Does the “Yin Soldier Borrowing Road” really exist? Is it true that three breaking days and a hundred ghosts walk at night?

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In the traditional Chinese calendar, there is a day called “Break Day”. According to the zodiac and earth cycle-Jia Zi cycle calendar method, there are 21 days of the break day every year.

In “Negative Exposure Chat”, it is said: The day of breaking the sun is the day of the great defeat of all evils.

On the day of the Three Poisoning Days, yin and yang tend to decline. In Japanese folklore, it is the day when hundreds of ghosts walk at night. However, most of the ghosts in Japanese folklore come from Chinese folklore and legends. There is a certain relationship.

“Hundred Ghosts Night Walk” is a gathering of hundreds of ghosts, while “Yin Soldiers Borrowing the Way” is different.

Before the pre-Qin period, the technology was not developed, and it was impossible to understand the changes of nature, so the ghosts of the mountains and the wild, the gods and demons of the nine heavens were invented. The Classic of Mountains and Seas is the best reading of ancient mythology.

There are many gods, exotic animals, and ghosts recorded in The Classic of Mountains and Seas, but there is no detailed record of their “destiny”.

“Shan Hai Jing ยท Overseas South Classic” contains: what is contained in the earth, between the six and the four seas, is illuminated by the sun and the moon… Born by the gods, its objects are shaped, whether it is heaven or longevity, only the sage can pass through it.

The “ghosts” of people in the pre-Qin period were only able to reach this passage by some saints during their lifetimes, and the rest of the “ghosts” could only stray from the world.

The rise of Taoism and Buddhism in the Han Dynasty produced a relatively systematic world of heaven, human world, and underworld. In the second year of Yuanhe (85 AD) of Emperor Zhangdi of the Han Dynasty, the imperial court issued an edict to implement the chronology of stems and branches, so it gradually appeared in folklore. “The Yin Soldier Borrows the Way”.

Yin soldiers also appear in several forms:

?: In ancient times, wars were frequent, and every time a battle was fought, hundreds of thousands of people faced each other, and a large number of corpses often appeared in the siege of the city. These corpses will not be buried, and the winner will pile up the corpses to build a “Jing Guan”.

“Records of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty” contains: Pan Dang asked Jin’s corpse to be collected and built as a ‘Jingguan’ to demonstrate martial arts for eternity.

In the Battle of Changping, Qin and Zhao competed for the upper party. Bai Qi pit killed 400,000 soldiers, but from a historical point of view, digging a pit and burying it on the spot, and how big the pit is.

Everyone pays attention to being buried in the ground. These soldiers and soldiers who died on the battlefield are not collected. Keep fighting.

?: After a large-scale disaster, people in ancient times had poor medical conditions and weak safety awareness. Once a plague, earthquake, or flood occurred, tens of thousands of people were often killed. At this time, the underworld soldiers will come forward. If there are too many, there will naturally be more Yin soldiers.

?: The gate of hell is wide open. The day of opening the gate of ghosts is often a special festival. On this day, the yin and the yang are declining, and at night, it is difficult to distinguish between people and ghosts. Fengdu has always had the legend of “Ghost Gate”.

These are all legends, but it seems that there has also been an incident of “Yin Soldiers Borrowing the Way” among the people. There is a deep valley in Yunnan. As long as a horse passes by, it will inevitably be frightened. Therefore, it is called the Scared Manger.

Residents who live in the area will hear some iron chains, weapons colliding, and the neighing of war horses in the scary manger in cloudy and rainy weather, so the local people think that this place is a “must pass” for Yin soldiers.

It is said that 1800 years ago, during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang led his troops south, and Meng Huo led Zhuge Liang’s army into the valley. As soon as he entered the valley, the horses of the Shu army were suddenly frightened. Meng Huo’s army took this opportunity to defeat the Shu Han army.

There are too many stories and legends left in the scary manger, and it has also attracted many people. Some scientists are also trying to unravel the truth.

Scientists have investigated the terrain and ores here and found that there are a large amount of quartz iron ore and a very small amount of magnetite. Generally speaking, magnetite has the function of “recording”. If there was a scene here 1800 years ago War, and it happened to be a day of wind and rain, lightning and thunder, then the valley would form a special magnetic field and record the sound.

The Shocking Manger is like a tape. When the rainy weather with lightning and thunder occurs again, the recorded sound of the Shocking Manger will be played again.

As for why the horses are frightened, scientists believe that it is related to the terrain. The shape of the frightening manger is like the bottle body of a beer bottle.

The hearing of animals is only in humans. They can hear some infrasound waves. When the wind blows into the manger, some sounds will be amplified. Although humans cannot hear, animals are very uncomfortable.

Now, a road has been built next to the Jing Manger, breaking its basic terrain, and the road was safe when passing by, which shows that the scientists’ guess was right.

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