to sit at my house next year. The Tathagata sneered and said——

?? “Your fellow is a monkey who has become a master. How dare you deceive yourself to take the Jade Emperor’s God’s position? He has been practicing since he was young. He has suffered 1750 calamities. Each calamity should be 129600 years. How many years do you think he can enjoy the boundless road? How can you say such a big thing? You are an animal at the beginning of life! You are not a man’s son, you are not a man’s son! Your life count has been broken! Convert early. Don’t talk nonsense! But if you are afraid of being poisoned, your life will be suspended immediately. What a pity Your true face! “

This shows that the Jade Emperor, like Sun Wukong, was born from a common people and climbed up bit by bit with his own efforts.

Moreover, it is not easy for him to grow up. He has experienced so many disasters and so long a time.

In folklore, it is believed that the Jade Emperor’s surname is Zhang and his name is Youren. He was lucky to get this position.

It is said that Jiang Ziya is ready to leave the position of the Jade Emperor to himself after he has sealed the God, which is not very interesting. Later, someone asked him who the Jade Emperor’s position was for. Jiang Ziya didn’t want to say it straight. He said that some people were sitting and others were sitting. As a result, Zhang Youren came out behind him and said that I was “Youren”. I sat in this position, so I sat up and didn’t get down.

Jiang Ziya was very angry, but he dared not attack him face to face. He came down and cursed him. What about his children and grandchildren. So the Jade Emperor’s children have all married mortals in the lower world, and so far there is no emperor surnamed Zhang

There are too many loopholes in folklore. With Jiang Ziya’s wisdom, how can a useless person sit in that position? Even if I sit on it, I will try my best to drive him down. Therefore, whether the Jade Emperor’s surname is Zhang and his name is Youren is not credible in folklore.

But in history, there are really works to endorse this story.

According to the textual research of snail friend Li Tianfei, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a book called the Jade Emperor treasure scroll (a kind of rap Literature) recorded how Zhang Youren became the Jade Emperor. In the book, it is said that there was a farmer named Zhang Youren (also known as Zhang Bairen), who was good at patience, doing good deeds and accumulating virtue, and then went to heaven to become the Jade Emperor.


Li Tianfei also verified that the name Zhang Bairen really existed in history. His real name was Zhang Gongyi, which was found in the book of the old Tang Dynasty. He lived in the same house for nine generations, and his children and grandchildren had no family. Tang Gaozong asked him the reason: “how do you achieve the harmony of your descendants and the happiness of your family?”

Zhang Youren took out a piece of paper and wrote a hundred words of “forbearance” on it, which means that if you want harmony and family happiness, you have to be patient with many things.

Not to mention, the image of Zhang Bairen is very similar to the image of the Jade Emperor in the 86 edition of journey to the West. It is not known whether the screenwriter referred to this story at that time.

Then, does the original book clearly mention the Jade Emperor’s surname Zhang? Not to mention, there are really!

When Sun Wukong was fighting with the Supreme Lord, who was riding on the green bull spirit, Sun Wukong said a sentence: “when you see the Jade Emperor Zhang, Cao Guan should be tortured.”. It is clearly stated here that the Jade Emperor’s surname is Zhang. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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