Does the West Sea in the myth really exist? Where is Xihai now?

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Friends who are very interested in Xihai, China story network editor brings detailed articles for your reference.

In journey to the west, the worst one is the Dragon King of the West Sea, and the appearance of the Dragon King of the West Sea is no less than that of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. Compared with the Dragon King of the East China Sea and the Dragon King of the South China Sea, the Dragon King of the North China Sea and the Dragon King of the West China Sea are often ignored because they have no corresponding sea correspondence in reality. In fact, the West Sea and the North Sea have appeared in ancient books. The North Sea in Chinese history books refers more to Lake Baikal, and the West Sea is certainly in the west of China.

In journey to the west, the Dragon King of the west sea once appeared twice. The first appearance was described by his son. The white dragon horse among the five Tang monks, teachers and disciples is actually the little white dragon, that is, the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea, which is described in the original work:

Bodhisattva and wooden fork, saying goodbye to enlightenment, came half heartedly. Just walking, I saw a jade dragon calling in the air. The Bodhisattva approached and asked, “what dragon are you, suffering here?” The Dragon said, “I’m the son of Ao rung, the Dragon King of the West Sea. My father burned the Pearl on the temple because of arson. My father played the court of heaven and sued disobedience. The Jade Emperor hung me in the air, beat me for 300, and was killed in a few days. I hope the Bodhisattva can help.”

The West Sea Dragon King also saved his son’s life by voluntarily reporting on his own son. Entering the scripture team, he had another chance. The West Sea Dragon King was also very careful. Although he was the Dragon King, he was not valued. He was also under the jurisdiction of the Jade Emperor, and the Dragon had to be caught.

The second time, the little alligator dragon entrenched in the Blackwater River God’s residence kidnapped the Tang Monk and invited the West Sea Dragon King to eat the Tang Monk’s meat. Monkey king went to the West Sea Dragon King to theory. The West Sea Dragon King’s performance was: “the dragon king saw, his soul was terrified, hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed.” As a dragon king, he should kowtow to Sunwukong. It can be seen how low the status of the West Sea Dragon King is. Finally, the West Sea Dragon King asked the crown prince mo’ang to lead the team to catch the alligator dragon, which resolved this misunderstanding.


In history, the West Sea also has a real existence, often referring to the Caspian Sea or Qinghai Lake.

After Zhang Qian sent to the western regions, the Han Dynasty began to set up a capital guard in the western regions. Wang Mang usurped the Han Dynasty and the unrest in the middle, and the western regions were separated from the Han Dynasty. After the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty, ban Chao sent to the Western Regions again, allowing the western regions to return to the jurisdiction of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and ban Chao also reached the Western sea, that is, the Caspian Sea.

“After the Han Dynasty, biography of the western regions”: “in the great Qin Dynasty, a Guangyi was in the west of the sea, also known as the west of the cloud sea. There were more than 400 cities thousands of miles away. There were dozens of small state soldiers. The city walls were made of stones. The post booths were arranged, all chalky. There were pines, cypresses, trees and grass.”


After ban Chao and his soldiers reached the West Sea, Gan Ying was sent to Daqin. Gan Ying reached the edge of the West Sea and was cheated by the Sabbath state because he was unfamiliar with the geography. The Sabbath state believed that Gan Ying was very passive between the eastern and Western powers after he was sent to Daqin, and its position as a transit station for trade would also be affected, so he deceived Gan Ying. The west sea was stormy, and sometimes he could not arrive for three years. After hearing this, Gan Ying thought that he could not complete the mission, so he went back to resume his life, stated his reasons, and finally failed to send to Daqin.

There is also a legend about the saying that Qinghai Lake is the West Sea. It is said that the Hailong king has four sons, Ao Guang, Ao Qin, Ao Shun, and AO run. The four of them are very naughty. The Hailong king is very worried, so he plans to let them play their own role, so he orders the eldest prince Ao Guang to go to the East Sea and become the Dragon King of the East Sea; The second prince Ao Qin went to be the Dragon King of the South China Sea; Ao Shun, the third prince, was the Dragon King of Beihai. The Dragon King originally wanted to keep his youngest son with him. Because there was no West Sea, he didn’t expect Ao run to take the initiative to be the Dragon King of the West Sea.

Hailong King laughed and didn’t stop it. He thought that Ao ran would come back if he couldn’t find it, so Ao ran went west. As a result, he couldn’t find the West Sea near the Qilian Mountains. Ao ran was very sad, but he was very determined, so he decided to cast a spell to rain to become the West Sea, but it didn’t work. This thing was learned by the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor was moved by AO run’s determination, so he sent Lei Gong electric mother and rain god to help Ao run.


With the blessing of many gods, it soon became a huge lake, namely Qinghai Lake, and AO ran became the Dragon King of the West Sea.

Whether in myth, legend or reality, the Caspian Sea and Qinghai Lake are lakes, not seas. Compared with the North Sea, after all, there is also the sea of Okhotsk, which was once named the North Sea. Only the West Sea has always been a lake. No wonder the Dragon King of the West Sea should be careful everywhere. After all, his strength and status are there, and he can’t be presumptuous. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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